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African American Apologetics In The Inner City August 2004

Reformation Apologetics

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 I Just Want To Stop! 

      By Pastor John E. Coleman 

Daily I show up in the office to work through all of the material that is sent my way by mail.  I really attempt to be as “apologetic” as possible as I attempt to discretely address the many issues that come my way through the mail and phone visits. I received so much material on a weekly basis (The influence of the internet  is the way that much of this material comes my way) that I can’t catalogue it properly.  I would like to share with you the fact that I have come to the point in my life where I am so saddened by many so called Christians that simply refuse to give the right estimate of the evil that has come in to the life of the church today.  Many so called strong informative believers have opted out to compromise for the sake of sustaining a relationship with other people instead of addressing the evils that can easily be found within the body of Christ. 

It is not a question as to why many of these so called bright Christian minds have compromised themselves; just a simple reading of much of the material that I am sent can bring you to the point of sighting error in their reasoning, the larger question that I see is, are we as Believers afraid to suffer for the truth that we say we are aware of in the Christian context of our faith as found in the bible?  Has the word of God become so offensive that we have now discovered a brand new way to tick the Holy Spirit off, or to anger God?  Are we so blind that we no longer care for the correct interpretations of scriptures, simply because in our minds we have relegated the text of the scriptures to be something outdated?  Have we become so engrossed in ourselves and the fleshly love for our own twisted minds that the very mind of God which can be found in the blessed word of God is of no avail to our Christian community?  In light of the many belief systems out there as found in many so called Christian institutions, I would have to say that the answer is a resounding yes, yes we have misplaced those truths that once reigned supreme as we read and studies the word together in an age that has long past.  Yes, we do seek the love of the world over that love of the truth of the good news, and we have allowed this to take place with such bravado that we are no longer embarrassed at our departure from God’s established truth of His blessed word. 

We no longer desire to believe in truth.  It seems to be all relative these days.  Our truth is now a relative subjective bunched up lies that disgraces our Lord.  In that most of the professing church is not concerned with truth as prescribed by the Spirit of God; as found in the canon of an inspired text that we know as the scripture; we are now left on our own to make up truth as we progress in this modern era.  God’s ageless truth is now out of date.  It has become old fashioned to say “thus says the Lord”.  We no longer shutter at His word, we think it smart to not only question it, we also subject our intellect as profitable evidence as we weigh our transcripts of insanity against an ancient inspired writ from where good men in ages past shed blood to retain it’s eternal standard.  As I read the drabble that proceeds from the desktops of vain professors of truth, I only want to heave as I turn from the transcripts of modern traitors who for the price of a good book sale has compromised Christ to the degree that now sinners have less respect for the God of righteousness. 

At times I feel as if I just want to stop all of this that God has called me to fulfill.  I think of vacating the ministry and packing up everything and saying good buy.  I often think to myself as I am in an office that should have closed down some three hours ago; why should I respond to the many questions facing the church today?  Most Christians that I know are not willing to fight for anything; ;let alone the blessed truth of the text of scriptures.  Our churches teach the congregations that fighting persons like myself is far more important then sustaining the blood stained banner of Christ.  Have we forgotten His reason for coming to this planet?  I am a part of a company of clerics that look to the day when they might fight each other for another member in their congregation in the place of sacrificing their lives for the sheep as the Savior did some two thousand years ago.  If indeed Christ is to be our example, should we expect those that cloak themselves in royal colors to be examples of dying for the sake of truth only to be betrayed for the price of a ticket to be entertained? 

No, in today’s church we no longer like to think that these kinds of human threats provide the proper type of examples for the body of Christ.  The church today does not want to think of death, for the sake of Christ, rather of life, happiness and tranquility as they compromise away all of the vestments of victory in Jesus for the sake of facilitation in the processes of a change of ones Christ like thesis.  The vanguard which once sustained the church has become the enemy of Zion.  We now worship the community in the place of the Christ.  It has become a popular thing to walk together in mass as we demonstrate the mess that we have allowed ourselves to mesh into without a wimp, quiver or quake.  Like little children without parents, we no longer can detect when the big bad wolf is near.  He has come and set a trap for the church which seems to be so gullible that the next doctrinal ecstasy will disclose that there is no real danger on the horizon.  Danger screams out and we embrace it with eagerness.  The death stroke for the church is a group of people seeking happiness in the place of sacrifice.  I just want to quit.  Why you may ask, why would I say such a thing? 

I feel alone.  Yet, like Christ I realize that is the place of all true believers.  Many of us that speak the truth in a bold way must walk alone.  I realize that it appears that I am the wild and mad fellow that society needs to silence.  I am the strange sounding person that beacons a small group of individuals to take up the standard and ready themselves to die for the cause of Christ.  I appear to be the radical, the terrorist that terrorizes the very church that I claim to love.  I am the bad guy out there these days, that strange person who would have the audacity to say that the God I worship and serve is not the same God of the cultic follower that would love to see me dead than alive.  I am the one that appears to be strange, deranged, and estranged from the normal person that would not take a person like me seriously. 

