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Into The Word / The Biblical Alternative
Pastor John is the Sr. Pastor / Teacher of the Into The Word The Biblical Alternative Ministries. He is also Sr. Pastor Anselm Bible Fellowship of Los Angeles and well known radio host of many radio ministries currently being associated with RAM RADIO. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. He became a Christian Believer at the age of 23. He has been actively involved in broadcast ministry for many years.    
Pastor John is dedicated to edifying the lives of those of us who live in the inner city, focusing primarily on South Central Los Angeles. Pastor John has been an avid teacher of Christian doctrine for the past twenty five years. Pastor John spent most of his time during those early years of his Christian experience attending colleges, universities, and seminary. He was married to Lucy, his wife of 34 years, and in July of 2001 Lucy went to be with the Lord. Together, they have raised Delia and Leslie, their two lovely daughters, who are both graduates of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Pastor John is now a grandfather and he yet loves many of God choice people. He has dedicated his life to Christ, family and then the Christian community. Pastor John received an Associate Arts Degree in Governmental Supervision and Management from East L.A. College in June of 1976. He then continued towards and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the California State University, Dominguez Hills in June of 1986. He went on to gain a Masters of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary at Biola University in December of 1990.

Pastor John has taken all of his spiritual gifts and allowed the Lord to use him in many ways. John also teaches theology classes in the inner city to students from all over the greater Los Angeles area. He has spoken at men's conferences as well as supervised marriage retreats in that he specializes in family counseling. Pastor John glories in the fact that God has called him into the challenging field of African American Apologetics. He is the Host of Ram Radio Live which is aired in Los Angeles.  John has his own studio in his home where he produces on a daily basis Christian analysis as he looks at the fading church who had compromised its heart away for pleasure and fame.  Pastor John is presenting most of his lessons on PowerPoint as he goes from classroom to classroom. if you are looking for that blend of theology and philosophy all in the same package; "PJ" respectively known as Pastor John if healthy will offer that biblical lesson without compromise.

John also teaches Philosophy in the Community College System from time to time. he teaches introduction to philosophy as well as logic and Ethics. His classes grow larger every semester. he is loving the interaction with the serious college student.

Into The Word / The Biblical Alternative


I have preached over the years and many have been benefited by the style in which I have shared my insights concerning biblical Christianity.  I have chosen to share many of these insights with the young pastors in the inner city.  Not only will the outlines assist, but the information with biblical exegesis will be helpful as you research for yourselves the truth of God's word. 


God has provided me a wealth of knowledge for many in the inner city communities across this great land of ours.  We are aware that many cannot understand the difficult language that theologs use while attempting to define the workings of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We have replaced some of the better arguments for the stimulation of your intellect on the shelf of conjecture.  You will find that all of my discourses are replete with thought producing evidence.  I'm sure you will not only find these insightful, they will also stimulate your need for the same kind of stimulation as you continue to grow in your faith in Christ. 

Bible Studies

The core of all Christian teaching stems from solid bible study settings.  The craze that many today find themselves in are those large settings in football stadiums, those circus atmosphere arenas which display the teacher as the ring master.  My bible studies will be those practical lessons that apply to the life of the person living in the heart of the city.  The studies that you glean from will make common “city sense”.  I propose that God has a plan for the way in which we all live as we build up the community that God has called us to.  Check out these simple, yet profound Bible Lessons.  Down load them.  Teach them to your bible study groups.  Attempt to gain a following as you lead that small congregation of 30-40 members.  Use these outlines and begin to see a vital difference as you pay attention on those things that make for spiritual growth.  Turn TBN Off right now!

 Radio Ministry

I've done Christian radio for years.  Radio is the calling that has caused ministry to prosper in my life.  I work with a small staff of men who believe only the scriptures.  These men and women know why I do what I do.  They have committed themselves to the vision of not playing church.  If you listen to me on radio, you will not be the same.  Please note the time and the stations that the Lord has allowed us to appear on.  Many stations do not affirm what I do, but that's OK too.  Pray for me, that the Lord may continue to use me in the field of radio broadcasting for the rest of my days.


African Americans do not care for this theological art form, simply because many of my community have never heard of the art in the first place.  Apologetics has a way of causing others to think too much about preachers, ministries, personalities and the rest of the mess that congest our spiritual arteries.  I not only train men and women in the inner cities to do apologetics, I also demand of them a seriousness as they defend the teachings of the Holy Bible.  I believe that there is only one way to define scripture.  I am also an absolutist.  I would also say that I'm fundamentalist in my approach to Christian Apologetics.  Reading the articles, listening to the sound bites on the web and analyzing all that is said will provide a spiritual stimulus you as you continue to grow in your personal knowledge of what the bible teaches.


