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Commentary June 21, 2015

I am very concerned about the total lack of understanding in the minds of most people in this modern society; which undertakes the idea that; "There is no longer a need to rely upon a supreme divine being addressed as God."   It is not just random thoughts; but general observation from practically every corner of our society.  Not only are these ideas popular; but mandatory in some cases if there is to be any discussion concerning morality.  One of the issues that I have is; Can there really be morality without the idea of a sovereign God that dictates His statutes alone without the pollution of men's ideas?  If one is to infer that there is "God"; there has to be a connect with something that is not arbitrary or ambiguous concerning the very nature of the Divine.  If our moral ethics takes on the humanistic approach without a guiding all powerful majestic supreme being; our living might require a far deeper definition than saying; "I'm human!"  Obedience has become a bad word in this society.  No one desires to yield control of themselves to anyone let alone some person that has the audacity to tell them that they might be in error against the very laws of God.  I am not surely as bold as I was so many years ago; but I must admit, the audience is far smaller than back in the day when God and His attributes reigned supreme.  At times I ask; is it me?  Has something taken place that dis-placed the idea of a loving and caring God?"  Yes is the answer to that question.  It is not necessarily my isolated ramblings; rather the systematic removal of the idea of God from the minds of many in the younger generation.  Many have been taught that there is no relevance in the very idea of a loving God.  Childhood memories of the ways and patterns of engaging one towards these ideas have been replaced with as total humanistic mindset.  The killings, shootings and mayhem that has taken over in our society is all because of a lack of association with God and or His commands.  As a society, "WE" you note I included myself; must take a look at our approach to almost any subject matter confronting us.  Well, these are just a few of my thoughts on today; June 17, 2015; from Los Angeles, this is PJ Your Internet Pastor.

“Bragging Rights Restored” 

There was a time when I produced so many daily commentaries, the things that I spoke about over the many years, and to only see the very issues come to pass, it blows my mind!  What is it that I can say today that most of you have not already heard yesterday, or the day before from me?  Would it be correct for me to ask you if some of your own private belief systems has changed over the years that you have watched with horror the African American church in general?  Are all of us really ready to qualify that what we once believed doctrinally was that authentic genuine quality of life lived in love from our Savior through the reality of what we call the Christian faith today? 

I believe that the answer is so obvious that we need to take some time out and share with others that there is a site in which each of us can listen with open hearts to a real Pastor that is willing to share with you that the old system has been out dated in that there is practically no one that believes in what the scriptures says or teaches anymore.  It is as if it is not too popular to witness for those ideas that once carried us through the day in our Christian experience.  So how do we return to that place we once recognized, is it worth the fight return?  Would our belief system really work as we work out what is left of our Christian life?

As I look with this “horror” at what has become of that once loved and dedicated body of believers which provided for us families that we could once depend upon to retain those moral ethical values that once caused us to be strong and reliable in the public square; now faded by the total lack of male leadership not only in our homes, but in the private sector, we see more female leadership surfacing and a lack of male dominance which only seems to be on the gridiron or basketball courts across the nation.  What of our children?  Is there to be a future, a movement to regain the heritage that we once gathered to celebrate?  Why have we with such abandon regressed from that place in history which we struggled to maintain even with our lives?  Can it be said that the (Black) African American community is ready to take charge of their own individual lives and make a difference?   Come on people, gather with me afresh around the cross, that figure from which we once gained our strength.  I am not suggesting an inappropriate service to promote a few individuals efforts at buying away a problem, but I am suggesting a joint effort to make a difference. 

Let us not be fooled by those that cloud our focus with materialism, fame, fortune as false iconic figures which have taken us by stealth.  We must with strong effort speak to ourselves and hear that fading voice within saying; “The time has come for us to regain what is left, I realize that it will take effort as well as sacrifice, but I am willing to forgo life in the easy lane and get into the speed of the traffic of life and dare to capture a few”.  I bend my knees to my Lord as I read articles and watch videos of our culture falling apart.  It depresses me.  I listen to the interviews of the rich and famous from our community and I do not see the building up of a culture that demands a quick make-over. 

It starts when we present a view of God that is believable.  The development of a new and bright approach to reveal Jehovah in His fullness to a people that once in sacred forms believed.  Our children must be reached before it is far too late.  Some may say that the time has come and gone for such a venture, I say; that the time is ripe.  Lets do it!  Let us take the courage and proclaim that we require our Lord to carry us through all of the pain that this life in America has presented to us.  Yes!  I recall the way that it use to be in our community and our homes.  Yes!  There was a time when marriage was the way in the African American home life.  Yes!  I recall when sex outside of marriage was frowned upon.  Yes! Our Ministers of the word of God never were filthy rich, but lived as the people that they served.  Yes!  There was evil at times in our community, but not in the hearts of a people that were satisfied with what God provided.  It appears that all that we once knew is now gone. 

Now we live in days which our children are no longer listening to old voices, those sages that have sure knowledge of survival.  Practically every culture on the planet has children that pays close attention to their “Elders” those experienced individuals that accomplished success by hard work, endurance, perseverance and all of those qualities that reeked of  success.  We are not only faced with the decline of manliness among our ranks, but a putrid feminism that has captured the minds of most of our male offspring.  The sure sign of the decline of a culture is seen when men think as women.  Our laws and institutions have been taken over by angry women black and white alike that rule in anger without those old customs that once prevailed.  I believe that all of that is far removed from my culture which appears to drift away and soon to be forgotten.  

The solutions are not to be found in today’s headlines, but rather they are to be found in the crown prince and princes that will take on the challenge and carve new paths that have not left off God.  I am convinced that I shall work towards that end, but without the twisted definitions of false religious practices that promote an inaccurate picture of the God who created us.  I am determined to present this picture.  This is the only way our people, our nation will be lifted up to higher heights of Godliness and then we shall witness again the success of a community that makes us all proud to be a part of a vibrant heritage worth bragging rights which are far overdue. 

Pastor John E. Coleman / June 19, 2012 


“Give Me A Good Reason”  Thank You Lord

A lot of my friends tell me all of the time that I am just a fool.  They say “john, why do you waste your time attempting to communicate to individuals that have no capacity to understand what you are saying?”  Have you ever met someone like me before; that guy that tells you the first time what your error is and whole heartedly expects you to take it all in and gain the benefits of the information because I already know from years experience and time spent on the matter (Of A Particular Sort) that the solution that I offer always works; do you know what I’m talking about?  Well, if you have no idea; you are one of those persons that my “friends” begs me to ignore.

I’d always believed that we Christians ought to walk a mile with a person, and that if they yet lost their way; walk another mile with them.  I was told that living this Saintly life was sacrificing oneself for the less fortunate one; for the person that required that helping hand; are you feeling me yet, have you been there and done that?  The correct terminology would be “Compassion”; yes, that’s it, to have a deep sensitive loving concern for the less fortunate ones in our society that was not given an opportunity to better themselves.  The instruction is rather simple; the ones with the most talent ought to share with those that had been dealt a bad hand.  After God called me and directed me into ministry; I ran to the pool of ideas and dived in giving myself to enlighten the minds and lives of many in my community, all for the glory of God.  You see; I was taught not to ever consider myself; that kind of consideration would be looked upon as selfish and egotistic; rather I was to lay aside my ambitions, passions and simply give myself for the ultimate cause of assisting others in being well if you will allow me to use that term.

I am today that same person.  That man that has remained the same; unflinching, unmovable resolved to experience victory in my community.  You see, I believed in God, I’ve seen His hand work in my life over the years.  I sought to live in such a way that gave meaning to my faith.  That is what was implied when I am called by the name “Christian”.  One would think that my track record would be one that bespeaks award ceremonies with lines and lines of protgs smiling at their mentor, and grateful for all of his time spent in their lives and for having received blessings beyond imagination.  That is not the case, not the case at all; you see my “friends” advice was not only informative, but of the kind that drives the stake right through my heart.  Their advice has this week killed me and laid me to rest in peace.  I must admit that after over forty years of attempting to assist in the ways that I had deceived myself, I must decline in any attempt to assist, help, advise, or communicate my personal observations concerning living a successful life to person that have no idea what I am attempting to convey.

I’m a teacher, this is what God made me.  I happen to be a Christian / Teacher and this is where my error formulated itself into the creature that has caused me a world of problems.  A teacher only imparts knowledge; he is not suppose to walk hand in hand with the student to guide him or her to the lessons  conclusion.  A teacher knows what he is talking about; he shouldn’t  take under consideration the students capacity to translate the subject matter; he only teaches what he knows to be the truth.  It is not his responsibility to provide an ongoing transcript to be replayed again and again if the mind of his student.  The student has to translate his lesson agenda on his own.  A teacher teaches and that is all that he is to do.  He does it to the best of his ability, and prides himself in that activity.  The teacher has already achieved his credentials, the accolades that come with being the professional, whereas the student; they are only in a learning mode, they have not accomplished what the teacher has that qualifies his (the teachers) freedom to extrapolate on subject matters which the student has no comprehension, and in some cases interest.

The teacher, be it bible or secular does all of the above with an intelligent outcome, which never leaves him frustrated with the student.  He realizes that certain students get it, and others will never attain to an intelligent comprehension of material that they refuse to engage themselves in.  “I am a teacher”; that being said, as a teacher I shall continue to teach to the best of my ability without feeling for the life of my students.  (Thus My Error As A Professional)  Feeling for them is something that God has to do, not me.  I am aware that I may appear to be insensitive, arrogant, obnoxious and all of the rest of the adjectives that define a selfish person, but I must now incorporate these characteristics if I am to successfully complete this life that God has granted me.  I am fully aware that my teaching methodology does not conform to the normative approach to education as taught in our institutions of higher education; you see I am a Christian and I do not follow pragmatic approaches in the exchange of knowledge.

I attempt to gains the student’s appreciation by the impartation of truth be it secular or sacred epistemology.  This approach has always been successful in gaining the students appreciation of exchanging opinions as well as their expansion in intellectual cultivation.  I shall always have the greatest affection for my students; I love them; this fact I cannot escape.  This is a part of my Christian make up.  It is impossible for me as a Believer not to love every student that enters into my classroom.  I have garnered the ability to issue grades solely based upon the students performance, not withstanding their potential to advance in the particular subject matter, thus there is one thing left undone which this paper will objectify.  I admit to being slothful in this area.  Starting today, I pray that each of you will see a new and vibrant John E. Coleman.  As in my conversion so many years ago; I pray that God may grant me the strength to love at a distance and not feel so deeply for people that refuse to grown in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ; as well as my students in the secular field who must struggle to comply to the assignments of the most difficult philosophy professor.

Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman  11-13-09

“Double Agents”  By Pastor John E. Coleman

There is one lone question that each of us needs to answer; the question is; “who are we really dedicated to?”  We are suppose to know who it is that we are loyal to as Christians.  I do not believe that it is fair for us to act out of ambiguity; but a sure determined effort to identify with Christ as our commander and chief.  How does this appear in reality?   What are the factors that hold me to this faithful agenda of being called by the name of Christ.  I am fully aware of practically all that the scriptures teach about faithfulness and obedience.  Could you say the same for yourself?  I’m fully aware of all of the consequences of my not being faithful; in that I am consciously aware of what is taking place every day and in every place in my life.  Can you say the same for yourself?  The reality is that at times I feel as if I am a double agent.  At times I like to see myself fully engaged in the work of doing an accurate account of biblical faith; then at the same moments of reflection I see another person living in me that is striving to engage in this secular culture; the world is what we Christians like to call it.  I can’t get away from it; at times I am really torn between the love of Christ and all that He has given and promised to give me; and this uncomfortable tugging of this sinful world to be a part of it.  

Jesus said; “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”  (John 16:33)  This is one of many verses that cautions me to seek the balance that is so much required by me in order that I might not feel a little schizoid about my double agent status.  Let me present an illustration for clarification.  I like nice things. Clothes, fancy cars, snappy ties, flashy colors, my sixties natural look; my swag, confidence and literate potentiality.  I kind of like me, if you know what I’m saying; a prideful declaration if you will allow me.  These things you might say “are the very things that I like John, as a matter of fact, I like more than that, and do not feel any guilt behind things of such nature”.  Now look to the bible again;  “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the father, but is from the world.  (1st John 2:15-16)  Are you feeling me about right now?  How does the reading of these verses cause you to feel as you strive to please God whom you know has called you out of the world; but at the same time you have this tension that is constantly pulling you from Christ deeper in the worldly system?

I am so sure that most of us American Christians have a list that will not quit.  We have dedicated our businesses to God; which reek of pride and greed, and manipulation.  Just look at the Church book stores with all of the stuff and keeps us from being salt and light.  We pride ourselves in being brain heavy, smart guys and gals that remain ahead of the masses through our personal endeavors; forsaking the lower classes of people that reside in parts of our cities that we would never frequent.  “What ever you do, do go into the ghetto!”  We frown up on those terrible individuals that we would never take the time to share our lives with as we use phrases such as; “those people”.  We promote our cause overall others and then we weigh in with those so like us that have the same intentions without ever considering the other guy; double agents in disguise thinking that we will never be discovered.  We only love our “kind”; what ever the worth of such language; Christians always use these terms when they seek to justify their privileged status in their private social club.

Have I stated the case correctly?  My purpose is to bring you to the place that I’ve arrived.  In shame I look at myself, my life, and terrible games that I’ve played over these many years.  I am talking about me, not you. You are a different kind, you would never come clean and state the case as it is.  I am the protagonist; that person that seeks to be a mirror in your face lest you become so smug in your sheltered Christianity that looks strange as we embrace this failing world.  (Are you kidding John; embrace?)

The Beloved Apostle Paul said; “Wretched man that I am! Who shall set me free from the body of this death?”  (Romans 7:24)    I’m thankful somebody is willing to tell the truth about this matter.  At least Paul was right on target with me.  He was serious about the double standard that he fully understood that each of us has to fight everyday of our lives.  He fully understood that humans as depraved creatures are selfish, inconsiderate, obstinate, prideful, arrogant and obsolete in God’s sight without a loving Savior.  What a great mess we Christians have made of Godliness.  Now I look at my life and only want to be judged by God.  I find myself eating less, and wanting to suffer in this body.  I admit that God has given me far more than I ever needed.  When I peer through the mirror of the word of God I see figures of persons that suffered, much more than I have ever experienced and their deaths outweigh the severe punishment that I am deserving of.  I swag down the street; feeling confident; realizing that that confidence comes from knowing Jesus as the Christ, not in my own debauched mind.  I like nice cars, but would I be willing to take the bus and sit next to a homeless person and smell his or her sweat and grit from the lack of bathing for about three weeks?

Would I take that trip downtown and walk among those less fortunate than myself, and talk in love to them, providing hope without judging them.  Would I try to emphasize with the drug user, the Father of children that he has abandoned for the sake of a bottle of booze; would I, would I?  Would you?  Hell No We Would Not!  This is what is tearing me apart.  Our faith is but a shallow hull of pretense as we smugly enter into our houses of worship; if you can call it that.

Alright my fellow double agents of American Christianity.  Lets keep to the latest styles; go to your movies this weekend; laugh and disappear among the crowds; for God’s sake; don’t let them know that you are a Christian.  Whatever you do, never agree with a dude like Pastor John (me).  Don’t allow what ever is working through him to jump on you; you may come to realize that being a double agent is sin and that God will hold you, and I accountable for such behavior.  Some would possible use Paul’s words in (Romans 7:25) as some type of justification;  “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the Law of God, but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin.”  Oh, I just love the way many of us do exegesis, as we seek the easy way out as opposed to repenting.


One would think that as we think of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ; sanity is what comes to our minds.  Wrong.  I must admit, that the church in general, or at least those that profess to be a part of the body of Christ have lost their literal minds.  Not only do most of the African American and White church in this country continue to be void of understanding when it comes to discernment; many of us that attend these institutions of religious insanity just go along with the programs as if all is moving in concert as we strain to get to heaven or hell; now days, it is difficult to tell the difference.  We find ourselves in a kind of constant flux being carried into the juxtaposition of choosing in order to please as opposed to being chosen in order to prove who we say we are. 

One but has to go to “You Tube” that great Internet Engine and key in phrases like “praise gone crazy” and view from so many so called Christian churches what has become the normative.  Well let me tell you something, it is not normal for a Christian to adhere to the insane tactics that literally hundreds of thousands of so called Christians subscribe in this country today.   As I surfed the site of  “You Tube” I went to a COGIC ministry that was featuring a young man going by the name of Prophet Bryan Carn.  He is terrible and just the perfect example of an idiot.  Yet I see black people affirming this nitwit.  His videos are so crass, it really takes an awful lot of courage to sit through his crazy shenanigans and to keep a serious demeanor as one defines what he is attempting to do to the literally stupid people sitting or standing in front of him. 

