The Sunday Sermon

This Weeks Message: 

The Theme: ‘Who Is This Jesus’  We are attempting to make sense of the Historical Jesus especially if we claim to represent His agenda.

The Subject Matter Discussed: “When Jesus Calls You”

John 1:43-51

Introduction:  Often we use the term; when the Lord calls you. . . Do we fully understand the ramifications of being called by our Lord?

(1)   One has said that the rue nature of Christianity is found in the lone individuals habit of following the Christ of the bible.

(2)   All of us that follow Christ should examine ourselves on a regular basis; just as these in the first century did, in the same way we too must confront our confrontations with divine matters.

Phillip &Nathanael,

Phillip: “A Greek Name meaning Fond Of Horses”  The let me go bury my father first guy in Matthew 8:21-22

I. ‘The Command Of Follow Me’  John 1:43

A. We know nothing more of what Jesus said to Phillip; but this inward call from Jesus worked the difference between literal spiritual life or death.  “Follow Me”

B. There were no fond introductions; the call that Jesus makes to Phillip is the same call that He makes to every person that He calls.

POINT: At times it is said that this call is a call to leave the worldliness encumbrances;

POINT: This is a call to be a disciple.  This will be the key factor to understanding the mentioning of His calling unto men.

  1. The call has spiritual connotations.

II. The Commonality Of Location Breeds Identification:  John 1:44

A.     Bethsaida; “The House Of Fishing” was situated on the northern coast of the sea of Galilee.

B.     The town was referred to seven times in the New Testament.

C.     It was also the town of Andrew & Peter; two more fishermen.

POiNT: Some think that Andrew told Phillip about Jesus; Thus the response of Phillip V.45

II.                Phillip Finds “God’s Gift”  Nathanial: V.45

A.     We see Phillip’s Spiritual Understanding; V. 45b

B.     The people that Jesus calls recognizes Him as the Messiah;

C.     He see’s the significance of Deuteronomy 18:15 & 18

D.     He said that this is the one of whom the Prophets spoke.  See; Luke 24:44, Acts 10:43; 1st Cor. 15:3

POINT: It is so important here to fully understand that the scriptures set the preference as to the validity of an espoused idea in the first century.

POINT: it was not some mere ‘Simple Subjectivism’ statement of various opinions which prevails in today’s modern church.

III.             Honest Skepticism: V.46

A.     The question that Nathaniel ask is of the type that many today offer when we present the historical Jesus to them within context; V. 46a 

B.     Phillip presented the invitation; now Nathaniel had to act upon it.

POINT: Our problem is that we say that we understand and all of that; but we never fully act upon what we said we know to be true.

·        Therefore we are left halting between two opinions, the worlds and Gods.

·        We become indecisive in terms of “the will of God as opposed to our own”.

·        Our faith works when we come to the point of acknowledging all of His will as opposed to a simple part of it that we could agree upon.

POINT: I’ve run into this professionally for years and it never ceases to amaze me. 

Some Things That I’ve Promised Myself That I would Never Do

  1. Never say yes if I really have no intention to do.
  2. Never claim faith in Christ if you have really never met Him on His terms.
  3. Never put on that front for others while attempting to impress Him.
  4. Never I really men never use Him as your scapegoat, it will return double upon you

IV.              Forever Under The All Seeing Eye Of Our Lord: V.47

A.     Upon a quick glance from Jesus, He makes his discovery known.

B.     He knows who we really are and quickly reveals these things to us alone.

C.     It is not about what others think they know, it is about what the real issues are.

D.     If we are to relate to Christ in ways that make for our improvement; we must understand that he knows those whom He calls, through and through.

·        Just a casual glance tells all . . . The longer one walks in Jesus, he or She too learns from these casual glances.

E.      He tells Nathaniel what he sees; could he say the same of us,

F.      Jesus says that their was nothing false about the man.

G.     This prompted a usual response from a man with an inquiring mind; he said; How do you know me?

H.     This shows an element of surprise that indicates that Nathaniel did not know Jesus.  We would never say such a thing to Jesus, we know Him right?

POINT: What ever was going on under that fig tree, was impactful.  Jesus knew it, yielded the facts to Nathaniel’s mind, and it right away without any delay Prompted the only reaction from a heart that had no other option but to follow Jesus.   


V.                 Early Stage Instant Revelation Upon Primary Contact: V.48

A.     Upon his first encounter with Jesus (early stages of development) we note;

·        You are my teacher; I shall embed all of your lessons. . .

·        You are my savior, the actual Son Of God; The king of Israel, and of my life.  (Keeping in mind our theme; (Who Is This Jesus)

POINT: Every believer must be able to show forth this response, for in doing so WE identify on first contact our true loyalties.