I desire to quit, but I shall not.  The Lord has promised me a great reward in the scriptures.  He told me in the word that if I suffer with Him, that I shall reign with Him.  He also told me through one of those ancient Apostles that if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but to glorify God on behalf of the very suffering that he is going through.  No one likes to suffer pain.  I realize that pain is not one of my fondest friends.  Yet I sustain the idea that if He wills me to suffer for His name sake, I shall suffer.  I desire to sustain a confident trust in Christ as I undergo more then ever the pain of being alone in this ministry, in this world, in this life.   

My greatest fear is that many African Americans from the community that I hail, will suffer eternal separation from our eternal God because of the false teachers that they follow on a regular basis.  I hate thinking of black men and women going to hell as the behest  of the Dollars and jakes out there.  The deepest pain is that I see clearly what is taking place in the community, and many of my peers cannot discern the danger.  The Lord has called me to wail that danger is on the horizon for those that do not take seriously the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This battle is not a Christian one against the Moslems.  It is not a fight against another man’s faith as opposed to mine.  The bottom line to this whole issue is; what are we going to do with the claims of Jesus as God?  If He tells the truth and we refuse to adhere to His truth, there can only be one winner.  I have not met the man that can win against the blessed word of God. 

Another issue that confronts us is not weather or not we win, but that we are on the winning team in the end of eternity.  Each of us must realize that our lives are eternal.  We will live on forever.  Our souls will never die.  There is an eternal nature build in every human being.  After all of the years of studying the bible, living life and personally witnessing the saving ability of God through Jesus Christ, I must never give up and say; “I’ve had enough”.  If you will not fight with me, please pray for me.  If you love the Lord; please pray that He will enable me to continue the work. I love you so much and I know that I sound like a mean person, but that is the way that love sounds.  Please hear these words, for we do not know how many more days that the Lord will allow us to live and speak His truth.   I do not see how I can procure all that He is calling me to do.  At times I feel overwhelmed overworked and overjoyed as I fight. 

Keep sending me those notes of encouragement.  If I do not answer soon, I may be feeling sick as I view a dying church scene.  This picture of a dying breed that has been fooled by Satan in living color!  Trust me; I only watch selected Television and most of what I see out there is a sure token that our world is coming to a swift judgment.  Read your bibles, love one another; fight the good fight of faith.  Find the right kind of bible church and remain there as the man of God teaches the word of God.  Judge yourselves before attempting to judge others.  Allow the Holy Spirit to carry you to heights of ministry that you would never seek to accomplish.  Retain a biblical thesis and allow your argument to become His (Christ’s) argument.  

Therefore; back to the drawing board I go.  I had my short time of reflection and anger at what I witness in today’s messed us church.  While I place the armor firmly on my chest, I take up the word of God which is the sword of His blessed Spirit.  I glance around me looking for more soldiers that are willing to stay on the front lines with me.  Oh yes, I must admit that while walking guard duty for the true remnant called the church, there are times when I shudder at the thought of suffering pain.  I may place in my DVD player Mel Gibsons “Passion” and go to the scene where the savor is beaten.  I watch and pray that I would be so brave in knowing that His end justified the means of my salvation.  I know that it is only a scene in a Hollywood script.  Yet, I welcome such pain upon me in a day coming for the proclamation of heralding His claim of divinity, righteousness and the prince of peace.  At times I just want to stop, but then; I go to the cross.  I witness a savior that gave his all for me, I cannot do less for the sake of Him who lives in me.  How about you my friend?  Have you given up also?                 Pastor John E. Coleman  / Into The Word Ministries African American Apologetics  / The Biblical Alternative / October 2004


The reformation of the Inner City Churches. Equipping honest men and women to lead God's church with the Word Of God is what this ministry will always be about. Money will never be the cry of this ministry. We shall never market for profit. We would rather go off of the air before we do that. If you find "me" faithful, regardless of what you may hear from others Write me today, and please support the work. Make out that check of Money Order to Pastor John E. Coleman. Place on the bottom of the check in the note section Ram Radio and for sure I'll personally see to it that it goes towards the financing of this radio ministry which is only in my name.
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Pastor John E. Coleman
Into The Word / The Biblical Alternative


Pastor John's Commentary
August 2004

"Standing Firm Pays Off"
Hello faithful listener. I'm please to announce my return to radio on this fine Christian radio station KBRT 740 AM on Sunday afternoon Los Angeles time 2-3 PM Oh No! Pastor John, I'm not going to get intothe habit of listening every Sunday to your terrible radio presentations! Right, I know that you are not going to do that. I am asking you to pray for me and the staff as we start to build again a strong following here in the Los Angeles area. If you have listened to me in the past you have an idea of how the presentation is designed.
Last time I left off on warning you about the large mega churches that has taken over in the Los Angeles area. The greed goes on. Ken Ulmer has cut a deal to buy the Forum and has plainly placed in print that his objectives are not biblical. The man has gone over the deep end. We have had special discourses about this new idea that he has come up with as we expanded our radio theme. We also have a treat for you that have computers.