Now by this time, some of you as my readers are offended because I refer to the people in the church as fools of some sort; well, you have discerned correctly.  If one would appear in a court of law, or in an institution of higher learning where people (human beings) are asked to engage their brains it would not take very long to concur that no intelligent human being would attend such services.  Don’t read me wrong, I am a black man, I like good music, I like to dance from time to time, I also like to loose myself in laughter from time to time, as it is very good for the soul to escape the difficulties of this life from time – to - time. 

It appears to me that the people that allow these ring leaders of a circus church gone mad to voodoo their minds in such a way that all intelligent behavior is literally cast to the wind with the explanation that “God or a god” has something to do with this kind of behavior.  Well, frankly; that is a lie.  I would not suppose to speak for God in all cases but I do read in the bible that God is not the author of confusion. See; 1st Corinthians 14:33 

Another excuse for this ignorant behavior is found in the statements that; “We’ve always done it this way.”  I’ve heard that kind of language throughout my entire Christian experience; keep in mind that I came up in a black Baptist Church where most of it’s congregants were from the south.  Bringing about change in religious institutions which are filled with people that I call “Traditionalist” even when you propose a biblical ethic will cause the great divide.  Most of the none thinkers would rather remain in error than to challenge their pastor with a biblical agenda.   

I have witnessed church fights, schisms, divisions among family and foes alike.  I have often thought to myself; “what am I doing in a place like this?”  I have experienced while I was in the choir in the church that I lead, women literally hating each other and fighting for the last word to sing their song.  Disgusting is about the only word that I could think of in that all of us were there for the purpose of worship supposedly.  I recall with vivid clarity that my late Pastor would be teaching and both of the women would listen for him to say something that both might use as an advantage against the other and they would speak with conviction “amen Pastor Preach”.  Each one of us in the choir knew just what was going on.  The foolishness of these two women will be judged by God in the last day.  It would do no good at all to point this outrageous behavior out to others; you see “Family was involved”.  They were not going to hear it. 

That illustration so many years ago has mushroomed larger than the cloud of an Atom Bomb in our churches which are full of homosexuals, perverts behind the pulpits and whores who sell themselves for the price of fun and games.  Shame has been ushered into the black church in America and the greater shame is that no one desires to address it.  At times we are so careful not to offend.  Let me tell you something.  When Jesus returns, He is not going to be unconscious as He offends all of us with His truth.  I love the phrase that He is going to use when He tells literally hundreds of thousands of African American and White American Christians to Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.!” See; Matthew 7:23 

It is high time that all of us that have a bit of brains come to the front of the line and speak out against this insanity that has come into our churches.  Please allow me to provide for you another example of this slight of the hand error that many churches now have incorporated.  It grieves me to write this part of the article simply this hits close to home.  I know the man personally that has build a huge new church and ministry in Ohio in the Dayton area. 

The Phillips Temple CME Church lead by Pastor James Washington has a service which I like to call “Christian Lite”.  They call it the “Ultimate Saturday Night Worship Experience”.  I will cut and paste some of the words right off of Pastor Washington’s site.  He is a dear friend of mine, I love him, but this is nothing less than compromise.  Look at the way that he defines this Mosaic worship experience, by the way held at a location away from the church.  Keeping in mind, this is right off of the churches web site.  

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a Saturday worship celebration for individuals who want to experience God in a relaxed and relevant way. 

Who is Mosaic for?

Mosaic is for Christians who want to go deeper in their faith and for those who do not yet consider themselves Christians, but want to explore the claims of Christianity.  Our hope is to be deep enough for the believer, but relaxed enough for the unbeliever. 

When will Mosaic meet?

Mosaic will meet on Saturday evenings from 5:00 to 6:00; late enough to enjoy your day with family and friends, yet early enough to still catch dinner and a movie afterward. 

When will the first official service be?

Weekly services will launch on Saturday, March 29. 

How can I be part of Mosaic?

Complete the sign-up form by clicking here. 

Now allow me to analyze this church’s intention.  Never be fooled, they come right out and tell you what they are all about.  Allow me to spell it out to you; COMPROMISE BY DEVELOPING THE BLENDING OF OPPOSITES.  My friends, that is what Marxist socialism is all about.  You may have a “Lite” let us not hurt anybody’s feelings approach on Saturday night for an hour so that they can continue in their sinful behavior.  You may tell them that we are not going to judge you for living in your filthy sin, you may work hard at causing them to feel good about themselves instead of preaching a hard, truthful account of what Jesus and the scriptures is really all about.  You may solve your methodology to pay off the building that God never told you to build in the first place with all of these new people that God never called; but know this; your so called church has compromised itself. 

Lets analyze this.  If a person is not a Christian, they are dead to God.  See; 2nd Corinthians 4:4  Prior to verse four Paul says in V.2; “but we have renounced the things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to everyman’s conscience in the sight of God.  Now many of you may not like what the implications are but you have got to deal with it by the use of this CME churches’ language.  WHAT!  Experience God in a relaxed and relevant way?  WHAT IS THAT?  I’ll tell you what it is.  They are sinners all defiled and you do not want to address them as such.  The word does not tell us to make it “lite” for the sinners.  This is one of the first tricks of Satan.  You are led to think that you are doing this for the Lord when you have compromised the body of Believers that God has placed under your charge.  People do not want to hear the truth; especially sinners. 

What do you mean by ‘Deep enough for the believer and relaxed for the unbeliever?  WHAT!  This is flat out compromise and you that are reading this know it.  We are told just to preach the word.  Now Pastor James and I attended the very same Seminary.  We studied from some of the same professors.  We heard some of the same lectures.  We use to exchange pulpits, I have not been invited to speak at the huge mega church and you can assume why no invitation will ever come my way.  I must cut my ties with my friend.  I have but one friend, and that is Christ.  My heart breaks as I go to these sites of churches and see how these men have so compromised.  I understand that the sinner will not stand for listening to the truth; but this is just as shameful as a bunch of shouting tongue speaking crazy looking people attempting to justify communication with the Holy God. 

Am I crazy or what?  No I am not insane.  I am a Christian.  This article will cause great suffering in my life.  No, I will not contact this ministry and ask them to stop their activities.  Sinners have entered into the elects presence.  One cannot preach the hot, bold, demanding word of God to sinners who hate God and all that He stands for.  Phillips Temple like many of our COGIC churches have been compromised.  My friends; when it hits close to home, you have got to deal with the tension.  I guess at times; we’ve got to go through that little bit of insanity, right?   Pastor John E. Coleman August 5, 2008

“Keeping My Way Pure” 

By Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman

Summer 2008

Often I get engaged in discussions.  Conversations that carry me from place to place and issue to issue, but in all of them I am left feeling frustrated in that the people that I’m having these discussion with that claim to be Christian use the word of God to clobber me with over and over again.  I hear words like; “You should not think that way; or how could you even think like that?”  Mercy me, if I should tell them something unique about me; they have a tendency to take the bible and use it as a tool to teach me something about my life that I am already fully informed about.  Trust me, I do not require someone else telling me if I am sinning or headed in that destination called Hell.  I know the Bible far better than one who feels obligated to teach it to me.  The reason I say that is because most people that attend church quote their Pastors and not the Bible.  I guess it is time to “fess up” to a few things.  I’m human, really human, more human than I would like to admit.  I like things, certain things that I ought not like; at least the bible tells me I ought not like these things.  I have searched long and hard in order to satisfy my spirit man; the Christ within that part of me that loves the Lord and desires to obey Him completely only to find myself shifting back and forth struggling with the me that lives in my body. 

Lighting The Fire

At times I wish that there was a pill that I might swallow which would rid me from the “Paul Fight; Romans 7:7-25; but there is no such thing; there is never any relief from the sin in my flesh that tears me apart day after day.  If I am to obtain that heavenly place where righteousness dwells, I know for sure; it has nothing to do with this body of death in which I live.  I find myself at times even in my mature Christian experience, doubting my relationship with him because I think strange things from time to time.  I ask myself often; how can this be, why am I going there if that is the very thing that I am to oppose.  Have you ever really investigated your real motives for why you do everything you do?  Have you looked so deep within yourself without anyone’s analysis of you and found you to be totally disgusting?  Welcome to the club called “disgusted with me myself and I”.   

Put The Fire Out

Please my ultra conservative Evangelical Saint; think not so harshly of me simply because I speak of those things in which you refuse to lay before the throne of His Grace.  Is it so outrageous that I could have thoughts so opposed to the teachings of the scriptures?  Is it not a fact that each of us as Christians need a constant reminder that we are not as Holy as we think ourselves to be?  Why is it so difficult to get real with yourself; let alone with each other?  I use to be the kind of person that would come down hard on others about things in their lives when their lives did not come alongside of the word of God.  I would make statements like, man, don’t share that with me brother; then I’d take their head off, for “painting the roses red”.  I’ve read some of the writings of St. Augustine.  I understand his passions as well as his pleas, for my life is also complex and at times tearing me apart.  Studying men who were great in God only to fail Him led me deeper into God’s word as I pondered the question of what could be wrong with me. 

“How can a young man keep his way pure?  By keeping it according to Thy word.”  Psalm 119:9   This one verse has answered all of life’s difficulties for me.  In a flash the lights all came on.  How can I stay away from those things that would tear me apart?  How might I know just what to do in this world when all around me compromise stares me in the face.  Should I turn in my relationship with Him for them?  I know in my heart that the answer is no.  I have come to know these tings simply because by reading the bible as a book of divine significance.   “If I am doing something that is in direct conflict with what is stated in the word of God, I have compromised.  I say “Yes” to the Holy Writ.  I affirm the words of the Bible just as if God was standing right before me.  While I am doing that I confess to God that I am a wretched man undone before God.  A prideful haughty person would never admit that to themselves.  The question is a simple one; do you desire to keep your  (MY) life pure?  If we love God the answer is Yes Lord!  Psalm 119:10 provides for us the character of the heart which seeks God; “With all my heart I have sought thee; Do not let me wonder from they Commandments.”  You see; if in my heart, that hidden part of me that no one can see or hear, in that secret place, if I have a genuine desire for God’s righteousness, God is aware of that and he places in my nature the ability to seek Him in the most difficult of times.  The circumstances do not determine the outcome, only my reaction to the divine relationship that has taken place after His calling in my life.  Only my acceptance of the blessed Holy Word found in the bible is my confirmation that he has began the work until it is finished.  Obstacles in my environment could never preclude the end result of what His divine will is for my life. 

Thinking like this for the rest of my life as a Christian would truly be a life of victory.  But there is a problem.  I’m human, I’m weak, I fall at times.  I’m not perfect as someone told me just a few days ago as we discussed this matter.  So John, you might ask me; why don’t you just fly off of the hook and have a little fun now and then.  Is not your relationship with Him (Christ) a given; meaning you know that you are going to heaven at the end of your life; what you do is only because you are weak from time to time.  Can’t I pre-plan a sinful act to care for those things that are so natural for me?  (Please say yes PJ)   Read Psalm 119:11.  “Thy word have I treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against thee.”  

I am thinking all of the time.  Only when I slumber in sleep I think my conscience is not with me.  My thoughts are not who I am, they are only impressions and ideas, probably perceptions of other lesser thoughts that have a way of attempting to make themselves important.  For the Lord says in Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts Neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. ”Ought not the disposition of the Christian be; I can’t do that, God is watching me, or how might I say that, think that, the Lord is in me.  You see, my personal sinning is not only hurting me; the above verse says that I am sinning against God.  We would like to think that we are free and independent creatures that have the right to make choices on our own.  That kind of thinking is opposed to the Christian world view.  We do not belong to ourselves, for we are bought with the high price of the blood of Christ.  Thinking outside of the box after we have read the book does not sustain or confirm a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I desire to live a pure complete life for my Lord everyday of my human experience.  Do I indeed live this way?  No I do not.  I miss the mark more than I would like to admit.  Do I know the bible, yes, do I love their words, yes I do.  Do I have the desire to live it now and forever, Yes with all of my heart.  “So, John, what is your problem?”  The problem is found in the question itself.  Each of us has to come to THE POINT in our INDIVIDUAL LIVES that we focus upon our ability to fulfill Psalm 119:9-11.   It is not that you see me having a problem, rather, do you have one.  I’ve confessed my tripping state of mind, will you go there with me.  John E. Coleman June 2008 


“Hail To The Chief”

By Pastor John E. Coleman

If there were any doubt that the American Nation in the north desired change; all of that doubt has evaporated. With the sure nomination of Barak Obama, we not only must face the fact that American opinion has switched from an old agenda to the new. And what does this new agenda promise we the citizens who live in this grand young country? Has Obama like every other politician that makes the promises to people that appear to look for a Messiah type figured out something that most of us adults have not figured as of yet? Is that why an overwhelming majority of America’s population endorsed a man that has as little business running this very big country than the last idiot which still keeps the big chair warm in the oval office could not have dared think he could? The enduring question facing many in the black community in America is; “how does his nomination move us?” Am I to feel a special sense of relief sighing in relief because finally, “Its about time” a black man is sitting in the oval office, not one that is begging for the crumbs; rather one that is in charge of handing all of us those crumbs. Anyway you want it you can be for him or against him, so how am I as a Christian to respond to the Obama appointment to the office of President of the United States; even though it is only his nomination?

I’ve thought about that for the past two days since people have told me that it is a done deal. Can I be honest with you ; (as if you thought I’d be anything else). I thought that I would feel a sense of ethnic pride if Obama wins the ticket, but I don’t feel that at all. Then again I thought that I would experience this unique euphoria; this rush of adrenalin as my eyes would tear up; “the cause, is what I call it”. Finally we as a people are on top of it all. But that did not happen in me either. So what is it that I feel that is so different, come on now “Me”, I’ve got to feel something, right? Truthfully nothing is happening in my head and heart at all. As I think back for the past thirty years; it did not matter who won the election in that I saw something else developing that could not be daunted. The America that I once knew had been stabbed in the back, and she was slowing dying with all of her glory. If I may use an illustration to make my point.

Some “ten” years ago I saw the spiritual deadening of the black church placed in motion by the lack of concern for traditional values lived out in the lives of church going peoples. The kinds of values that hold families and friends stable while the rest of the world shook loose. The scene suddenly changed as the whole of the organized church seemed to slide quickly underwater as a giant ship does when a hole has been torn in her bow. During the past ten years fate has rung true as I while taking the pulse of the body of Christ hardly feel a constant beat. In the very same way, those who run political parties in this country have submitted themselves to Intravenous injections of greed graft and dishonesty; with the invention of the transformational dialectic. It is no doubt that I felt nothing when I received the news about a black man’s appointment; his theme for winning the favor of the population of America was the dialectical usage of one word that took America by storm; “Change”. It’s funny though; simply because no one fully understands what he is saying by the use the word. I only wish him well as he seeks this office that will change him. I think of his wife as she watches his changing process as he attempts to figure out how he is going to endure America’s punishment for dis-regarding God and all that was right in our once great America. I wish his family well as the change from being an out of touch unit changes into the media messy mentality as every little word is taken under consideration. The powers that run this country vary is their degree of influence and manipulation. We citizens have watched the circus for many years evolve to the place where we are at present. What difference will Obama make? What difference will any man make? I guess I’m somewhat a strange bird. You see; I have placed my salvation in Jesus Christ a Carpenter by trade; He father is nameless, His mother was placed in the most precarious position of bearing Him without evidence of a marriage certificate. His brothers refused to even believe in Him simply because He said that “His time had not come”. Within three short years, not even long enough to endure a term of office in the “White House” He was arrested, beaten, scandalized humiliated, and spat upon. Finally the rulers of his society accused Him of being one that caused sedition and claimed that He spoke out plainly against the President of His day, Ceaser who was thought to be a god. The general population cried “Crucify Him”, we have no god but Ceaser they shouted. He died horribly at the hands of his own people. I live in order to place my vote for him. He is neither black or white. His agenda is the same as it was before our world was created. If you desire change, try my Savior; Jesus which is the Christ. . . You see my friends; He Satisfies!” You see my president will always be alive, regardless of the economic situation. Pastor John E. Coleman June 5, 2008

The soul of the black community is dead   

I want you to read this article and then to read my response to it as the April Commentary.  Read This first.  Thanks.  PJ

“Is The Soul Of The Black Community Dead?”  / “I Don’t Think So”

Pastor John E. Coleman April Commentary / April 2008

I know what has taken place in the black community for the past forty years.  The community has been devastated by a culture that is totally ungodly.  I am fully aware of all of the statistics and all of the negative communication from people outside as well as inside community itself.  Did I really need to come into contact with the article that Jessie Lee Peterson wrote for “The Truth Newspaper?” I for one am outraged at the article that the so called Rev. wrote which is a part of the problem within the black community itself.  I just screamed when I read this man’s words.  He is suppose to be a preacher of righteousness not a prophet of doom.  I thought that all of those passed away when the New Testament came into play.  But let me not regress as I stay the course of this article.  Why, Please somebody tell me why does Jessie continues to not only report the bad news about the black community, but he has a way of stating it in such a way that it smears what is left of a decent vibrant community of which I am a part?  In his article, “Is The Soul Of The Black Community Dead” he sites Deuteronomy  28:15 & 18-20 as an indictment against the black community in America.  “The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me.”  Am I to understand this as some kind of prophetic statement given from God against the whole of the Black Community in America?  Were these words spoken to black people in America as a whole, or can we take scriptures and use them in this way to prescribe damnation to an entire group of people?  Can we use the bible in this way?  Is this the means of biblical indictment that the God of heaven would have any of us use to frame, shame, or blame anyone, even black people in America? 

