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Text Box: I have been summoned by many to place all of the marriage counseling sound clips up on my site.  Alright, I shall do it.  The question that I have is a simple one.  After listening to almost "20" hours of counseling from a widowed Pastor successfully married to one woman for about thirty four years, will you listen to sound advice?  I am attempting to make this page easy listening for the serious at heart.  Please feel free to download these MP3 clips to your own personal computers.  you also have my permission to burn copies and share them with as many individuals as you please.  Please keep in mind that if you ever come across someone attempting to sell my material, I must be dead and in heaven.  All of this material is free.  If you would like me to come to your city and give a marriage counseling retreat, please take care of my hotel and air fair in that I am a Pastor that awaits the churches' accommodations.  I am pleased to say that at this time in my life my health is holding up.   Enjoy and please let me know what you think of this series.  Pastor John E. Coleman / November 2008














The series was prepared in isolated sections as I was moved to speak on marriage itself.  One can listen in an indiscriminate manner.

Marriage & Christianity # 1. This is the second of the "20" hour series.  Listen people, if listening to all of this will not assist you in getting alone, nothing will.  The key to understanding is following the biblical example, not the world.  if you do not know Christ, you had better stop listening right now. Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3

Marriage & Christianity # 2.I continue with the madness.  Now if you want to gain the insight keep listening as I continue with so many illustrations.    Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3

Marriage & Christianity # 3 . . .  re-posting Now!  How do we find that right person?  I loved going through asking these questions on marriage.  Request have been made for me to place more information up on marriage.  Many are downloading this series and that is alright with me.  Listen to the Pastor that speaks from his heart on this issue of marriage. . . . How Do We Find That Person? This portion speaks about what men as well as women desire.  This is an important hour.   Pt.1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3

Marriage & Christianity #4 Straight talk about why people get together.  Are you willing to listen to this frank hour from Pastor John.  I share some very intimate issues that Lucy spoke to me about.  Was it that way in your marriage?  I challenge you to listen in and weigh your relationship.  Enjoy.. Pt.1   Pt.2   Pt.3

Marriage & Christianity #5 The Saturday cast on Marriage.  Marc Ramsey and Al Sullivan join me in an open discussion on marriage.  You will want to listen to this in that all three men were married and not are not.  Again, I ask you to give ear to these comments on commitment.  I start off with what the woman needs to do in the relationship towards the end of our discussion.. Pt.1   Pt. 2   Pt.3 

Marriage & Christianity #6 In this hour, what the man needs to do.  Guys, I’m taking a long hard look at what we do in the relationship.  Another good look at the male attitude.. Pt.1   Pt.2   Pt.3    

Marriage & Christianity #7  Establishing Family Values and how that assist us in the marriage relationship.  My look into the past for those of you that are living in the present.  I discuss Christian Family Values and how important they are within the relationship.  Oh how wonderful it is to re-listen to these teaching series.  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  

Marriage & Christianity #8 Defining what Love is. . . I use for the first time some of the music that influenced me in my early years.  Kind of a lively hour.  Old sixties R&B lyrics which told the story back in the day.  Oh I know, that some of you do not think that I should play this kind of music.  Please do not listen in on the next couple of cast.  Hope you enjoy also.  PJ  Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt.3

Marriage & Christianity #9 Mary Wells sings “My Guy”  an encouraging hour to attempt to get the ladies to really love the guys that they marry.  I like this hour best of all.  Listen to the words and you shall see what I’m talking about  Pt. 1  Pt.2  Pt.3  

Marriage & Christianity #10 Marc Ramsey and I speak of the vow and the importance of keeping it.  I start off the presentation with a very unique twist of a song called; “Crying In The Chapel”.  Enjoy!   Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3

 Marriage & Christianity # 11   I continue with a look at how the male married partner feels when he looses the lady that he will forever love.  Music assist me as I confront difficult issues for both the ladies as well as the gents. Marriage # 11 Pt 1  Marriage # 11 Pt 2  Marriage # 11 Pt 3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 12   Plain Practical Common Christian thinking as I explain the trials and tribulations of finding yourself in the marriage relationship.  I have so many people on my mind as I share in the wonderful union that God has established.  No music just plain facts as I attempt to make the life of the married couple worth it all.  Marriage # 12 Pt 1  Marriage # 12 Pt. 2  Marriage # 12 Pt. 3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 13    I am up early and engaged in attempting to assist you in that relationship.  Come on my friends, enjoy the weekend and join me for the best of marriage counseling as you listen in.  Tell your friends that "Help Is On The Way"  Marriage # 13 Pt 1  Marriage # 13 Pt. 2  Marriage # 13 Pt. 3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 14  I really desire that you listen to this hour.  I have a call in and Calvin Taylor adds to the set before us as he speaks from his heart of the relationship between himself and his dear wife.  Marriage # 14 Pt 1  Marriage # 14 Pt 2  Marriage # 14 Pt 3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 15  I address the ladies responsibility as well as the men as I take to the scriptures to lay down the law of who submits to whom in the marriage pact.  You may not desire to pay attention to the discourse but you will not be able to deny reality.  Marriage #15 Pt.1  Marriage #15 Pt.2  Marriage #15  Pt.3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 16  I continue the thoughts from the last hour.  It gets deeper into the reasons why our behavior is so messes up as we look at the attitudes of misbehaving.  Marriage # 16 Pt.1  Marriage # 16 Pt.2  Marriage # 16 Pt.3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 17  Lessons In Intimacy  It may be a little too much for some of you but it is needful for sure.  The more I do these sessions the more I believe that marriage the way that God intended it to be can work, as each partner puts work into it.  Marriage # 17 Pt.1  Marriage # 17 Pt.2  Marriage # 17 Pt.3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 18  Sean and Tamika Scott join me in an open discussion on the subject of Biblical Submission.  I am loving God in that He is yet revealing to me that there are decent Holy women in our community that would dare to come on a broadcast and affirm the Holy Scriptures.  Take the time and come to this truth and repent of the sin of refusing to submit to God's Standard. Marriage #18 Pt.1  Marriage # 18 Pt.2  Marriage # 18 Pt.3

 Marriage & Christianity" # 19 How can a young Christian man stay pure in a world where sex, filth and lack of role models exist?  I feature Psalm 119:9 as a key scripture, and I also ask many a young man to allow me to be their father, that person that might encourage them to live a clean life.  We as Christians can live a life without having mad dirty sex in a land of whoredom.  Marriage # 19 Pt.1  Marriage # 19 Pt 2  Marriage # 19 Pt 3    

Marriage & Christianity # 20  I thought that I would end up with the last cast on reality.  Why would one get involved in the first place in matrimony?  Why of course; The children!!!  Part 20  This presentation will bring it all home to you.  I had to re-place the series back up by special demand.  In Los Angeles, Children gone man, what can we do to stop the madness?  That is the question that we are confronted with in this presentation.  Enjoy!   Marriage # 20 Pt. 1  Marriage # 20 Pt. 3

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