The radio team consist of myself Marc Ramsey, my long time producer and a new voice in the booth with me; Dr. Robert Klenck. Bob is quickly becomeing a most proficient broadcaster. He indeed is a good brother. As we return the plan is to inform you of all events in and around our city as we see ourselves as a beacon of defense for those who would mislead you. Please keep in mind, I have done radio a certain way for the many years that I've been a broadcaster, that style shall never change. Thank you for your many phone calls and letters encouraging me to remain on Christian radio. I plan to take a vacation soon, in that I have not taken off for about five years. Please continue to pray for me as I attempt to expand our discussions.

No more excuses as to what the meaning of my leadership is all about. I have worked out a system in which you the listener will only have to work with me alone for the remainder of my time on the radio. I did believe in working with others who claim to have a love for the same church that I work towards equipping, but I have become quite skeptical of everyone that claims the name of Jesus. Like Martin Luther the reformer, I look for the scars of ministry, not the smiles, lies, greed and deception that so called persons of God so freely lay claim. I've never been wrong when I make a judgment. If one does not condemn others to a burning hell. For sure, there is a good chance they are on their way to the very same hot location. Strong words? Plan to listen in as we take another close look at those that claim to lead this church today.

As for the time, I am please to be on KBRT during Prime Time. Oh yes, there is a new and vast audience that has given up on Christianity. Those are the ones I desire to reach. Those that already go to church may not be interested, they have become accustomed to listening to the passive Pastor that has sought to turn them away from a thinking kind of radio ministry. I dare you to think with us. Ram radio Live is not suppose to agree with these new purpose friendly ministries, rather we come against the same and encourage others to join us in retaining that traditional stance that the Lord has called us unto. Many of the listeners do not agree with my tactics, or methods as I do commentary on this modern day church. I have found that if you are looking for the real deal these days; you may find the genuine article now and then, but in most cases; the counterfiet leads the way as the church prepares to take its stand in a humanistic world. Pastor John E. Coleman / BA. MA.

A letter arrives after listening to last weeks radio presentation:  Hi Pastor Coleman. Today was the first time I ever listened to your program. You were discussing the new bill that Governor Arnold signed, AB1234, I believe. Though I only caught part of it, you mentioned something about Christians allowing these things to happen and it is true. It is not my opinion that this is the case.. . . . . . it is the case.
So many today profess to love Christ and live as they please. They make the Creator of heaven and earth into whatever they desire. I refer to this as marshmallow Christianity. Many, though they may not say it, believe that their sole existence on earth is for the Lord of Glories to bless them. Love of self rather than love for Christ has unfortunately blinded them. 
Today the church is constipated and lifeless. Sorry to be so blunt. We have turned our backs on the Lord and expect Him to still bless us. We do not preach His word but rather humanism because it is our god. The Lord no longer sits on the thrones of our hearts, of those who once professed to worship Him.
So many of us are lifeless pew potatoes complaining yet willing to do nothing. We have become altogether stagnant. What is happening today is EXACTLY what we deserve. This will be a time of pruning and shearing and separation of those who love Christ and are committed to Him and those who mock Him.
The church, Pastor Coleman, is full of venom. Let me write that again. The church is FULL of venom. These times that lay ahead will either provoke us to repent and serve God or serve man. 
The church has had ample opportunity to repent and seek after the Lord. Those who are leading God's people away from Him will be judged mightily. The Book of Jude is a prime example of apostates, how they crept unnoticed. And today those same apostates teach from the pulpit.
People such as Robert Schuller, Benny Hinn and Fred Price. For shame on these men for preaching something other than scripture. God will judge them accordingly for not giving Him the glory and honor due His name.
We have left our first love and replaced it with humanism, relativism, call it what you want it is all the same thing. These teachings deny Christ and bring glory and honor to man. 
I commend you on your boldness. I could be wrong but I assume that many are offended by what you say. It is rare indeed that you hear a pastor speak with such force. I bet the Islamo-fascists and feminist love you.
May the Lord continue to give you boldness. Fear not man but God. Lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge the Lord in all your ways and He shall direct your paths.
May God abundantly bless you and keep you as you continue to boldly proclaim His Truth.
In Christ,  Terri 
It really pleases me to see that others are blessed after listening to the presentation for the first time.  This is why I do what I do.  No pretense, foolishness and compromise.  Just saying it like it is.  There are many believers out there that realizes what is going on in their world.  Thanks for your prayers for the ministry.   Pastor John E. Coleman


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