The answer to the above questions is “NO”  Nowhere in scripture are we told to take an Old Testament indictment against Israel or any other nation and frame it in such a way to distort the thinking processes of anyone race against another.  I had to pay very close attention to the particular News Paper that Jessie presented this article to.  The Truth Newspaper.  Come on now, you are not going to find a more biased conservative paper (or web site) in the country?  When it comes to politics; I am not that smart, but I do know when I am reading from people that have a serious agenda to back which is a bit more than the bible gives credence to. 

Why present your article to what appears to be somewhat of an extremist group of people that appears to always look for someone to blame for the woes of this world?  I went to their link page and behold, what did I find?  Lord help me; Jessie, what are you doing man?  You know that I am no racist, but who are these people?  Can’t they find other things to do besides rant and rage over what is happening to the country?  Yes, the whole country is headed for hell, not just some black people Jessie!  Why is Jessie Lee Peterson so bent on speaking about the problems without attempting to do something to solve them?  Oh please, don’t come at me with B.O.N.D.  that is old news, keep in mind I live in Los Angeles, I know where is building is on west Pico Bl.  One can give lectures to a few black males on how to be men; (I do that from time to time myself)  One could have a home for training of young black men on how to do life, as well as how to treat black females.  (I do that also, I have a young black man living in my home with me.)  But I would never be scathe the entire black community with one broad stroke.  Mr. Peterson constantly does this and for the doing of it has earned much hatred from many in the black community who see his articles for what they really are.  When will we learn as Christians first of all to read between the lines.  Why is this man so angry at the black community that he would go to an Anglo southern minded conservative group to spew his venom in the faces of those which whom he racially identifies?

Could this be his hatred for who he is in essence?  I’ve stated before that I am fully aware of the problem in our (my) communities, but as a minister of the truth of God’s word, I shall never give up on the people of my infra structure.  I will always believe in the goodness that comes from literally hundreds of thousands of black Americans just as I believe that there are the same number of white Americans that are of moral aptitude and human decency.  Please do not listen to Jessie Lee Peterson.  He has proven time and time again that there is another reason for his commentary.  And many of his readers need to find out what it is.

One would ask of me, Pastor John, why do you do what you do in the manner that you do it?  I would answer the question and give it to you in the real.  I have no other obligation than to tell you the God honest truth that Christ is behind my commentary, not a hidden agenda of self hatred.  Don’t write me and my brothers and sisters off just yet Jessie.  I do not read the news in order to determine what is going on in my (the black community).  I gather with them and feel the pain, the heartbreak and experience some of the shame myself that my commentary might have a clearer meaning.  I do not drag the mud of the worse of my community and air the laundry to white or Hispanic or Asian Americans in order to appear to be the moral fabric of black America.  Jessie you said; and I quote;  I once heard Mel Gibson say in a movie, "I have long feared that my sins would come back to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear." Well those sins have come back to visit the black community with a vengeance, and the cost may be more than we can bear. But at least out of respect for the values we once held dear and the strength we once had as a people, we are obligated to attempt with all our hearts to regain that ideal, or die trying. We must now forget all our petty angers, our weaknesses, and our unfounded rage and come forward prepared for the great penance that lies ahead. And we must do so without self-pity. After all, the black soul is dead and we ourselves are to blame.

Let me attempt to deal what you said with your own words with this last paragraph.  I am not full of petty angers; hey Jessie, are you?  I am not a weak black man, I know many strong and vigorous black men, do you, or is it correct to say that all of your heroes are white men?  I’m just asking.  Unfounded rage!  What are you taking about Jessie?  Have you taken a real good look at the black community.  I have, I am, I live in it.  I see it on the faces of young black men of whom you eagerly condemn, and are suppose to love and fully understand.  One cannot reach a person of the community without empathy, sympathy and heartfelt love; even for the immoral person of whom you say that your “Jesus” Loves.  That is the job of the preacher, right preacher man?  Keeping in mind I have been in Los Angeles through all of the riots, burnings and looting and rage.  Ignorant, indeed, but at the same time; fully understood as a black man.  You speak about the great penance that lies ahead.  Could you ever do penance towards the entire black community of which you so eagerly seek to destroy; I am ashamed of you my brother.  I am a Christian, I love white people and black people.  When I speak as a cleric, I am not biased against one group in favor of another. 

 You end up your article by saying; “we ourselves are to blame”.  Will you take blame for the shameful disposition and disastrous attitude that you have communicated to people on the outside of a community that at times has no idea what Black people’s pain is all about.  Wait a minute.  Those that are reading this know that I am no liberal.  I am not a democrat, nor republican, nor independent party.  I happen to belong to the Jesus party; His in one that would never cast aside a people during the most difficult of times.

Jessie Lee Peterson, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for the words that you write, for the people that you deceive.  Jessie, you know that most white people are operating on a far different scale than black people in this country.  We both may be citizens, drive the same kinds of vehicles, smack on the same grub, but when it comes to dealing with the tensions of our lives; as you have stated so correctly forty to fifty years of mis-management, poor leadership, female domination of the black male character, the feminization of the black man, along with many of his counterparts; the white male; our community is lacking and will suffer for many years to come.

But to write us off the way you do Jessie.  I’m sorry to say that I know you personally.  I would rather never taken the time to do radio, television or any other means of sharing a platform with a man that writes off his own heritage.   My white brothers would not do that.  But some of them love it when one of us, so easily does it.  They say, “see, what did I tell you about them, it would be better for us to rid ourselves of the slave problem.”  Hey Jessie, if that would take place, do you think that human kindness would find a way for you to survive if your whole community would perish?

It matters not what color you are, as a Christian can you really say what Jessie Lee Peterson says and believe that God is behind your words? 


Knowing Why He Calls Us / A Reality Check

By Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman

Did God have a divine intention in mind when He called you as a Believer?  Can you identify what His intention is in your life today, right now?  If you have no idea why He called you individually; what is your justification of calling yourself a Believer?  I know that the question causes one to ponder their purpose as a Christian; but I would like you to ask yourself, just as I have already.  Why are we doing all that we do in the name of Christ if we have no idea what we are doing it for?  Why are you giving all of your money?  Why have you decided to pay for buildings that you do not own or have no investment in at all?  What were you placed in this world to do?  I have said this to you before on many occasions; ‘If you cannot define it, you will not be able to defend it’.  I would dare to say that if I would ask the average professing Christian what their divine purpose was as a person placed on this planet, most would have no idea at all.  Come on, lets get real with it, most so called professing Christians have absolutely no idea what their lives are suppose to produce, other than going to a place of worship. 

We live in a world where evangelicals purchase a book and read from their favorite authors and find themselves co-signing what ever their “Christian Hero” suggest in terms of the above question.  I’m sorry, but that does not fulfill divine Godly obligations.  God is the Person who calls His children.  His call is decisive, to the point, and undeniable when received by His children; what did He call you for, and are you sure, and are you producing the benefits of that “Divine” call?  If the answer is “Yes”, there are expectations as opposed to anxieties.  If your answer was yes, you resist those subjective ambiguities that follows as our arguments as opposed to a concise objective analysis of the question itself.  Could it be that God is calling you to do something that He never intended?  Impossible!  Right!  Our Lord would never come to communicate to you in code language.  A part of my problem is that I’m receiving coded answers to the question these days. 

My calling is as clear to me today as it was when I first heard His voice in my head and heart.  I am doing the same thing that He called me to do with a sure determination.  If I ever find myself doing that which He never intended; I must be under the influence of a demon or some crazy person that is attempting to control me.  Could I see Him face to face someday in the future and report that I had no idea nor intention to replicate any mission as possible in my life?  Do you feel as adamant about the calling of God in your own life?  Are there times when you question the reasons for your believing some of the things that you find yourself thinking about as a Christian?  

There are only two ways of knowing reality in our human experience.  The first way of our acknowledgment of the reality of knowing God is through an “a posteriori experience.  In other words; you know that God has spoken to you simply because you have experienced Him for yourself, without the interference of outside sources.  You know that you know simply because you can point to the place, time and event itself which is perfectly describable and understood by others as uniquely your experience.  Acts chapter four verse thirteen really explains the kind of experience I am speaking about.  “Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John, and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were marveling, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.”  What was it about the first century disciples that convinced others about their Christian mission?  The second way of human knowledge is that of an “a priori experience; which is not based upon your human experience; rather there has been an indescribable activity which cannot be defined by your human experience but is just as objective as any physical activity; yet beyond reason or comprehension.  One knows something to be true outside of themselves; yet it is objective truth.  God called me, placed me in ministry and this is why I do it.  It was not written instruction; tangible evidence; but I am getting the job done. 

Now allow me to address the question again; what has He called you to be and do as a Believer?  Would one have to attend seminary in order to discover God’s will for their lives?  Would one have to be approved by a group of persons that would tell them one day that all is well, simply because one has met a certain prearranged criterion?  What is the deciding factor that collaborates the attributes of a persons living up to God’s standards of approval.  One of the surest ways of knowing the answer to this question can be discovered in our being  intelligent enough to comprehend through the illuminative processes God’s Holy Blessed Word.  Every aspect of the Christian life ought to be validated by the scriptures if it is to be ascertained as “God motivated”.  How does one recognize that any one person has been moved of God to affect His will (God’s) in the life of the church; or in the life of the sinful world?  The answer is found in the Holy Scriptures; the Bible rightly defended, defined and interpreted and then validated in the life practices of those owning the profession, we can get no closer to knowing His will in us than being what we say He called us to be.  What has He called you to be for Him? 

I believe that it can be rightly said that the only person that is able to speak to the question is the lone (individual) Christian.  Ask our brothers and sisters in foreign lands that have paid the ultimate price of their lives; counted as faithful until the end.  Having not abandoned or forsaken the profession of their faith, they would never compromise Christ for the sake of their life’s, they now live with Christ, their lives a sure testimony affirmed by scripture alone.  What of that local missionary who has forsaken the luxuries of living for this world in exchange of living with those of our faith who have no material goods to boast of.  What of those that have been called by God to live the rest of their lives single never to marry; yet living for the grace of God?  What of that special choice gift of God; that Christian that is dying of Aids, yet showing by demonstration their love for other Aids victims? 

I would like to see in my life time professors of Christ that manifest in their lives that Jesus did call them to Himself; but not as a victorious prosperity subscriber; rather as one  available in service for our King who is Jesus Christ.  The kinds of outcome that may not necessarily look successful today; but will shine in eternity as a life that was well lived.  What has God called you to be for Him today my friend?  Are you able to define what that call is all about?  Does it involved suffering of any kind?  Are you willing today to ask yourself that question?  Will your answer be note worthy of a person that God would dare call unto Himself?  March Commentary 2008


“Holy Living; Or Living Wholly”

Pastor John E. Coleman / The November Article

We must never come to the point in our Christian lives where we get the two confused; “Holy Living; Or Living Wholly”.  God commands all of His children to be Holy as He himself is Holy.  See; Leviticus 19:2 “Speak unto the congregation of the children of Israel, and says to them: You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.”  I am also fully aware that this is speaking of the children of God’s own choice Israel way back in Old Testament times; the reference also concludes that if we are a part of Christ’ body, that we too ought to strive to please our Lord in divine holiness.  See; Hebrews 12:10  The question that faces the church today in America is how might we do this without compromising God’s character? 

There are ideas kind of floating around out there these days speaking to our hearts, minds and souls concerning the thoughts about “Living Wholly”, I call this, living the complete life; lives that are filled with laughter; fun games, happiness contentment and sheer joy.  Our culture is inundated with these ideas.  We have pet insurance for our dogs and cats.  We cannot stand the thought of loosing one of these animals in death; we would have to make an appointment with our shrinks in order to get us back on focus after we bury rover the ground hog.  We opt for the largest house, the latest gadgets to entertain us while we sat in our gas guzzling vehicles on the freeway for hours listening to fine music and drinking cool drinks.  “Living Wholly” has become a new age objective which we equate with “Living large”.  Its about how much we toss out; as opposed weather or not we required the stuff we need to loose in the first place. 

We suffer from wanting too much of everything. Some of us think that all we have to do is to petition God for more of the same, anytime, anyplace simply because we have covenant rights.  We want to be safe, well, happy fulfilled, compensated in every way possible.  We have these thoughts that as Christians everything in our lives reek of success and physical fulfillment.  Nothing could be further from the truth as found in God’s word.  Oh no, Pastor John, you don’t want to infer negative thoughts man; you are coming against the very promises of God as stated in the bible!  Is what some of you might think!   We have adopted this “Whole Life Mentality”, we want the entire package that is offered somewhere between the pages in our fantasyland bibles that make us appear to be a special kind of abstracted person separated from the woes of this world.   The anointing that we possess now has exempted us from suffering, harm, danger, or possibly even death.  Christianity has become the safety net insurance policy that is just a thought away from being fulfilled.  We have but to name it and then to claim it; slam it or bam it, Jam it or cram it!  Bless it or damn it; just take it and run with it; what ever the thought may be!  This mentality has spread throughout our culture with such a passion that even some good thinking Christian people have been seduced to believe in such folly. 

 There will be times in our Christian experience when we gain certain victories in our lives.  They may be spiritual or physical victories.  We may come into a landfall of financial success, we could be wed to the most beautiful person in our world and have a house full of children and live wonderful lives void of conflict or terrible trouble.  We could land that career that we went to college to procure and become the head of the entire department.  Our children might become pillars in the community and make you so proud you would think that your heart might burst open.  Please do not read me wrong.  I believe that many Christians when reading their bibles and obeying God’s blessed word can live a successful Christian experience; I know this to be true because I’ve lived it myself and have benefited from God in so many ways I cannot mention. 

At the same time, I am aware that there are some of you that will have to struggle with victory for as Jesus told the Apostle Peter; “I Have prayed for you, for Satan desires to sift you as wheat” Luke 22:31This sifting denotes a shaking up of the life; it also entails suffering; times of abandonment; toil, strain, perplexity on an intentional level as allowed by our Lord.  There will be times when we feel as if God himself has abandoned us.  Some of the homes that were devastated in the October 2007 fires in California belonged to heart felt Christians, they lost everything also, but they glorified God on the behalf of loosing their stuff.  In fact; if they could not do that, the reason for their loss is an evident token that God wrought it.   

We as Christians will be fired from our jobs, beaten by street hoodlums, raped, battered, car jacked, kidnapped, starved, be-headed along with the rest of humanity, for the word in our blessed bibles says that in this life we, those of us that profess to be real Christians that is; will suffer tribulation. See: John 16:33, The very words of Jesus Christ Himself.  If He said it, why would you think that it possibly would not come to you?  Is Jesus lying?  Did He have it all wrong?  Could it possibly be that I am mis-translating it; Oh I got it, the word changes or evolves and no longer has the same meaning?  Oh no my friend, never try to play me.  When my time comes to suffer with sickness, pain, and even dying, I am ready to receive it in full measure.  What is my reaction to tribulation; suffering and pain; Rejoicing and praising my Lord, even while in pain.  I thank him for my nerve endings which allow me to know Him in that way.  I thank Him if I loose my eye sight, now I can listen to His voice more clearly by not being distracted from seeing the things of this world.  If I can’t move; I can really appreciate His saying to me in the Old Testament; “Be still, and know that I am God”.   