I've interviewed persons like Baptist Leader, Rev. E.V. Hill, First AME Leader,  Rev. Chip Murray.  My staff has interviewed T.D. Jakes of the Potters House in Texas on his belief concerning the trinity.  My ministry is the one that found Mr. Jakes in 1998 to deny the trinity.  I’ve attempted to interview many inner city pastors.  For some strange reason many men that pastor churches will not answer simple bible questions.  I will continue to strive to get interviews for the purpose of informing you the reading public. 

 Theology Classes

If there were one class that identified me in terms of what I do, that class would be "Basics Of The Faith".  After Basics, I teach "Discipleship".  I promise you, if you want to find out if you are saved, I challenge you to take these two classes.  I teach a full series of courses course for no less than three years.  By the time I'm finished with your minds, you will know what Christian thought produces in the smarter minds in theological institutions.  Why Theology?  Simply put, if one does not know who God is or the way in which God works, it is inevitable  that person will misrepresent God.  Go to the class section and check out Basics Of The Faith.  You have got to start there first.  If you survive those ten weeks, you will be challanged to continue in your education, I promise you something you will study in a classroom that produces keen students of the word of God.

 Pastoral Counseling

I've been a pastor for years.  One of the Joys that I have received from people is the love that I have for them.  I love the families that live in the inner cities of our communities.  I am aware that the pastor's role is assisting others as they live out their lives in the city.  Trust me, no one desires to come into the city and deal with the difficulty that inner city people are confronted with.  Large Christian institution have abandoned our communities leaving a void of conservative biblical counseling only to be replaced by a shallow “name it and claim it junk food theology”.  Jumping up and down in church on Sunday morning is not enough. 

Confrontational Christianity

Into The Word / The Biblical Alternative is all that it is cut out to be.  I confront issues.  I am striving to be as Jesus is.  I am a that kind of first century Saint that desires to give all for the cause of Christ.  I confront false preachers, churches, ministries, teachings, and the rest.  I expect those who minister with me to do the same.  If a person does not ascribe to the methodology that I teach, they will be asked to leave this ministry.  We do apologetics, we do not aplolgize as many have opted to do these days.  I will be berated.  I am aware that my bold confrontational style is offensive to many in as well as outside of the Church.  Statements and accusation no longer hinders me.  I enjoy the fact that most so called religious men can not stand me.  God has called me to function in this manner in order to bring about a reformation in the inner city churches.  I welcome the criticisms.  I shall never change or compromise my stand as I do biblical analysis.

 Bible Teachings On CD

Thanks to this new tecnology we can now place most of the teachings on CD's.  Man!  What a joy is was for me to hear myself teach on my car CD player.  I plan in the near future to place all of my work on CD for the purpose of playing on radio all over the world the great news of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from an insignificant black man who will always be rejected by most clergy.  It sounds like I am in very good company.  You will be able to order these CD's for your listening pleasure.  These teaching CD's will also make for great gifts.

 Pastor John's Speaking Engagements

From ttime to time I shall be asked on forums which discuss the Christian faith.  I plan to use the web site in order to inform many of you that log on about these speaking engagements.  If you desire me to come to your city and share the vision of what God is doing in Los Angeles, you will be able to follow me as I attempt to share the many truths that God has given to this ministry.

 Have Bible Will Travel

Not only do I teach small classes out of my home office, I will come to your home to teach small bible studies.  I would love to carry the classes to your small local churches.  Many of the larger churches are no longer concerned about those small store front churches retaining a strong base of bible.  I will come in person and spend the time not only to teach small bible studies, I will also train the pastors how to be more affective in retaining that strong biblical approach in ministry.

 Pastor John E. Coleman Can Be reached At the following address below:

4401 W. Slauson Ave. Box 107

Los Angeles, California 90043


I wanted to reserve a place for you to leave your comments concerning the site.  I am interested in what you think.  If you would like to come and fellowship with us, we would ask you to seek the Lord will for that before attempting to come a visit us.  If you are interested in becoming stronger in your faith, without all of the craziness that is taking place in the church today, give me a call.  If you just browsed through the site to see what's up, that's OK too.  I love you, I really do.  I will never apologize for me being streight forward.  I know of no better way to make a friend.  Oh yes, you must come to the reality of your own salvation.  I came to know Christ in August of 1967.  I am not in search for truth.  It caught up with me before there was a channel forty, Paul Crouch or Fred Price.  Christ is my Lord and savior and I shall never speak in tongues for YOU.  You see my friend, you need that crutch, I have need of more of the word of God.  Thanks for checking out the site.

 Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman BA MA


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