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                                       "The Infamous Billy Graham Clips"



Just Listen!  If you are real about Jesus you will remain outraged as you listen to him degrade the teachings of the scriptures.  The Billy Graham Clips! Now On MP3 Downloading

 In this clip Billy affirms 'communism' and those countries.  Listen Now

 Here Billy slams the Fundamentalist camp of believers, I guess he is slamming me too.  Listen Now

 Robert Schuler ask Billy a question and Billy takes it to the level of craziness.  Listen Now

Now Billy affirms female pastors.  He has lost his mind!  Listen Now

Billy affirms Islam, Listen to this foolishness.    Listen Now

Now Billy affirms Fulton Sheen and Peal.  The question is, would you as a Christian?   Listen Now

 Billy now affirms Mormons, the Pope and all religions.  Listen Now

These seven clips are reason enough for you not to attend the so called Christian crusade in Pasadena in November.  Please share this information with your friends.  And don't forget to tell them where you received the information from.  This is one Saint that ain't scarrrrd off by these pimps that grace today's stadium pulpits.  Pastor John E. Coleman / The Biblical Alternative  Please send me your thoughts on this

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