Come on now, don’t get me started!  Don’t play with me, does not the bible say something to the affect that we are not only to look for the good stuff from God but for some of the other stuff as well?  See; Job 2:10 Job speaking to his wife after she advises him to curse God and die because of his condition of sickness; “ But he said to her, ‘You speak as one of the foolish women speaks.  Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?”  In all this Job did not sin with his lips.”  One has said in reference to this verse; “Job attributed both previous blessings and the reversal of his fortunes to God Himself.  It would be foolish to think that they could pick and choose among the things that God sent their way.”   Oh and lest we forget; how might we deal with Job 1:12 when the Lord speaks to Mr. Evil himself; thereby telling him to bring pain on Job.  Could Job just speak success in his own life? 

I could go on and on with the many examples that we have in the bible that we are to seek Holy Living as opposed to Living Wholly in this life.  We are to search the text of God’s word.  There are no magic words or phrases that we memorize that will cause our lives to take on the shield of safety from the things that naturally come upon humans of all classes and in every social strata.  We fully accept our plight.  If God would relieve our pain and suffering; praise Him for that.  If he does not move on our behalf; he is yet to be praised and glorified as we are taught in the new Testament Scriptures; See; 1st Peter 4:12-16.  You will notice that the Apostle Peter says in V.13 “keep on rejoicing”, in other words; as the tribulation continues; you just keep on being happy in the state that you find yourself in.  Look at 2nd Corinthians 12:10  What is it that Paul is content with?  He says; “weakness, insults, distress, persecutions and difficulties for Christ’ sake. . . When I’m weak, then I’m strong!”  Come on Christian, don’t you see it yet, we are not affected by our suffering, all of it glorifies Christ.  If we approach our lives in any other way we misrepresent God. 

Paul speaks further about the issue of being whole as opposed to being Holy; See: Philippians 4:11  Again we see the Christian accepting their circumstances without making demands or bartering with God about the situation.  Paul says that he is content; Greek: autarkes= Paul is saying that what ever God wills to place in my life; I am perfectly content with that.  I do not desire changing it if he does not.  Paul was saying that he had so many experiences in tribulations that his greatest lessons were to face up to what was happening in his life.  He is saying; “I have learned in my being instructed in life.”  This Greek word (above) word has to do with an old Stoic phrase back in Paul’s day; “self sufficing”.  We see his further appreciation for this disposition in 2nd Corinthians 9:8 & 1st Timothy 6:6.   

Let me conclude with these words.  If we are truly going to STAND UP for Christ; we must know what the bible teaches concerning true biblical Holy Living as opposed to “Living Wholly”.  We are not of the world.  We obey all of the scriptures, not just the ones that speak of happy happy happy.  Ours is a difficult life; it was so with our Savior, it was also true of the early Saints that lived so many years before us.  The servant is no greater than His Lord; right?  If he suffered, and died; so will we; right?  Let us get into the habit of accepting our lot as God has prescribed, we ought not listen to men’s intention if God has not ordained that for our lives.  If you are not happy with that, go to God on your own.  He will answer you; though you may not appreciate His answer.  Do you recall what He answered Paul when he went to God three times asking Him to remove his thorn in the flesh?  God said NO! flat out NO!  He will say the same to you if He wishes, without a tear.  (Yes I know that God the Father has no eyes)  Are you willingly accepting these words?  If not, do you call yourself a Christian?  Thanks for reading me.  I am just trying to keep it real as I strive to Live Holy.  By Pastor John E. Coleman


The Changing Of Our Church

 What happed to the common kind of faith?  As we focus on the changing world that we live in, we must ask the question as to why the church as we know it today is in a state of constant change?  Aren’t you annoyed that at every turn of the compass, we seem to change the way that the church defines itself?  Is there an answer for these sudden drastic changes?  Do we see this as only some simple cultural shift or is there a searching heart in each of us as we seek to give a definition of this change?  This article will attempt to qualify that there has to be another answer other than the trite solutions that many in our culture has arrived at in the fast few years.  As I attempt to give some of the reasons, I would ask that you the reader use a discerning mind as you attempt to determine for yourself the validity of these dangerous changes.  This article will also cause many of you to re-think your analysis of our current church situation which has become a financial institutions, smart marketing management schemes that seeks spread its influence throughout the majority of our African American churches. 

The First Question: What’s wrong with change?  First of all nothing is.  Change is good if there is a real necessity for it.  I was taught as a young man that one ought not change the system if it could care for itself.  We have given ourselves over to a change agent mentality.  This kind of thinking comes from the heart of a philosophical system from the pen of “Hegel”.  Born 1770 and died in 1831 he postulated an idea that has taken root in most African American churches today.  His teachings involve a particular philosophical  dialectic.  He would propose that if one communicates to a certain degree their ideas, that those that oppose will eventually come to be forced to agree with the direction of the compromising aspect of the subject matter being discussed.   Allow me to provide an example of how these ideas appear in reality.

Come up with a particular problem that you may be faced with.  Lets say that that problem is a lack of finance for a certain project that you have before you.  You have a large group of people at your disposal, you need these individuals to get on board  with your idea, in order to alleviate your problem.  For the past few weeks they have not been able to get the picture.  You have reached your wits end, what can you do.  Then it comes to you in a flash; an idea that is just too good to pass up.  You get a few friends that agree with your situation of needing the finances, you might even promise them a place on the board of your fantastic idea.  You them meet and work out a plan that will force the others into conformity.  This idea of yours is established on the premise that “God” told you to place this plan into motion. (Keeping in mind that African American people are prone to follow something if God’s name is attached to it.)  This is phase one of the process; keep in mind, that the masses must be brought into this “process” without their knowing what you are doing to them. 

The leaders of your group promises to work with you in this process,(these individuals become your facilitators constantly moving your ideas upon the group through any means necessary) keep  in mind that they have a vested interest in this project.  The spiritual basis for the establishment of the association has nothing to do with the whole idea.  The bottom line is for the “process” to take place in the massive body of people that they alone will become the caretakers for the prosperity of this new venture.  Keeping in mind, that the whole elementary factor is to get the “money”.  The “money is what promotes the project, so the “process now is important.  Another major key is that the common people, the people that will fund the project should never suspect what is being put over on them. 

The Problem:  You have a person like me that is thinking about everything.  I listen to every word that is being stated.  I not only listen, I also ask questions concerning what every statement implies.  If I am not clear on a subject, I pose it in such a way that I ask others to think along with me on this idea that the leaders are asking  us to invest in.  I have been this way my whole life.  I know that the Lord made me this way.  It will be very difficult for these people to change my mind in terms of my thinking process.  What do you suppose these men have to do with me now? 

Their Solution:  It comes in the form of silencing my objections.  The leaders has to turn the people away from the thought processes that I may be raising as I suggest further investigation into this money scene, or is it a scheme?  (You see, in a strange way, I picked up that most of the work is done by us poor folks that are asked to constantly add to the pool that never seems to fill up.  These leaders must now silence me in that I have become a threat to their survival.  (Got to add something here, keep in mind that this process took place in communist China, Russia and most other dictatorshipsHegel would say that the “state is the reality of the mind’s process.”  Just as these leaders would have to regulate what the masses think, or even intend to do as they attempt to control the masses intellect.  In this case; the money for the church leaders madness. 

My Reaction To Their Intimidation:  In that I am aware of what they are attempting to do, I hold my ground.  In a free society, I am called a trouble maker.  I’m seen as a lone ranger, one that does not follow the herd instinct.  In a little bit, others around me begin to think in the same pattern of thought.  Now the leaders has to do something to get rid of me.  I have become dangerous to their survival.  I must be cast aside as insane.  My mind has to come to the state of being re-programmed, others are convinced that I’m not to be listened to at all.  In good time I am thrown out of the group all together.  Those leaders have accomplished, I have been scandalized,

ill spoken of and basically make an outcast.   

“Joel Lost In A World That He Created; Are You?                        

                                          By Pastor John E. Colman Oct. 19, 2007  

I guess that it is far different when you grow up in the middle of central city in a large urban community.  Your expectations as a young man is centered around the people that you grow up with.  Sisters and brothers that argued with you, parents that presented gifts when you earned them.  I guess I was taught that nothing comes easy in this life.  That is probably why I welcome life’s challenges when they come my way.  I was never that person that expected God to reach out of the heavens and make things right for me.  He was never my Genie that I rubbed to cause Him to appear.  I was taught the values of working hard and repeating those things that positively sustained others that lived before me.  My life would be a successful one as I attributed everything that I did to the glory of the Lord.  We were taught as black people; (I’m assuming that those of other nationalities also) that life would not be presented to us on a silver platter.  As I reflect back, it was not that we could not dream, we did, but our dreams were rational ones.  I mean; we did not think of things that were not practical.  God was not suppose to do something for us simply because we were black folks.  Becoming a millionaire was not practical; we did not know any on the street where I lived.  When I look at Joel Olsteen on the television is see a man that has been well groomed in broadcast ministry.  I see a silly clown that is pretending to know the God that I know.  I do not see a born again Christian.  His speech denies any association with the God of the bible. 

I am not speaking against the man because I may be jealous of his media success.  Living in American; we have heroes every week.  Most of them do things that most ordinary people would not dare think about.  Our citizens look for those individuals that  will stimulate them to live better lives.  And how do we discover this?  By listening to those individuals that can talk a good line.  We’ve become a people that craves for the personality that will cause us to smile.  It appears that we do not have enough to smile about these days.  We crave for the extra ordinary.  When we go to the doctor and he or she informs us that we have cancer or anything else that might put our lives on hold, why do we fret; people have been dying of this disease for thousands of years.  Why is it strange when sickness comes our way?  Our faith will sustain us even in the face of death, or do we really believe this?  Ours is not a life where we have all of the answers and all of the solutions to life itself.  Our trust is totally dependant upon Jesus Christ and His divine will for our lives.   

Is there a possibility that I got it all wrong?  Could it have been that for the past forty years that I’ve been a Christian that I had it all wrong?  Was I suppose to be rich?  Did God want me to be born in poverty?  Am I to look down on others simply because they do not ascribe to the same type of theological bent?  Could it be that Joel Olsteen and the other prosperity speakers have discovered the hidden secret of the Christian life?  Is it all about having money and fame and health and “The Good Life”?  The fake preacher (Olsteen) has a problem, and it is a simple one.  God is in no way like Joel portrays.  God is a Lord of wrath and judgment and punishment if His children rebel against him.  At the same time He is not a God that listens to those that do not know Him; See; 1st Corinthians 2:14 “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”  

This written piece identifies me as a part of a community that was thinking all of the time about the environment that I lived in.  I and my social peers did not believe in the abstract; rather in the objection theory.  We rejected that which was against nature itself.  This generation seems to have lost a sense of rationale.  The bible puts it this way; See; Job 5:7 “For man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward.”  In that God has so ordained in the blessed Bible; why am I seeking to avoid this trouble that the bible speaks about?  Am I not satisfied that the Lord will care for me even if He ordains my suffering?  The Bible speaks loud and clear totally against most all that Joel falsely claims; See; 1st Peter 4:12-13 Beloved do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange think is happening to you; but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing; so that also at the revelation of His glory, you may rejoice with exaltation.”  I think that the text speaks for itself.  I will not ask why Joel will not preach this positive message.  I know why he can’t speak these things, it is simply because he does not believe them himself.   

We need to stop becoming those persons that are seeking agreement from others concerning a teaching or a teacher; we need to come to the place in our lives where each of us ought to know when we are listening or looking at a real Christian.  When the Anti-Christ appears; would we know who we are looking at?  Is there such a void of scripture knowledge that we might doubt all that we know to be true?  I am not angry at Joel, he is doing what he is suppose to do in order to bring this great deception unto the real body of Christ.  Instead; I am looking at so many of us that profess to be a part of the body of Christ that have no discernment at all.  Persons that allow the appeal of a Joel Olsteen have no love for the Christ of the bible.  The sad thing is that some of them that read this article will watch Joel and forgo all of what they have been taught (if they were taught anything at all) for the sake of a happy smile.  Oh and let me say this.  I can jerk a tear at any time.  Most professional speakers know just how to do that trick.  So called preachers are artist at drawing on the emotional in human beings. 

Joel Olsteen is Americas next famous preacher.  As Obama will not gain the White House; nor will T.D.Jakes the title of America’s next Billy Graham.  Joel is that cut above the boring practical objective speaking preacher that will affirm God.  He will affirm you first.  He will tell you that you are worth the time and effort that you place within yourself.  He will not concern himself with those as he said theological issues that most people do not understand.  It will be those very issues that will judge him and all of his followers at the great white throne judgment.  

My concern is not as to his eternal location; (I think any sound thinking Christian can figure that one out) rather my concern is about you.  Why do you get a kick out of watching him?  Why are you so interested in how large the building is?  He is getting the press time, air time, and all of the stuff that comes with being of this world; why are many of you watching him closer than you can discover where the scriptures are that I quoted?   Joel is indeed lost in the world that he created for himself; but my friends; are you there with him?


“In The Heart Of The Battle”

Pastor John E. Coleman

It was 1965, while stationed in Fort Polk Louisiana in the midst of my basic training I was marched to an open plain field.  It was there that we (the other brand new soldiers of the drafted US army) were given pole sticks and trained in how to engage the enemy in hand to hand combat.  I recall many a day getting slammed by the better fighter as my skills were not best in fighting hand to hand. Just as back in the day when our country was fighting wars far on the other side of the world; on that small strip of land called Viet Nam, you see; I was being prepared for battle.  There is another world war ragging right in the midst of every heart; the battle for souls.  I am convinced that my soul belongs to God and that He in his majestic pre ordained will has set me aside for a far different kind of battle, but I find myself fighting on far different fronts these days.  My battle is not an easy task as in the past I fought who I thought was the real enemy; those Jehovah Witnesses, the Scientology guys; the false Charismatic's and the Word Faith Foolishness.   

Those days of knowing who the enemy was and gaining the right kinds of doctrinal understanding was kind of easy.  I would just pick up a copy of Walter Martins; “The Kingdom Of The Cults” and go to town on and in the enemies face.  It was a simple as knowing who the foe were and strategizing a particular time zone to erase them from the battle field.  Things have drastically changed.  My battle as yours is not that simple as identifying the error of the cultic teaching and exposing it; ours is a battle which has come to the front doors of the sanctuary, to the very gates of the church.  The combatants are not as clearly identified as the enemy.  The opposing forces have countered the best of Christian doctrinal teachings by just outright denying them. 

They have not forged a document writ with biblical absolutes; they have just posited the craziest; most unbelievable, unimaginable explanation of how God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit functions that only one who is fully trained with years of bible knowledge under their belts might calmly deduce that the majority of the teachings coming from pulpits all across America today could not possibly be recognized as Christianity.  Our enemy is not that strange sounding funny looking guy with the faded wrap with a dotted forehead.  He or she is not that person sitting in a circle with head bowed chanting some eastern mantra.  The foe of the Christian Church is not the threat of some Communistic Bear from Russia that we await to fulfill some ancient eschatological prophecy, no our enemy is showing up in our local churches smiling; sharing thoughts of unity and compromise as we are called to re-think our faith. 

Rarely do we see this enemy.  This deceiver has discovered the art of persuasive deception; and they pull it off with this smirk of a smile as if you and I don’t read them?  They ask questions about your purpose.  They replace the bible with a hard bound book by one of their generals who spew these new age beliefs which have absolutely no affinity to the faith that was once delivered unto the true saints of the bible.  They rake in the cash from silly parishioners who have exchanged the hard cold facts of God’s word for some new easy digestive teachings which give more options which flatly deny either Heaven Or Hell!  They placate you to passivity, then hit you up for millions in exchange for the glories of what ever they choose to offer you as long as it has mass appeal attached.  Their weapons are simple tools.  They have discovered the use of media.  They utilize this weapon simply because many in the church has succumbed to watching an enormous amount of  television.  They have designed their messages with the state of the art emphasis of “Flash, Flesh and Fantasy”.  