VI.              Divine Revelation From The Illustration of Earth To Heaven: V.50-51

A.     The illustration is that of Jacob when he had a contest with that angel under the ladder of God.  See; Genesis 28:12 - - -

POINT: As Jacob was the recipient of multiple blessings as his journey carried him into prophetic history, Nathaniel would also be shown the wonderful works of God in His life.

·        We too as Believers are given these same promises; if we acknowledge Him.

·        Jesus says “Greater Things Than These” . . V.50

·        V.51  The mood of the language is serious as one studies the Greek Language at this point.

·        Repetitive phrases empresses the idea of seriousness, Truly, Truly, . . . Indeed!

·        “I say unto you” . . . Authority from the only one that has real authority. See; V.51a

·         These verses render what we have experienced through the new birth;  see the similar characteristics,  Daniel 7:13; Daniel 10:16;  

Conclusion: We see so much in these verses.  What does this draw us towards as we embed these ideas in our minds for the rest of our lives?

I.                    Jesus was saying that heavens communicative relationship has been established between God and man; Matthew 11:28-30

II.                 If we but come to Him and lay all at His feet, as a slave would to their Master . . All is made well.

POINT: That language has been outlawed in our culture.  It is because of our refusal to weigh in on this Christ that the crises continue to arise in our culture.


Who Is this Jesus?  He is the Savior of only those that are not ashamed enough to acknowledge these truths in this untoward generation.  Nov. 13, 2011












"Jesus Touching Humanity" 

"Watching Jesus"

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The Sunday Morning Outline

Theme: Jesus Touching Humanity / "Watching Jesus"  Mark 3:1-7

Introduction:  If our world is going to be affected by our faith, we must touch others just as Jesus did.

(1)   It is hoped that we will learn lessons today as we seek to imitate our Master teacher.

(2)   Mark is a book that demonstrates Jesus in action touching humanity.

(3)   Can it be said that our Christianity is one that seeks to touch others for the good?

Quote:  Edmond Burke wrote; "Next to love, sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart."

I. In Order To Touch Jesus Goes To Familiar Places: V.1a (read)

A.     It was like Jesus to frequent places his kinsmen attended; See;  Matthew 12:9-14

1.      It is also like Jesus to find hurting people in places of worship; V.1b

2.      Most people that I know have some kind of condition that the Lord desires to heal.

3.      Each of us has a condition that only His love and tender concern can accomplish.

Ø      Our lives have been damaged by time and scar tissue.

Ø      Our hearts have been broken, shattered dreams has become the order of the day.

Ø      And Jesus enters our place of worship.  It appears that we can relate to the tension before us.

II. In Order To Touch The Enemy Locks In On Jesus Like A Heat Seeking Missile: V.2

A.     The same critics who had found fault in the preceding chapter See; Mark 2:6,16,18,24.

B.     The Issue; There was present a man whose right hand was withered, and they watched to see whether the Lord would heal him on the Sabbath.

Ø      There will always be those that watch the Savior for all of the worst reasons.

Ø      We would suppose that people would watch us in order to see the witness that Christ demands.

Ø      We would suppose that looking at Christians would bring out the best qualities in the watched and the watchers; Not so in today's church.

1.      There will always be those that will attempt to accuse the righteous person of something.

2.      The same is true in the life of every believer who attempts to move forward for God.

3.      Jesus is the perfect example of a man who never sinned and could not ever be accused of doing so.

4.      Some accusations are justified and warranted.  In the case of these; action ought to proceed.

 III. In Order To Touch Jesus Touches Humanity: V.3

A.     Jesus focus was not on the ones that was watching him, even though he knew their intentions;

1.      He read their thoughts and determined to give prominence to the good work. He would heal him on the Sabbath, heal him in the synagogue, heal him before all.

2.      When Jesus touches; He always makes the crowd raise an eyebrow!  "Say man, did you see what He did? . . . And it was on a Sunday!"

Ø      When Jesus touches us, we are called to get up and make a statement.

Ø      When there is a real touch by Him on humanity two things happen; Joy or Sadness!

B.     We are not to be intimidated by the glances, sneers, the reactions of those that do not nor have not ever understood what the intention of Christ' coming is all about.

 IV. In Order To Touch Humanity Jesus Ask A Human Question: V.4

A.     Jesus question is aimed at those that taught the law in His day; They all knew the answer;

B.     This was nothing less than "a home thrust at the fault-finders."

C.     "They were harboring murderous thoughts; he was seeking to save life. Which was breaking the Sabbath?"  You see, Jesus knew why they were watching Him.  Do you know why they watch you?

D.     V.4b "But they kept silent"   Why do you suppose they did that?  What do we find here?

Ø      The same is true today.  When you see the intentions of those that hate the truth, they are silent to the face of the one they hate, but they speak clear and loud to others whom will carry out their schemes of murder and deceit.

Ø      We can see why Jesus came to assist human kind.  Without Him all humanity is lost and wanting of the Saviors compassion.

