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    "Controlling The Thought Life, A Major Task"    We like to think that we have control of what we think.  At least I like to think that.  The truth is that at times; there is another that is attempting to place thoughts in our heads.  In my head; and that is the part that I really don't care for.  At times these thoughts are not the most correct.  It is when we think in terms of our flesh (that part of us that is controlled by what we feel and desire and crave) that the Lord is not beneficial to our human experience.  Do you have difficulty controlling your thoughts?  Are these times when things come into your mind that you should no longer desire?  Why do you think I'm asking these kinds of questions?  Simply because I'm asking them of myself.  Each of us as Christians require the Holy Spirit to lead or direct our thinking capacities every minute of our waking hours.  (Some of us even what we are asleep)  We require a constant check and balances in out minds and hearts as we deal affectively in this fallen world.  I am not going to provide for you 5-6 easy task to complete in order to gain the victory over these kinds of thoughts.  I would ask that you do one thing.  Go to God and tell Him what you have been thinking.  Speak to Him as a father and expect Him to answer.  Do not be ashamed to confront him with the truth about you.  Keeping in mind that He knows anyway; you have won half of the battle.  Controlling the thought life is indeed a major task; but the simplicity of doing it is the fun part.  Speaking to our heavenly Father about one aspect of our humanity is worth all of the trouble by passed if you do not have that conversation.  Pastor John E. Coleman 03-15-06


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let me say that I love each of you that come to the site.  I am asking that you offer prayers for Timothy Sanford.  He is stationed in Iraq as a Navy Corpsman.  I speak with him often as he calls me and shares that he is OK.  They have him going out (in the field of the city) at times in that they are short in Corpsmen these days.  Please remember all the Saints that are suffering all over the world for living out their faith in a way that brings them into harms way.  Thanks a lot.
























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Thanks for coming to the site today.  I would ask you to tune into Monday nights Web Cast on the "Trinity".  I think that I will do a number of teachings on this important doctrine in that we need to hear this teaching in the "Real".  Tell your friends.  As you can see; I'm Excited.  Stay Into The Word!


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