Many that profess Christ no longer want to attend simple rooms designed to appeal to the heart that needs to have sin removed from it with an icon of Christ bleeding on a cross, rather the average church member wants to attend the next event, happening, they are not accustomed to searching the scriptures for God’s truth for themselves; they love to be entertained and enlightened rather than being convicted and frightened by a God that would never put up with their messy lives.  Church services have been designed to numb you to the fact that you are ever living in a body that craves sin and is just yearning to abandon ways of righteousness.  We but to peer into the eyes of Joel Olsteen and be captured by his words and smile and the rest is history.  Mass appeal; “Lights Cameras, Action. . . He is number one in America and he is living proof that mass media religion works.  The only problem is that none of that is Christianity.  And what did he do, he walked right into his fathers (John’s) building and devastated anything that even reeked in the past close to the Christian faith.  But we can question even that as we watched in horror the Charismatic movement take with force some of our finer Christian minds.  


This new enemy has done something that no other insurgency has accomplished in the history of the church in America.  Just think of it, Christians desiring the things of the world; you have got to be kidding, not really!  Christians placing emphasis on the flesh; prosperity fame and fortune is utterly insane, no real believer could possibly believe this could they?  Lets take a close look friends; many in the church today believe in the messages of Creflo Dollar.  Have you checked out his home?  Now many so called believers actually think that God would have them rich like Creflo?  Christians get their faces lifted; their lips filled with fake stuff in order to look sexier?   Our want of material things drives many of us to acquire those things that make our lives comfortable as we compromise ourselves and then fully give in to the tactics of so called leaders in our Christian community who lead the way in their love for material gain.  Sex, Stuff, Sin; oh yes, the church seems to be right at home these days.


Many in today’s church reach for that which is not real.  Female pastors; unreal in the whole of the teachings of scriptures.  Homosexual and lesbian pastors; totally unreal in the mind and will of our Lord.  Insanely rich clerics; totally out of reach in the biblical context.  Compromise; in today’s church practically every protestant denomination have given themselves to chasing that rainbow.  And the search for more assist the leaders of this pack of wolves to discover that the gold is there, and all of it at the behest of many unsuspecting soldier of the cross that have abdicated towards the most heinous error in the history of the American church with smiles on their faces.  Unrepented and denying the very Lord that bought them. 

Our battle rages on and on.  Everyday we are loosing men and women on the frontlines.  There is no blood being shed; rather a silent decline in wanting the Lord’s will to be accomplished.  I have discovered that there is not only this decline, rather this shifting from that strong traditional Christian inclination to an irrational abdication of sorts; a kind of quiet resignation towards the dark side without even a whimper of displeasure.  The most disgusting aspect of this transformation is that there is no thought of what this does to our Lord.  His death for His bride is now a vain attempt, something to be avoided at all cost.  This war has taken the fire out of the once loyal patriot who has now kissed their way to the other side for the sake of futility.   As for this soldier; this writer; this speaker, this man of God?  Being “Into The Word, Is My Biblical Alternative”. 


When Satan Attacks Us / The Gauntlet Is In My Hand

Christians has an arch enemy; Satan.  He has never played fare and He never will.  We at times in our lives do not like to retain in our image this enemy that seeks to tear us apart and He is very pleased with that disposition of so many Christians today as they give him place in their lives.  He places in our sights those worldly things that constantly draw us away from God’s will and the sanctity of Godly blessings.  We may attempt to escape the reality that Satan not only will attack us but is constantly looking for opportunities to do so.  Each of us must come to remember that He can only get under our frame of protection as we forgo the use and dependence of God’s word as our constant daily recourse.  We have in the scriptures many verses that encourage us to be on the alert to His many schemes.  But in particular this verse as found in  2nd Corinthians 2:11; “ In order that no advantage be taken of us by Satan; for we are not ignorant of His schemes” speaks to the issue that is set before today.  Let’s take some time out and look at this very closely in order to determine just how much territory we as Believers have given away in the face of today’s failing Christian Churches all over America, and especially in our black communities.    

“No advantage be taken of us!”  Are you kidding me?  The Black church in general in the inner cities have no idea that there has to be a stratagem well thought through in order to keep them from falling prey to the wiles of Satan’s schemes.  The Pastors has carried most of our congregations into the false sphere of prosperity which plays right into the hand of Satan.  As long as the enemy can keep the “Church” blurred on the issue of material things, fleshly entertainment, and the constant attempt to seek more of the goods of this worldly system; the work of the enemy is made simple. 

You see my friends; the “Church” in general is very ignorant of the ploys of the enemy of our salvation.  And the question that faces us is; do most in the church really see Satan as that foe?  I would go as far to say that the “Church” has no intention of denying themselves as the scriptures commands of us; See; 1st John 2:15  “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him There has to be intellectual adaptation as we analyze this verse.  When the Apostle John suggest that the first century reader pay close attention to these words; each of us out to become fully persuaded that we too ought to give attention to the word of God for our own lives; Satan is real and he desires to tear the Church apart.  The question that is facing us today is a simple one; “do we really love God or the god of this world which is Satan?”  An outward profession without an inward guide of the Holy Spirit is what defeats us as Believers.  Let’s get real with it, do we worship things in our minds and hearts, have the things of this world become our goals and objectives?  Is it about status and rank, fame and our fortune?  If so, Satan has cast out the gauntlet and many within the ranks of so called believers have gone for the gusto; and so many of us love it to be so.  In other words; we appear to be having a happy holiday in sin.

Not only do we love in the depths of our hearts the things of this world; we have become callous towards the voice of our Lord that warns us to flee worldly lust, See; 2nd Timothy 2:22 “Now flee from youthful lust, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord with a pure heart.”  If we actually love God and hate the world; we live in this manner in such a way that our lives truly reflect the Holiness unto the Lord.  We are not ashamed to be a righteous folk.  Our lives are governed by our Lord and not by a council of churchmen who dictate their objectives; rather our Lord who with His words and will manifested in the scriptures guiding our endeavor to serve Him.

The enemy will continue his attack on the Lord’s church.  We expect nothing less from him.  What is it that the Lord expects from us during these difficult times?  That is the question that we are faced with as the church seems to drift further and further away from the tried and trusted claims of the scriptures.  We seemed to have lost our way.  I too at times drift from the course that the Lord has patterned for me.  I call upon each of us to fully repent; turn back to God and depend upon Him for complete restoration and spiritual redemption.  I do not believe that we are ignorant of Satan’s schemes or devices that are used to muzzle Christ’s witness.  What we must do is to admit that we have been used of the enemy and to repent right now of our total disobedience.

If we do not admit these things by ways and actions we too will be cast aside by a just Lord and Savior.  I cannot believe that we as professing Christians can go on in a life of sin and somehow not affect  eternity by our actions.  I’ve thought it through.  I cannot feel comfortable in my Christian experience where continual unrepentant sin and love for this world will suffice as I compromise a loving Savior favor in my life.  How about you my friend; is it the same in your life?  Have you come to the place in your life where you are ready to put on the gauntlet and take that stand forever for Christ?  Does He matter or not?  Is the decision to follow the dictates of the bible really that difficult?  If we take the time to not only read the scriptures; but to apply them things will change in our lives.  If our private situations are in a mess; could it possibly be that we have compromised the message of the blessed word?

The choice is made individually; in that we are to look solely at what is governed by scripture alone.  Lets live out the duration of our Christian experience in the reality that we do not love this world.  Keeping in mind that there is a certain respect that we have concerning the things of this world; but that they in no way dominate our desires nor influence us towards aggression against what the Holy Spirit requires of our lives.  We must continue to think about these kinds of important discussions if we advance kingdom living as defined in the Bible.  Let’s put on the gauntlet; ready ourselves for divine service all to the praise of His glory.  Pastor John E. Coleman / Into The Word Apologetics  August 2007     "It Ain’t Necessarily So"

Pastor John E. Coleman

 It appears that the most far out, totally ridiculous statements are the ones that fly high as Christian doctrine in many of today’s churches.  I have a few questions for you.  They really are not that difficult to answer; but they will require a little logic.  Are you ready, lets go with the first question. 

(1)   Do you really think that God would have everybody on the planet rich, or even all American Christians, or even you? (in this worlds material goods such as money fame fortune land things like health happiness and the rest)

Lets deal with the first question.  Would this kind of thought work all over the world in all peoples?  In nations where they do not have a gross or net income?  What would be the outcome of world economy in every nation is everybody was rich?  What would the African American community look like here in America?  Why would anybody do business with and why would there be a need for commerce or buying and selling?  Who would require anything; and who would work for whom, who would work?  Why would any of us require pay anymore if we; especially we that claim to be Christians; why would we even have to trust in God for anything?  Do we think about these things as we attend these large halls of so called worship as we are told to claim the stuff of the universe?  My personal question is why would God of all persons desire me (John E. Coleman) to be financially filthy rich?  I have a far better question than that; why would I desire more than what He is giving me right now; am I not totally satisfied with all of His provisions in my worthless life?  Now let me restate the question again for you; do you really think that God would have you a rich person with all of the money that you could never spend in your lifetime?  No, not down here on this earth.  My friend; that sounds like a little bit like heaven, but we realize that there is no money up there right?  We will have no need for the stuff of the world; we shall see Him face to face; that is Christ; so why the need for the material?  Would it be safe to say that we as Christians are suppose to find ourselves in a state of being made ready for heaven, or wanting to be a millionaire?  

(2)   Can you really be anything that you desire to be if you just think it into reality?  (I am asking the question in terms of your speaking reality into existence.)

Many a silly church attendee accepts this statement as a matter of fact.  I cannot believe my ears these days.  You mean to tell me that intelligent persons really believe in this kind of mysticism; these New Age thoughts?  I was raised to think that hard work, consistent dedication to a discipline were the things that made persons successful in their lives.  Regardless of where they live; the color of their skin; these kinds of characteristics were the testimonies of successful persons.  It appears that many of these fake preachers just stand up in these large halls of doom and spew out the most foolish things and droves of people stand on their feet and applaud their stupidity.  Wait a minute; I am not; as a matter of fact I refuse to turn off my brain and turn to my neighbor and repeat anything that this simple Simon idiot just said.  If you are without food clothing or money in this country they have institutions that will assist you in the processes of getting back on your feet.  If you have lost material things because you made the wrong choices in your life it may take longer to get to the place where success comes your way.  We as Christians are not to use God as some magic divine super power to raise us up out of the mire of what we might have created for ourselves.  Positive thinking is eastern thought and mysticism; it is not a part of the teachings of Christianity.  If you are listening to any fake guru teachers that has suggested these thoughts to you; leave their company, get a job, work hard; stop thinking about “Plasma Screen TV’s” video games and fun and get to work.  To put it frankly; “it ain’t coming your way simply cause you think it.”  One more thing, stop embarrassing me! 

(3)   Why would we continue to believe in people that display themselves as con artist?  (a con game is played on un-suspecting un-thinking persons that have dis-engaged their minds)

Listen brothers and sisters; never allow others to put game over on you.  I am aware that many of you do not have both parents in your life.  Those were the people that were suppose to teach and guide you to understanding of how things operate in this world.  Let be become that loving parent to you while you continue to read this article.  I do not want anything from you.  I don’t want sex or money from you.  All I want is for you to be happy and to know Christ in a personal relationship.  That has nothing to do with how much money you pass on to some preacher.  (I happen to be a preacher by the way)  Never listen to people that claim to speak authoritatively when in reality they have no authority at all.  I know that this may be a difficult concept for some of you.  (keep in mind, that is what your parents should have been to you)  You may find yourself saying; “Pastor John, how do I know if they are not giving me a con job?”  First of all is there money involved?  Meaning how much is the charge for that which ought to be free?  Think it through with me on this one.  If a preacher is charging you for something that ought to be free; such as a sermon, a bible study, basic information that has been free from the beginning; you have been coned.  (I am not suggesting that you cover the cost of postage and material for the product; keeping in mind that you are Christian, and you are not seeking something for nothing) If you did not have the cost to purchase it; would they still give it to you?  Many Pastors in so called ministry are filthy rich; how did they arrive at this financial state?  Do you really think that the God of the universe would desire them to be filthy rich and you with nothing but their books and DVD’s?   Really, you would?  You have been gamed my friend.  God is not involved in the financial exchange of goods and products.  Jesus came into contact with such and cleaned house.  He said that his contemporaries had changed the house of prayer into a den of thieves.  Beware of a preacher that is always asking you to build more stuff, tithe and give more , more, more.  Ask him how many hours a week does he speak the word of God to the children of God?  Well, that is enough for you to think about for now.      



“When Growth Kills The Man Of God”

By Pastor John E. Coleman  / Into The Word Radio / Commentary For June 2007 

It is sheer joy to watch God work in the life of a young man who has been given an opportunity to do something unique for the black church.  To attend some of the first Black Pastor’s conferences, to read from the heart of a man that not only understood the need of contemporized expository preaching he was also one that taught it to other preachers in the black community.  It was also sheer joy to watch his family grow up under sound teaching as he exemplified the role of leader and Father to his children.  It was extraordinary joy to watch his wife as she stood by her husband and walked in paths that demonstrated Godliness in that small ministry in that Oak Cliff Fellowship in Dallas Texas.  I was excited as I attended one of Dr. Evans first Pastor’s Conference where he drew large numbers of black Pastors who sought to be biblical as they led the nations black congregations so many years long before T.D.Jakes started the Mega Mess Series. 

What happened to Dr. Tony Evans?  How could this first graduate from DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) from our community with an earned PhD degree with so much promise come to the place where he is today?  What happened to the man, how could he come to this place of compromise and retreat from biblical authenticity?  My first meeting with Tony was at another’s church.  The young Kenneth C. Ulmer, Pastor of Faithful Central Baptist Church in South Central Los Angeles.  Tony was the guest speaker for a number of days at another Church on South Main Street in Los Angeles.  Pastor Ray Rogers had invited Tony to speak.  Ray’s facility was far too small to accommodate the large crowds that came to hear him speak for what I believe was a three day revival meeting. 

For the second night of the event; Ken Ulmer opened his church which was a few miles south of Ray’s church.  I mean everybody that heard of Tony wanted to hear him preach.  He was fresh, biblical and he had a way of opening the text of the scripture to black folks which I especially appreciated in that my style of preaching was about the same as Tony’s.  It was during that second night that I first met Tony Evans.  I’ve never been one to seek the spot light but Reggie Spearman a friend of mine for years; (we both worked for the city of Los Angeles) being one of Ken’s associate ministers asked me into Ken’s office to not only meet Tony but Ken Ulmer as well for the first time.  Keeping in mind that the ministry that the Lord had given me was growing and I was totally excited that we “Expositors” were finally coming together to accomplish something important for the black church.  I was thinking; finally, somebody is saying something that I could really understand.  The days of the whooping and hollering is finally over in the black church.  Or so I thought; was I being presumptuous?  It was more than a dream; I was alive to see the beginning of a brand new breed of preachers in the black community.  Tony was not only a fine example morally but a man that would hail supreme as one that acclaimed the Bible as the standard for Christian belief, and he was a black man!  It was in that meeting in my home town; right here in Los Angeles that opened the door for future meetings between Tony and Ken Ulmer that would start Dr. Evans demise as the black role model for black Expositors.

During my early years in ministry I would travel across the country.  When going into Texas, I always found the time to go by Dr. Evan’s church only to see that he had grown from that small building into a good size gymnasium with folded chairs.  Soon the gym grew too small.  I spoke to some of the staff people there at Oak Cliff and for sure, I took some of those models back to Los Angeles as I contemplated a shrinking building with an expansive church growth concept.  As a matter of fact; it was one year in particular that Ken Ulmer taught a class in the Tony Evans Conference titles; “Transitioning Your Church”.  Without thinking too much about what that title undertook; I thought that the simple meaning of the term communicated to me that I had to deal with growth and how affectively would I deal with the expansion.  Little did I expect what I witness today in both Ken’s as well as Tony’s facilities.  As difficult as it may appear to be; Kenny was talking about making a business out of your church.  The main theme was the marketing of the organization in such a way that you will never have to worry about where you place the people. 

These ideas has nothing to do with establishing and continuing with a Christian witness to Saints or Sinners; rather a systematic dismantling of what I knew the Lord’s church structure from the church’s conception to this present new age model in America.  Through subtle manipulation; through the communication of unbiblical ideas, many of our Pastors have been deceived into believing that the former methodologies of biblical church expansion through the proclamation of a biblical thesis taken from the Holy Bible; Preached to the hearts and minds of God’s elect; that church growth is produced.  Strong preaching had once been the trait by which a Pastor was elected in the local church.  The kind of preaching that was totally biblical, historical and a message that led to repentance from sin and a changed lifestyle.  There was a time when our pulpits once was a cherished place of trained minds and purified hearts.  Places where men were afraid not to speak God’s truth.  The true preacher had but one person to fear; and that being God. 