 V. In Order To Touch Humanity Jesus Demonstrates Anger & Grief As He Works; V.5

A.     Jesus being God could do this in the purist since.  He saw the total depravity of Human Kind.

B.     Jesus also provides for His true children the wisdom to see in like manner those hateful persons that live to bring harm to the body of Christ.

C.     He looked on them with anger, that is Indignation.

D.     Because of their Hardness of heart.  Demonstrated by their fault finding, evil thoughts, and silence by his questions.  Can you see why Jesus had had enough of their foolishness!

Ø      How do you feel when you figure it all out?

Ø      What is your reaction to fallen humanity as you come to know the power of God and the response of those that know not God?

E.     Jesus manifest His purpose for coming to humanity; V.5b "Stretch out your hand!" This is not a suggestion, rather a command.  The religious leaders understood this to be an action that only God Himself could command.

F.     We see the result of Jesus touching humanity;  "And he stretched it out, and his hand was restored."

Ø      You see my friends, when ever Jesus sets out to fulfill something, it will be fulfilled.

Ø      Let the accusers watch and linger in their unbelief.  If God is on the working of the event, victory is the final outcome, and that without human effort.  Praises Be To His Glorious Name!

 VI. In Order To Touch Humanity; Satan Had To Empower His Disciples; V.6

A.     We see the strangest illustration found in the whole of scriptures; What do we see in this verse?

1.      Political and Religious enemies come together in order to dis-credit what just took place.

2.      One has said; " Already these inveterate enemies were resolved to destroy Jesus. They took counsel how it might be done. As they went to the partisans of Herod, who ruled in Galilee, they probably sought to persuade them to have Herod put him to death."

Ø      Take a lesson from the scriptures.  When you see these things lived out in your lifetime, you will know that the Bible is a book of and for fallen humanity.

Ø      When you see two parties that once did not get alone with each other now joining hands; "Oh well, need I say more?"

B.     Why did they come together in the first place?  V.6b "as to how they might destroy him."

1.      When you see this in your Christian experience you know up front, there is no Christ there.

2.      We need to get real about these issues.  Study the word of God and "It" will reveal insights that will cause you to understand and apply the lessons to your life.

 VII. In Order To Touch Humanity; Jesus Withdraws And Draws; V.7

A.     The Lord know that He could no longer be successful in the community of a people that were not opened to truth.

1.      He goes to another place in order that He might have the freedom to teach and preach a Kingdom that would produce fruit.

2.      See: Mark 3:8-12 &  Mark 12:15-21  

Ø      It is wise to know when to retreat.  It is good to move on when your spiritual need is not being met.

Ø      Like Those other Disciples that followed Jesus in the first century; many of us need to allow him to cause us to be healed from past associations that will not satisfy.

Conclusion:  Have you seen Jesus is a way that you have never seen him before?  Good!

Have you seen fallen humanity by way of the text of Scripture?  Good!

Are you ready to commit yourself to another way of living now that you have seen for yourselves God's fullest intention?  Very Good!

Pastor John E. Coleman / Sr. Radio Teacher Into The Word Ministries

Masters Pastoral Min. Talbot Theological Seminary

Bachelors of Arts Philosophy Cal St. University

If you are a student of the word of God, Teacher or Pastor, please feel free to use any of my outlines that you see freely offered.  These are just a few thoughts and reflective insights as I have studied the word of God throughout the years of  ministry that the Lord has allowed.  Keep in mind, as you can see I quote my resources.  I would expect that you do the same if you plan to use any of the material.  These ideas were gleaned from other Christian authors that has spoken on the issue of maintaining a Godly manly lifestyle.

I thought that I would place the whole message on the site.  I have listened to many other sites and they have portions on the site.  I would ask you to purchase the messages, but if you need to listen to them, the Lord will take care of me.  I am so pleased to be able to let you hear some serious preaching.  Most of our churches just want to argue with the word of God.  You will be refreshed as you listen.  Please tell your friends.  We need more of the blessed word of God.  Listen, and take in the truth.  This is not a perspective from my mind, rather the heart of the scriptures.  I have found that most preachers don't care for what I say, because they simply do not believe it.  We have to believe in the whole of the bible before we can claim it's truths for others.  Oh How I love re-listening to the words that He inspired me to study.  As a matter of fact I think I'll listen to every message all over.  I have about "700" to place on this web site before I die.  What a feat.

My wish and prayer to God is to follow in the foot steps of Dr. J. Vernon Magee in the African American Community.  I desire to be that voice that will tell the truth and suffer the loss of everything for the sake of the truth of God's message.  Pray for me people, I'm not a complete man.  I have my faults, I know that, but I love God and His word.  I am amazed that He even called me!  Man that is awesome and delightful, that He would choose me to speak His truth.  Let me stop and allow you to listen.  God bless you and may your hearts be impressed as you witness the death of John E. Coleman; Oh Despicable creature that I know myself to be!  Pastor John E. Coleman

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