When men attempt to derive ideas that God has not ordained; those men’s work is simply that; “works of their own flesh”.  God’s means of growth has always been a singular one; “Preach The Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove; rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths.”(2nd Timothy 4:2-4)  Tony and men like him; if there is any God left in them need to return to their first love.  Trust me on this one my friends.  Even I can be tricked if I take my mind and heart off of Christ.  Big has never been one of the things that I’ve had to fight.  I am never impressed by large buildings or a lot of stuff.  The only large that I see is the work that God has placed in front of my silly face.  I see large opportunities to produce something for the praise of God’s glory; never for the expansion of my territories.  (A term used by many professing Christians today)  The error of Dr. Evans and men like him is that they have sought for the popularity of the world.  It can come upon us so quickly.  

When God equips a man for ministry that service is towards God alone.  He does not desire to see himself in the picture at all.  He would not place himself out in the area of the popular arena to be seen and heard by the large crowds.  Yesterday in Christian ministry events that drew large crows were few and far in between.  Today; we address the success of a ministry by the number of people that attend and the dollar amount as we weigh the value or worth of the product.  In most cases there is a price to pay by the attendee as the Christian speakers name and rank on the speaking engagement scale drives his price for appearing higher and ever before.  They have web sites that let you know how much these Christian celebrities  are paid.  Any person that calls themselves a man of God and accepts payment as a contract for an engagement must be questioned as to their legitimacy.  What is the logic behind it all in the first place?  What is the price of one Pastor over the other when it comes to proclamation of God’s truth?  What makes the speaking of one of God’s ministers of more benefit than another man of God who proclaims God’s message? 

Can it be said today that a man’s ministry is weighed by the number of people that come to hear him speak, or see him perform?  One’s success as a preacher is no longer weighed by God’s divine estimate of the “word being preached”; rather by the number of people bring reached.  It is not a question as to weather or not God is well pleased with the rendering of Holy Spirit Power and Authority; the challenge is not on the quality of the message by the reaction of the population; those masses of people who gathers in order to be entertained by the special guest speaker.  What is the criterion by which we as Believers are to judge the reception of a given messenger or even his message?  Are we to listen to the book writers; or those that allow the Spirit of God to write on their hearts as they attend to the sins of the attendees?  Are we to wait on the pretty phrases of the speaker to bring about a laugh at the expense of speaking those things that will cause the audience to exit the preaching hall all for the praise of God’s glory?  Have we become so accustomed to inviting people; other Pastor’s on our forum; those whom we know will never present the word of God; but body builders, prosperity speakers soothe Sayers; weepers; those that jerk tears and tell tear jerking stories to appease the madding crowd? 

We can see the very same pattern as men of the so called cloth forfeit the truth of God for the fame of men.  We can detail the events of those false professors when they seat themselves at the chief table to be seen and heard of man.  There is no doubt as to what we see with our own eyes as we witness the success of their children as they become little super stars on the not so far off horizon of Christian success stories.   The same is all around us.  Men like Tony Evans have made there choice.  Fame and success at the expense of their souls.  What is lift of the church dare not speak what I know they see for fear of being offensive. 

It is not of any specific sin that I speak against men like Dr. Tony Evans or Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer.  Rather their compromise of what they claimed they knew to be true.  It is not that I gain pleasure of analyzing their profession of faith that I write this article; rather the audacity of many of my readers refusing to affirm these words for the want of favor from men such as Dr. Evans.  The shame is that saved people could not compromise as he has.  His conference for Pastors has become a joke.  The invitation of Eddie Long, Ken Ulmer, and others of like mind and heart betrays his profession as a just and honorable Pastor.  The refusal of his staff to answer my e-mails which asked certain questions about Dr. Evans statement on “Transdispensationalism” a teaching in his book entitled “Totally Saved” is another indication of evil which wears the cloak of decency.  What could cause a man of this caliber to cash in the chips and go for the gusto; only one thing my friends, he never was touched by God in the first place.  I cannot find within myself to betray all that I know to be true for God forbid this fading world?  The scriptures are clear on this matter as the Apostle John writes;  “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.” (1st John 2:15-16)            

“Help Me To Stand Tall”

By Pastor John E. Coleman Into The Word Radio 

Yes, I know, all of your friends have chosen to walk the indifferent path of compromise.  They having considered all of the ramifications of being true to the text of God’s word made the choice to forfeit what they once said they believed; if they ever believed it at all.  Yes those strange looking friends of yours that attend that strange looking building that once hailed itself as the pillar and ground of truth; now is full of sinners and a strange group of so called believers that no longer have the capability to stand for the things of the Savior, as a matter of fact, there is no longer a cross that identifies that is is a place where Christians meet on a regular basis. 

Please don’t shame me by shedding tears for those that have consciously made that choice to abandon the faith.  Please try not to justify their stance; you shame the name of Jesus if you attempt to justify such behavior.  I want to stand in that great day when the church is called to take their place alongside a Saint that believes.  It will be there that I want so see your tears when both of us pay the ultimate sacrifice for our serving our Savior.  Oh friend; I do understand, I am the kind of Christian that takes it to the next level.  If we (you the reader and me) are the church that the Bible speaks about, we know how the story ends.  You have made your choice, you know what it is all about as you take that stand with me.  In your hear of hearts you know that the time is now at hand when all of the teachings of the scriptures must be justified by how we finish the course. 

Get real with the issues that confront the body of Christ today.  Practically every large organization that proclaims the name of Christ has compromised itself in our nation.  Have you spoken to those so called leaders that justify the making of dollars for the ministry as a means of survival as they communicate those trivial issues that sinners debate constantly?  Have you come to realize that these so called Christians sound just like conservative sinners, as they strive to be more politically than biblically correct?  Have you witnessed these Christians that have hatred in their hearts towards the homosexual community and the abortion clinics cliental which appears to be somewhat of a contradiction if these Christians are supposed to be Christ like?  What is it with these so called Christians that have no love in them; no concern for others and absolutely no intention to reach out to affect the sinner with the love of Christ; what are their lives all about in the first place? 

Are we to love the unsaved only if they respond in like manner to us?  If I were a sinner; I would have nothing to do with these false professors. I would as a sinner realize that there is no love in their hearts but for those of their own belief system.  Can it be said that Christ is like these examples of the major part of the evangelical community that claims to be the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  I’d say no way man!  My Savior is not like that.  He stands tall in me as I take a realistic look at my world.  If I have not loved in ways that reflect Christ, If I have not made myself available to these needy people (sinners is what the bible calls them) then I am nothing.  He stands tall in me as I peer into the eyes of a dying community and desire to bring life to them.  I want to do more than I have done already.  I am not satisfied with being comfortable, full, fed and fattened like a calf ready to be offered on the bed of harlotry.  No, I stand ready for the good fight.  My enemy is not this world.  I know who they are; they prove to me everyday their tactics, their schemes and their manners of life.  No, my friend, they are not the ones’ that cause confusion to my mind; it is those that profess to call themselves Christians, these are the ones that cause me to twitch. 

This strange group of fanatics that make a loud noise as they chase after fame and fortune.  These that only use the term of love (Eros) as they heap stuff upon themselves.  These that seek safety and pleasure as they live for the weekend.  I’ve been guilty of that from time to time; but the Lord always drags me back to reality.  I do not want to be numbered with the fanatics; I want to stand with the soldiers of Christ.  Those who would while facing death stand next to a fearful sinner and grab his or her hand and say; “Stand with me my human friend, a way was made for you and me two thousand years ago by a man that you have heard of.  Jesus can be here with you as He is with me now, don’t cry, death is but a moment away and then we enter eternity.”  At that point, I would pray silently as I gripped their sweet little hand, thanking God for the opportunity to die alongside them.  Being with someone human and knowing that life eternal is real and near and exciting to comprehend.   

The person standing next to me has heard those wonderful words; no tongue speaking, no loud music, no fanfare, just simple language and the courage to stand tall in the face of impending torture and then death.  They look into my eyes and see joy and lowly speaks these words; “Thank you my brother for loving me in such a way that has caused me to speak to Jesus like I’ve never done”.  Then, knowing me I would say; “I love you man, I love you my brother!”  Then we both die. 

Stand tall my brothers and sisters.  This is the whole of our life.  It is not the fame and fortune that this old world promises.  It is standing tall when you come to the final test, to die and speak what you believed from the very foundation of the world.  Anything other than this attitude is vain selfish and worldly.  The longer one is a Christian; the closer he or she arrives at the same destination.    The whole of our life journey with the Savior is to stand tall for him.  We start the journey right now.  Break away from your compromise my friend, for you may be that brother or sister standing next to me tonight.  Pastor John E. Coleman May 2007


“When Christ Is Not Wimpy”                                                   Any serious minded person while looking at the conditions in the inner city community where killings takes place between gang rivalries reign would tell you “Don’t come up in this place with your wimpy Jesus Savior attitude when you talking to me about getting my life together.”   Most of us Christians would turn the other way and say something like; “Hell, let all of them go to hell, this ain’t my bag in the first place.”  Rough language you say?  Pastor John how could you speak like that?  Why; “you are suppose to be a man of God, how vulgar you have become, you must have had some kind of personal problem in that; don’t you know that  you are speaking like you are a part of the community that you have been placed in to save ?”  You want to know something, for real?  If I were a young man out there in those streets; I would not attend church either.  Let me share with you what they see when they look at many of us in the black church today. 

The preachers are riding high like drug dealers themselves in their “Bentleys”.  Don’t get me wrong now.  I drive a nice sports car.  It is five years old but kept up pretty nice.  That is not the point.  Most Pastors do not live in the community that they serve; nor to they live like the people in that community.  They either live in gated private property neighborhoods; sending their children to private schools, colleges and institutions of higher education that secure their not being influenced by the community that their Father is suppose to serve on a weekly basis.  The young black men and women see how the Pastor’s wife fits the fashion plate mentality as she strolls into the building to take her special seat; as she acknowledges the stares with an affirming gesture, a kind of a “and who are these people anyway reaction”, have you seen it before. 

Lets get real with it for a minute; the black church with it’s prosperity agenda is not concerned about the community; as it is about establishing it’s own existence at the expense of an uneducated population that has no idea what the bible (the book used by the pretender Preachers) teachers about anything that relates towards the peoples lives.  Our younger “hip hop” generation see these things and God is yet providing our offspring with brains; this young generation can count you know.  They can also see through the veneer of pretense in the organized establishment of a worthless body of so called believers that have no idea what they ought to do in order to save what is left of our inner city black communities. 

As you continue to read this, I want you to know that I love the black church, I am speaking to those of you like me who also love it as well as the community that is dying spiritually all around us.  So; I’ve identified that today’s prosperity seekers are not the answer for the redemption of our community; so where does the redemption come from.  Come on now; don’t give me the same of line that I’ve been hearing from the so called evangelical corners about sharing the gospel.  WHAT?  Just think about that statement; Sharing the Gospel!   Let me give a few suggestions lest you get carried away with worthless speech. 

Get to know the people that live on your street personally:  For the sake of God; go up to your neighbors and smile and introduce yourself to them.  Ask them if they could use some lawn furniture that you no longer need.  If you have some stuff that you no longer use; are you willing to give it away in the place of having that yard sale?  Just give it up for nothing!  That young man struggling down on the end of the black that is staying in the back house may need some pants or clothing and your son moved out and all of that stuff would serve the young man better then your keeping it until he comes back from the war.  Have a cooking party for your young sisters on the block.  Invite a few of the young women in your homes (ladies only)  and cook up some special dishes and share with them that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomachs, as opposed to sexing him up. 

Don’t zip by businesses in the hood in order to avoid contact with the people you live around:  We do it all of the time in the hood.  We will drive all the way to the other end of town in order to buy something at about the same cost but we would not even bother to give the brother the business.  This is nothing less than self hatred, I see it all of the time and I am ashamed when I find myself doing the same thing.

If you have a business, hire that young man that has that felony on his record, give him a chance to recover and show him that you trust him:  Now listen and listen good.  If you do not trust him, don’t play the pretender; keep in mind, these young people see through all of our lies.  In this scenario that I’m building, you have really got to love the young man and desire him to see the benefit of hard work and reward.  And in most cases if you really take the time, it is going to cost your something, are you willing to count that cost and pay it also?

STOP PREACHING ALL OF THE TIME TO THESE PEOPLE!  Listen to the Pastor for a quick moment.  All of that rhetoric that you have been taught about having to share a scripture lessons giving the opportunity for the Lord to work; most people that I know want to see a genuine example of kindness, patience, non judgmental attitudes.  Who but us to manifest this if Christ has really done something in our hearts?  Keep in mind that you would not want someone to keep bringing up your sins; at least I wouldn’t.  “I would tell you to get up out of my face with all of that stuff”.  Don’t get offended when people let you know where they are.  Respect them for their honesty, then take it to heart.

Hug a brother the way his street brothers would:  If you do not know what I’m talking about, you need to give me a call.  You see; that is the problem.  Most Christians are selfish, self centered, all clustered in church affiliation and such that they have no idea how to become connected with someone on a human level outside of their close encounters with the churchy kind.  Listen people; most people just want to be listened to and understood.  Most people are lonely and require another human to feel them in particular areas of their lives.  It boils down to just taking the time and saying; “I feel you brother, I really do”. . . Then when he tears us; you cry with him, just to let him know that you are understanding.  You think most of us in the church would do that?  Heck no!  Our reaction would be; “I don’t know those people.” 

I don’t want to feel like there is nothing that I can do for the people in my hood, in my community.  I do not believe that Jesus is a wimp.  I am sickened when I see what many in the church have portrayed Jesus’ life as.  He was not this off to the side dude that only spoke in riddles, or promised that life was going to be “fish and chips”.  No, He is not like that.  He is a man’s kind of manHe is not afraid of touching people where they are.  If He were here in person; He would do well in the inner cities where people hurt.  He would be out on the streets where the drug dealers are.  He would be in the clubs where people show up just to dance and to have a little fun to rid themselves of the frustration of city life; trying to make ends meet.  Jesus Is No Wimp; My brothers and sisters, He knows where every soul is and He knows just where to meet them. 

What He desires of us is to allow Him to work through our lives.  We need to allow Him the freedom to walk in us as we confront those in our inner cities, in the country, out on the battle fields where ever they may be.  But look at us.  We want to lock up our young people in freshly made prisons.  We want to force feed them drugs to keep them sedated especially young black males, they are a breed of culprits that have just gotten out of control right?  We know that they (our young people) are having sex with each other, but the sad fact is that when they were living with us we never hugged them or showed them any kind of parental affection.  Most in the organized church just hurl accusations at the “Hip Hop” generation; but will we desire to feel their pain and disappointments?  I challenge, No I dare you. . . to allow the real Jesus to live through you today.  He will place you right in front of that person that requires your live in theirs.  A real human being that requires your substance, time, energy and life.  I’ve taken the dare and am enjoying my journey as I walk to the cleaners and greet the young men in my hood.  I love the smell of the people, the neighborhood the culture right where God has placed me.  I want to be a real soldier for my commander Christ; why, cause He Ain’t Got No Wimps In The House!    Pastor John E. Coleman  My Post For April 2007 

“What Do You Expect?” 

Day after day the scene of American Christianity is changing.  There was a time when many Christians understood that the absolute biblical teachings concerning God, Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit were to be accepted taught and never challenged.  There was a time when my Christian commentary would never be questioned by those serious minded Pastors of the word.  It appears that there is nothing sacred during these times of pragmatic change in the church with her uncertainty and ambiguous behavior.  How do we cope with such behavior?  Can there really be  a level of trust in theology that each of us might be certain about our faith?  Let me suggest these simple solutions. 

(1)   Know God for yourself:  I constantly come into contact with those who profess to be Christian that cannot define their relationship with Jesus Christ.  I may ask them what was the impactful statement that Christ made to them upon their inception to being a child of God.  Most people I pose this question to have no idea what I’m talking about.  Have you taken a time out and attempted to ask yourself that question?

(2)   Practice the habit of defining theology by means of strict biblical exegesis: There has never been a time in the history of the church when we must be called upon to define ourselves by the defining aspect of the biblical interpretation.  Even though this takes a little more study or insight into searching out certain texts must become an obligation on the behalf of every Christian who is called by the name of Christ.

(3)   Practice the Christian life for yourself: Always do your Christian faith in the solo lane.  Realize that you never require a partner to assist you in living for Christ.  If you have a bible and are pretty literate in understanding of the language, allow your theological knowledge to blossom as you grow in your individual sanctification.  Keep in the forefront of your mind that you are never required to have someone else to dictate your faith to you.  Please attempt to keep in mind that this also includes pastor’s spiritual advisors or anyone that you have given the title of expert to.  You are to become the expert in matters of spiritual development.

(4)   Yield to the Holy Spirit every day of your life: Try not to allow a day to pass without your have communion with God through the working of the Spirit in your life.  You will find that this is essential if you are to be sensitive to His leading as you daily read the scriptures.  Keep in mind that thee also has to be some kind of intelligent defining of the meaning of the text in order for you to have a full and clear understanding.

(5)   Look forward to the extension of Kingdom living: The natural and normal production of this kind of independent Christian commitment is the production of what we call “fruit”.  While living this way without interference from anyone or anything outside of what God would have for your individual life; look forward to a meaningful harvest of the sanctified Christian life. 

(6) Be willing to give up your life for Christ: I realize that in many of our Christian experiences we do not desire to think like this.  It is un-natural to think on these terms; but we are Christians.  We are not locked into the world system of desiring to never die.  The American experience is one of self indulgence; even in the life of many professing Christians.  If we are not willing to life for Christ, what makes you think that you would dare to die for the retaining of His name?

(7) Never compromise what you know to be true:  The problem with Christianity today is blatant compromise.  Fear of not being accepted by others; rejection of the status, and outright distain for the teachings that one once believed in.  Today's faithful are those few that can be counted and depended upon to stand firm in the face of danger disappointment and  ridicule. 

(8) Investigate your personal world view next to an open bible:  Try as you will, you cannot escape the reality that you are not in charge of your own destiny.  There is a far higher power than that of human thought and reasoning.  If after your search you come to the conclusion that God is not fair in His dealings with us humans; you really need to consider the word of God as the authoritative guideline.

(9) Figure truth out from the biblical perspective for yourself:  Know that there is only one interpretation of the truth of the scriptures in all of it's pages.  The bible is not a book of various (many) meanings.  In other words; there is not one meaning here and another there.  We must not attempt to interpret the bible based upon what we think it ought to say (especially as it has to do with genders).  We come to the text and discover within the original context of the language what God is saying; then we align ourselves to that and that alone and then we live what we know to be true only after much consideration of the proper exposition of the word that we have come to decipher.  If it (our research) is not done in this fashion; we have not clearly defined the meaning of the divine text.  If someone comes up with a meaning far different than the one that the original text implies; they are all liars and tricksters.  This is the attitude of the true exegete (that which you are becoming day by day).  He or she becomes the person that knows for themselves.  Never seek to know simply because your Pastor says it.  He may be a pimp.  (LOL)  In most cases if he is living high on the hog; like the pig that he is; he is a pimp. I am not name calling; these guys will stop at nothing to destroy the Lord's church.  They care not for your souls.  Even though I speak of them in this manner, I love them.  I would pray that they would repent and come to know the truth.  As long as they continue to do you the way they do you, I shall continue to speak out against them.

       (10) Think for yourself: Now They have found the bones of Jesus Christ!   I know it is crazy; but I      teach in a secular college; and if they would believe it; who else would.  I believe that our faith must be built upon the sure foundation of the scriptures.  They and then only will the church stand and never be moved when this foolishness appears on the scenes of our life.  Everyday the situation grows more disturbing. 

If you bust simply trust me by applying these easy steps; you will experience the growth that the Lord would have of your life without all of the trappings of religion which has so handicapped many in the real body of Christ.  I am not asking you to try these essentials; I am begging that you start to live an independent Christian experience. 

We do not require a Pastor Teacher for the rest of our Christian experience.  If we are all living up to the standard; would not find ourselves in the predicament we now face in the life of American Christianity.  Many have focused on certain men in order to follow; emulate or duplicate.  In doing such; we have forsaken the call of God in our lives.  What is it that each of us expect as we live for Christ; and how do we arrive at those expectations?            Pastor John E. Coleman  October 2006     

"When I'm No Longer Needed"

Will the day ever come that those church members that flock week after week to that building to listen to their Pastors present messages themes and biblical maxims no longer require his service?  As a matter of fact is that not the idea that God had in mind in the first place; think of it for a moment.  A time in the history of the organized church when it's member are so educated enough that they no longer need to attend a worship service.  If they were to come to a time and place in their lives when they no longer required the services of a local church Pastor.  When their spirituality reach a level that they know how to work through every issue in their lives from simply taking the lessons of the bible and living them out for themselves.  Do you think it was in the mind of God to have Pastors saying the same things over and over again to a group of people that would never be able to come to the point of growing and maturing in their faith?  I like the idea of being among a group of Saints that were so biblically literate that they no longer would require my Pastoral services.  Wait a minute you may say; "That would put you out of a job; you would have to get a regular job like an ordinary person John!  Right!  You hit the nail right on the head.  But the greater fact and reality is that this will probably never take place.  The church today is not getting better.  Most of it members look forward to another minstrel show; some quaint words to think about and then to return to their fantasy life.  Am I telling the truth or what?  Have you ever read Ezekiel 33:30-33 "But as for you, son of man, your fellow citizens who talk about you by the walls and in the doorways of the houses, speak to one another, each to his brother, saying, Come now, and hear what the message is which comes forth from the Lord.  And they come to you as people come, and they sit before you as My people, and hear your words, but they do not do them, for they do the lustful desires expressed by their mouth, and their heart goes after their gain.  And behold, you are to them like a sensual song song by one who has a beautiful voice and plays well on an instrument; for they hear your words, but they do not practice them.  So when it comes to pass, as surely as it will, then they will know that a prophet has been in their midst."  Oh my friends, as I stated above; I will always have the job of Pastor.  The prophet stated the case better than anyone ever could.   Pastor John E. Coleman September, 2006 

Breeding Contempt

Just think of it for a minute.  You go to a club filled with people that attend an engagement in order to hear the most outrageous language in order to “get a laugh”.    Oh Lord; help me get my laugh on.  Oh, Pastor John, there is nothing wrong with us going out on the town to listen to human depravity at its best and then the paying for it to be slung in our faces.  “Come on John you need to get out and have a little fun!” .  Just think of it for a minute with me here.  I go into the comedy club, buy my drink, sat down and the fool on the stage picks a person out in the club to mock.  WHAT?  I’m paying for somebody to mock me; I guess so; I’m just so lonely for a laugh, right?.  I sip on my brew and then it starts.  I’m just so void of human joy that I pay in order to have my humanity torn apart right in front of me in living color by some stand up fool. 

In the back of the room a couple of depraved mockers that seem to prodding the joker gets to the best of him in the worst way (literally they get under the mockers skin).  The audience is laughing more at the clowns in the audience then at the fool that they are paying to make them laugh, (Only In Hollywood).  The fool on the stage can’t take it any longer and begins to allow his humanity spew out of his mouth in racial vulgarity,  Satan’s spirit is hot in the room now, You can almost see Him boasting by saying “I got em now”!.  All of the human biases that ever was placed in the stage clowns heart now flows like a river as a spew of filthy language concerning the racial make up of the two hecklers materialize in language that has been outlawed in a decent society.  What racial slurs that once raged against blacks, this human hatred that has reigned supreme in this country for generations now manifest itself in the comedy club, and there I am trying to get my laugh on? 

The audience is viewing in shock when in reality this is what they paid to really come to see; in essence; Satan gave them their money’s worth; and oh boy did they get it.  In droves they exit the place; knowing what will result of such behavior.  There is something yet sane left in them as they leave the club saying to one another; “Hey man, somebody is about to die up in here and I do not want to be a part of it”.  Every week in this country and all over the world; these places open themselves to the wiles of Satan under the guise of entertainment, laughter, and fun.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, every ticket paying customer got their fill of what they came to see.  Reality in black and white; racial ambiguity in a liberal bastion of hypocrisy in Homosexual North Hollywood California, my part of the country and I’m not surprised that it happened. 

The truth is, there is nothing funny about comedy clubs.  Either they spew nasty sexual jokes laced with inhumane defecations towards persons of all racial genders which is mockery against God’s creation of humans.  These places make light of the creation and openly mocks God and all that is decent.  I have never attended such a place, but the latest news of one man’s heart being opened to lash out at two others men’s depravity makes for racial hatred that is alive and well in good old USA.  Now to really bring it home; have you heard that Christians have there own kind of comedy club; where in churches and auditoriums people fill the place to laugh at what they now call clean jokes;  There is no such think with God; a joke is mockery.  It is seen as nothing less than mockery of His person as well as His creation.  We as Believers ought have nothing to do with such sin and shame.  There is no justification for a so called Christian comedian.  WHAT!  See; it does not register correctly on my brain, does it register in yours?  This kind of activity only Breeds More Contempt Towards God Purpose For Our Lives.  Christians, let us come out from among them and be ye separate.  I was thinking; were there Christians in the room?  I would love to hear from some of you on this.  Thanks!  Pastor John E. Coleman  November 22, 2006

Erasing God

"Christianity began as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When it went to Athens it became a philosophy. When it went to Rome, it became an organization. When it went to Europe, it became a culture. When it came to America, it became a Business".   Sent to me by a good brother:

We would never admit that many Christians attempt to erase Him from their lives from time to time.  God makes us think too much about what is going on in our personal lives.  (He turns on the spotlight of sin directly on us)  He has a way of blocking our pleasure zone when we desire to dive into the pool of depravity.  He interferes with our intensity and draws us into ambiguity. (As we look for ways of new escape from the all seeing eye)  We find ourselves torn between loyalty to Him or to this fading world.  It is during times like these that our faith needs to be strengthened.  Lying in bed and staring up into the ceiling and starting to weep before Him is an indication that we require more of His saving grace.  Thinking of his sweet relationship with us far outweighs the pain of attempting to erase His influence in our lives.  The result of this erasure in the believer is depression; a deep lingering pain of angering God. 

There is a reality within us as Christians for the need of God to control our lives.  We cannot escape that His necessity far outweighs our temporary insanity of love for this world.  Erasing God is nothing less than escaping Him.  Our desire to run for shadows in the deep darkness of the night alone in our personal misery and dismay.  Plunging far deeper into ourselves from which He came to redeem us.  Our plight appears to be that which speaks of insanity and departure from all known reality.  Those moments of reflecting without Him suddenly drives us back into His arms again. 

Being apart from Him for any amount of time only reminds us of our greater need of His person.  We are Christians.  We are living during an age that finds the church is relishing in this erasing mode.  Not only does it appear that a lot of bodies in the body are attempting to find that zone; many of us have found it and also found a refreshment of soul only to find that we have been deceived by our enemy of eternal life; Satan.  He has foiled our attempt to please the most high.  We realize what the solution is; it is simply retreat into the arms of our loving Savior.  Christ satisfies our longings.  He is our sustainer of all things.  He is the answer and shall always be that to each of us.  We have but one choice; fall into His arms of grace and love.  Instead of our erasing God; there will be a deep engraving of His will in our consciences as we objectively seek repentance and further guidance as we live out His life in us.  Pastor John E. Coleman November 15, 2006


Books have been written explaining the purpose of the Lord’s church on earth during this church age.  But what do we read in the news all of the time about is?  We read of fights between denominations; we find ourselves arguing about homosexuals when the bible has already spoken on the issue.  We now have built a statue to a man named Graham first name Billy who has denied the teachings of the scriptures; we have lost our literal minds.  We are divided on political issues; now it seems that we have no party to support for none really carried our agenda (which was suppose to be bible all of the way) in the first place of loving the Lord with all of our souls.  We are biting and scrapping for space to hold our meetings; spending hundreds of millions of dollars, as we have made church big business. Meeting in humble homes and holding on to your money would be a better call from the Lord.  His heart is not in our subjecting ourselves to the Pastor’s egotistic visions. 

Accusations abound as the true Pastor’s now must look for work outside of preaching and teaching; in that the church or those that claim to be such demand newer interpretations which brings a blush to the face of the Savior.  The true Christian must tire of this mess that the so called church has become.  We must not turn away from the inconsistencies of lives which demand literal interpretations of the Christian’s behavior.  We must no longer feign the Christian life as does the modern comic which makes a just of life itself.  Have we as Christians become so much like the unsaved world that we now require the spirit of this age as our guide to life; what comedy in the church? 

The Lord brings accusation against those that call themselves His flock.  He accuses us of  several offences; let me name a few; and by no means am I suggesting that I am guiltless of some of these accusations.  Please bear with me as I speak my heart; my mind is filled with so much these days as I offer prayer for forgiveness.  (1) Our lacking the ability to go to Him alone for significance and purpose.  It appears that Jesus just is not good enough to take care of this old world that He has created.  (2) Our drive to get more of this worlds stuff for our own selfish consumption.  We promote the going to war to get more for our own silly lifestyle.  (3) Our distaste for the word of God as it directs our inner and outward lives.  This is why we have all of these new translations which only cause more confusion to God’s people.  (4) Our lustful drives for sex and pleasure on a level that brings utter disgrace to the church.  Don’t play with me on this one.  I see the way we ("I") look at things from time to time.  (5) Our motivated egotistical approach to be like this lost sinful world.  We know more about the sinful world then we do about the word of God.  (6) Our not being able to see how far we have drifted from biblical precepts.  We have just placed the blinders over our eyes, then we are happy when the lights are out.  (7) Our laying aside a belief in Heaven and Hell, for if we still retained it; we would speak of it at least one a day in our lives.  We have opted to this new age system of foolishness by even quoting them in our community; Opera wins the days these days.  (8) Our braggadocios disposition as we boast concerning our financial or social status.  We desire others to see the way that we live.  It is not that God has blessed us; we boast in what we’ve done.  (9) Our neglectful attitude towards a God that we no longer require in that we have replaced Him with our messy lives; Oh Jesus forgive me Master; forgive me for my mess too!  (10) Our inability to worship God correctly in Holiness and genuine praise in whatever condition we find ourselves facing.  Our worship appears to be a stage show; lights camera and ACTION!  (11) Our hatred for all of God’s creation; those of different cultures; races, classes, our turned up nose attitude; Oh Lord, you know we have arrived!  Don’t let someone of another color walk into the sanctuary of God, watch the heads turn.  (12) Our petty jealousies and hating disposition in the name of Jesus?  Some of you only come to this site to hate me, all of the time, why?  I love all of you so much.  (13)  Our blatant abuse of the word of God.  Jeremiah 25:5-11  (14) Our affirming Pimps in the place of Pastors that love the word of God.  We have placed people in charge of our lives that know not God and we appear to be so happy with this messy system that we have allowed.  (15) Our lack of knowledge of what the Bible actually teaches about Christianity.  This is an ignorant age that we live in and God realizes this as He chides us.  (16) Lastly our refusal to repent on any of the accusation in the face of God’s soon coming judgment.  Bow with me right now Church, come on people; God is not going to put up with this messy life we have been living.  You know it and I know it too.  We need to seek a life of divine holiness.  Will you bless the Lord with me right now, will you repent of all of the mess in our lives.  Allow these few minutes that space that God will sanctify as he cleanses us from all that hinders our living for the praise of His glory.  Come on; each of you as readers know what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about what was on your mind last night; come on now; I’m talking about the things that you and I can’t tell nobody; God know, and He wants to hear from each of us today.  Come on now; He has an accusation against each of us as Christians!  Lets get real with it!  Pastor John E. Coleman June 2006  

"Preaching But Ain't Nobody Listening"

One of the most difficult times in the life of the man of God is right after he preaches from the pages of the scriptures.  While he concludes the prayer that the Lord will make the words a doable event in the lives of the listeners, he is thinking about how they will receive the message of the Lord.  You see; if the Pastor is truthful with himself; he really knows that most people in the room will leave the place without being changed at all.  It is like I’m preaching at times to an empty room.  The message seems to be so severe that no sane person in this modern age would take the time to apply these eternal sayings to their hearts.  One would suspect that if the word is being preached in the power of the Holy Spirit to the Children Of God that there would be changed lives in every person who is called by the name Christian.  There was a time when in this America when one might hope that people would get better in their relationship with the Savior; but the age of indifference has come upon our generation.  We now live in a day and age when post modern thought has overrun the church.  Our worship communities have been taken over by the entertainment gurus.  Those individuals that have exchanged the hard and difficult words of the scriptures for a good time happy feeling congregation that needs a place to jump and shout off all of their tensions.  Our men and women; these so called leaders in the church have joined in this fiasco of trickery in order to raise another offering; to suppress God’s people from hearing the truth of God which states that He (God) is ticked off, ready to smash and condemn. 

God will not be mocked people, listen to this pastor; to the one that wrote this piece.  Some of you have come to this site in order to listen to the truth of the gospel; simply because you can no longer hear it in its fullness these days.  Ministers of the bible now speak of love and acceptance of all religions; they speak of peace and reconciliation of all faiths.  Jesus has become the spoiler who clearly upsets the status quotient.  When the preacher speaks from an all authoritative book that demands obedience out of the lives of those that profess to be His; this man (that preacher) is branded as a person that is having difficulties conforming to the standards of “clergy”.  He is also banished from the Pastor’s meetings and gatherings simply because of his refusal to compromise his message; or the Christ that he serves. 

“Lord, they are no longer listening.  They desire a strange kind of message; one that affirms everything that is in agreement with what they say and do.  If I will not compromise; they compromise themselves in order to gain sinners in exchange for saints. They raise up lecturers that speaks of things that have nothing to do with pleasing you.  Now Lord; they charge a price and provide select seating for those ministers and their wives especially when they affirm the same teachings.  Lord; how much longer must I appear to be the fool of the ages?  Why can’t I join the company of men and now women who are the most popular in the church.  Lord; I would love to appear on TBN to present your word.  Oh if you would just give me an opportunity to do my stuff in living color.  I’ve watched them Lord; all of them are cheap armatures compared to the power that you infuse me with; only to preach to empty chairs Lord, is that all that I am worth to you Lord?  In the first place; “Aint No Body Listening” anyway!  How about it Jesus; maybe you did have a wife; the other pastors are begging their people to go see the “Da Code Movie!”  And the beat goes on and on and on. 

Oh no you don’t . . . I’ll never let you get away with thinking that I would really speak unto my Lord like that.  Pastor John E. Coleman will never make a public statement of shame as the above paragraph.  You can come to this site and listen daily to some of the most difficult sermons you have ever listen to in your entire life.  I shall remain steadfast, hard; and difficult to listen to as I speak of danger and judgment in your faces until I die.  You will thank me in heaven if you continue to listen and take in God’s truth.  If you have already succumbed to the rhetoric of these new age pimps behind the pulpit; you of all persons need to come to the site everyday and listen to the word of God, why; that He might instruct you through the means that He has ordained through my life.  No; my reward will not be here in this life.  My reward is to be laughed at; scorned and made an example of a freak that will never come to know what many other so called men of the cloth have come to know.  Oh, they are so right.  I would never want to come to know what they have learned from Satan.  I shall never turn from the Lord and embrace this foolishness which has taken our inner city; rural, urban churches to the very pit of a living hell.  Lord help us; now we are worshipping money and prosperity; you’ve got to be kidding me? 

I shall end this piece by saying and making it very clear.  If you are a person that will not accept the teachings of the scriptures which clearly teach that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and God Himself; and in rejecting him in the place that God the Father has ordained; He and only He; you are headed for a burning hell for the rest of eternity when you die.  There is no other way in which any person on this planet will get to heaven; it is not by works, how much you pray, pay and sway; if you do not know the man Jesus in relationship through obedience to His word; His will and His ways, you are not saved and headed for a burning hell.  Now, why you think; those seats in the picture are empty?  Pastor John E. Coleman 6-12-06

“Daddy 2006 Style” 

Good dads are not hard to find.  Many of them reside right next door to you.  The guys that I see from day to day, the dads that you know personally; these are the ones of whom I speak.  These are the guys that struggle just like you do.  Not the television personalities. They come home everyday after seeking gainful employment and cry and suffer as they strive to be the best of fathers.  All of them are not as smart as God would have them, but the ones that I know show up to worship God week after week in the midst of their struggle.  The daddy’s that I know are not perfect.  They have just as I do a life full of difficulties.  They make mistakes, go off from time to time; but they love their sons, really they do, it may appear that they don’t from time to time.  Are you feeling me on this issue of fathers thus far?  Lets discuss some of the obstacles that fathers have as they raise their son’s and daughters.  Lets attempt to do it in a form that speaks of necessity.

(1)   These fathers must teach them (their sons) survival tactics while living in their urban setting (the mean cities in a country that is ever changing).

(2)   These fathers must suggest to their children that they have to strive to succeed in this society in that there are certain odds that face them as black people.

(3)   There fathers must teach their sons that things will be different for them; not by any choice of their own but by virtue of the stigma that is common in people of our community.

(4)   These fathers must teach their sons to pray to God on a daily basis; why, simply cause “ain’t nobody caring” these days.

(5)   These fathers must teach their children to be faithful and loyal to their families and neighbors and if they are sons especially to black women who need to experience appropriate behavior on every level within future relationships.

(6)   These fathers must engage in development of their son’s mental state; society is working to destroy their ability to last the day.

(7)   These fathers must lead the way in fighting the urge to do drugs which have become an escape from not being able to cope with the day to day failures that they will face.

(8)   There fathers must leave the example of what a good daddy always looks like in every phase of their lives.

(9)   These fathers must share the value of the Holy Scriptures with their sons (and daughters) for they require a higher power that will be able to carry them through this most difficult life while they survive and sustain themselves.

Oh my friends, the list could go on and on.  Will you pray for the fathers of our sons and daughters.  This coming Father’s Day is special to me.  My son in the ministry is in a far away country.  I am praying that all of the lessons that I shared with him influence his every action for survival; that he may return home to his family friends and his father.  May our Heavenly Father guide and protect these men that raise children; (sons in particular) for it is in the spiritual leadership of men in our community that success is wrought.  I am not speaking negative about the assistance of the female in the rearing of young boys; but simply put; young men need fathers to take control of their natural tendencies at becoming a man.  Successful ethnic societies has as a core of its framework a strong and vital father son relationship.  My community requires this same component; and it begins when we lift up the fathers to God.  These are the kinds of men that our Lord would sustain as successful.  Men, men filled with the Holy Spirit speaking those traditional themes that once made for a strong black community.  Not religious or political themes but themes that bespeak Godliness and integrity.           Pastor John E. Coleman June 2, 2006

Others Have Written On The Issue Of The Importance Of Men

In an article written by Mark Alexander in 2005 he writes; "The Grande Dame of the so-called "women's movement," Gloria Steinem, once declared, "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd's forthcoming book, "Are Men Necessary?" is the latest manifestation of the man-hater movement."                                                      "Maturity does not come with age, but with the accepting of responsibility for one's actions," writes Dr. Edwin Cole. "The lack of effective, functioning fathers is the root cause of America's social, economic and spiritual crises."                                                                                       Founder John Adams understood well: "The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families.... How is it possible that Children can have any just Sense of the sacred Obligations of Morality or Religion if, from their earliest Infancy, they learn their Mothers live in habitual Infidelity to their fathers, and their fathers in as constant Infidelity to their Mothers?" Abigail Adams wrote, "What is it that affectionate parents require of their Children; for all their care, anxiety, and toil on their accounts? Only that they would be wise and virtuous, Benevolent and kind."                      On Father's Day, we should, indeed, pay tribute to the irreplaceable institution of fatherhood -- and the importance of a father's love, discipline, support and protection for his children. On this and every other day, those of us who are fathers should encourage other fathers to be accountable for their children. There is much that can be done for the fatherless -- mentoring through Boy Scouting, coaching little-league sports, teaching in Sunday school, becoming a school tutor, and volunteering to work with high-risk kids through an inner-city ministry, to name just a few.         Now I thought that I'd place the last quote up because his words are true; even if you do not believe the man.  "A special bond exists between a father and his children. On Father's Day, we recognize the important role fathers play in the American family, and we honor them for their strength, love, and commitment. A father's words and actions are critical in shaping the character of his children. A father's love helps teach them right from wrong, explains to them the consequences of bad decisions, and strengthens them with encouragement. We honor our fathers on this [Father's Day and] express our heartfelt appreciation for their leadership, support, and protection for their children and families. We particularly recognize the many fathers who are far from home, serving our Nation and defending the cause of freedom around the world."                   President George W. Bush   Happy Father's Day!!!

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T My response to Bill Cosby's Speech At Spelman  No sister; you are not going to make it alone, not in this life!  No sister; you are not in charge of your life without the male to enhance you.  No sister I do not believe that.  No sister; I do not have millions to flow into your bank account, or into your place of education.  No sister I will not make excuses for what many of your mothers and absentee fathers did to the community, and maybe even to you.  No sister no!  You have a world to face alone without that good man?  No sisters; you not only need God, you also need a man that God has created for you.  Now lets get to the yes aspect of this piece.  Yes sisters you do need a man.  Just check out the Lesbian community in the hood these days.  How many of your sisters have more girlfriends than a good looking man?  You see the good men out here only requires a little respect.  If I were invited to speak at your graduation exercise; I would tell you that will need that strong man at your side; yes he is out there; you just have to look deeper into society and turn that media finder off.  Yes; God is still in the business of making that male partner for you; but you have to first come to the point of respecting him in every area of your live as well as his!  You cannot depend upon that degree to do it all for you.  God has that man out there and he may even be in jail right now getting his mind together, re-thinking his madness. 

Yes sister; you know in your heart that you require that man to lead you as you go through this life.  You have listened to in some cases your mother who has been bitter simply because she had to raise you.  Yes; I’m aware that the male has abandoned his responsibility to lead and to care for the family.  Yes I am aware that the drug problems and the sexual promiscuity is reaping aids all over the place; not discounting the male on male sex between the young men in the population.  Yes sisters to all of that; but what you gonna do sisters; have you thrown in the towel?  Yes; I’m asking you some serious questions!  Now; take your degrees and all of the accolades that you are somebody and answer this one; what about those brothers? 

They need some respect too.  They can’t get employment simply because they have that record; incarceration.  The lack of daddy in their lives have branded them as persons with no future.  I know it, I read about it all of the time; but I ain’t giving up on em.  (I’m aware that this is not the proper language to speak to you educated sisters)  I’m just trying to be real here.  Never; again I say; never listen to a millionaire speak to you about leading who has a questionable track record himself.  Oh heck no; lets not get it twisted.  He may have given millions to your institutions of learning but has he given himself to go to the prisons where the “70” of the brothers are located?  It does not appear that Mr. Cosby has the guts to go there and make the same kind of speeches.  You see, a brother knows when he is really loved, especially by another brother.  Wait a minute; lets get the record right here, is Mr. Cosby lead by the spirit of God in what he says?  Would the Lord make such speeches during difficult times for a people or culture?  I don’t think so.  Sisters listen up and listen up good.  Some of you have brothers that are trying to make it.  Struggling to overcome in surpassing obstacles; you’ve heard them cry out to your parents after they have tried and almost died to make it happen.  Some of you sisters have seen good men just give up all together while watching their dreams shatter in the wind; and where was their ladies; was she standing by his side giving him respect?  I cannot believe what I’m reading these days.  We have become so selfish and arrogant in our dispositions as we cast aside the love of a male for the degree and the acclaim of money and the start of a new kind of twisted family in our communities; a family without a man?  Sisters; will you stand with me and give respect to the brothers?  For those of you brothers that know sisters like that; you need to affirm this with me.  For those of you brothers that have the Holy Spirit of God in your hears; you know the pain that I’m talking about.   I do not have millions of dollars.  I am not invited to speak in any of our black graduation ceremonies; although I do know some things, life has taught me many lessons.  I know the pain of being denied a place in society after working hard to be recognized.  I know how it is even to look to others brothers for affirmation only to be cast aside and kicked in the behind repeatedly.  Oh I know that kind of pain.  Don’t be so hard on the brothers sisters; you need to feel that pain, that rejection, that heartbreak when he can’t make it work for his family.  I was blessed enough to have a good women to encourage me to succeed during difficult times; most  brothers don’t. 

Now my graduating sisters with the degrees and job market options in your hands; I have a challenge for you.  When you come into contact with that black male that you know you love; are you going to give him the respect that he deserves.  Oh no; don’t come at me with all of the educated rhetoric; I’ve earned my Masters degree; but it means nothing if I get it twisted. (You are NOT reading from an ignorant black man)  Sisters, you need to forgo this story that Mr. Cosby gave and get into the book of respect; God’s word and learn how to submit in the biblical fashion.  Nothing is going to get better between us as men and women until that factor works it’s way out in both of our lives.  If you are angry at me for this piece; I rest my case.  See; I can’t even get no respect when I speak up for the good brothers that are out here in the struggle.  Cut is out sisters.  Within a few days; you will need that good man.  And the more you neglect this issue of respecting him; you will continue to write your books about going to the “white man”  what ever that implies; for your repose and emotional satisfaction.  (No offence to my white brothers out there; but there are many black men that require the love of many of these sisters these days)  I would love to read some respectful comments from you sisters out there that find it easy to dog the brothers so much.  One more thing and then I shall let you go.  I am aware of the pain that many of these brothers cause the sisters.  That is where my job comes in.  I’d love to be their daddy; telling them that they ought to respect you lovely sisters.  You see; each of us have a job to do.  I think that the graduation speech by Mr. Cosby at Spelman was a bit too much for this black man. Pastor John May 15, 2006

Doing All The Right Things Wrong

The Death Of The "Vett"

 Listen in on Friday's Web Cast To Me Comment On The L.A. Times Article of 2-17-06  The demise of the Olivet Baptist Church is just one story of how pride and people never mix in a biblical frame of reference.  When one has a vision to bring total bible into a traditional black church; there is bound to be a disaster.  It is not fair to look back in hindsight and comment about something of which I was a part of without all sides speaking; but I will say that when I analyze God’s role in the whole mess of church folk; God has never left himself without a witness.  As for my part; I can only say that I am now happy that I left the sinking ship when I did. 

I have never looked at being a pastor as some prideful role in which I was in charge of brick and wood.  Materialism has never been real good friends with me.  I’ve always worked hard at everything that I do, just as I do on this site; as well as in the fellowship I now lead.  I’ve never looked at the church as a piece of property from which I might gain an objective in order to “make my thing work”.  The more I look at church folk; and the ways in which they engage in these forms of Christianity I am amazed at the total foolishness that proceeds from their mouths when you place a camera or a dollar in front of their faces. 

I am also amazed at how other attempt to sustain another man’s work and take credit for building something that was dead before they entered into the picture.  (Reference to Olivet’s new leadership; (you know me, I do not bite my tongue)  The real shame lies in the stubbornness of hearts when it comes to analyzing a ministry that was off and flying in the right direction to only see it self destruct through pride; greed, and jealously which are prominent characteristics found deep within many black churches. (even in the one that I lead)   

When someone dies; we read on the top of their tombstone; “rest in peace”, but in this case there will never be rest until everyone involved in tearing the “Vett” down comes forth and tells the right story.  It was not one single act that tore a great ministry up; but many factors.  The most important one was that of leadership.  The Sr. Pastor’s role was set and fixed; my focus was a determined one.  To love the people and demonstrate how this life in Christ could bring a worship community of all races, classes and cultures in the inner city into a biblical mindset which would produce growth just as in the first century; there was never any other intention in my mind while I was placed over it’s leadership.  I might add it was a slow growth in numbers and had actualized itself by virtue that people from all over the city was responding to the truth of God’s word. 

There is an old saying that I would like to use here as I throw the last shovel of dirt on the grave site of the “Vett” which is now dead; “You can take the horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.”  If I had taken under consideration that old adage; I would have left long before the final debacle.  I must admit though; Olivet was just as much a part of my dream as any other Pastor would hope.  The dream had sown within it’s lining the wicked “human stain” which always demonstrates at the last our Doing All The Right Things Wrong.  Pastor John E. Coleman 2-18-06

“Working In The Solo Lane” 

Don’t listen to those others that will tell you that you cannot do your faith in the solo lane.  I will tell you from the start of this article; you can, as a matter of fact you must.  The only person that you need is Jesus walking and talking into your life.  Get into the habit of asking the Lord about life and it’s perplexities.  Try not to depend upon others suggesting this or that is what Jesus would say and you have not taken the opportunity to investigate the personal situation for yourself, from the mouth of the Lord.  Now allow me to share the benefits of living your life in the solo lane. 

(1)   First of all when you live like this; you will gain a certain confidence in the voice of the Lord as He testifies to your Christian soul.  We as Believers do not require others infiltrating the word of the Lord as He is the one that really knows and understands us.  There is an old song in the church that we use to sing all of the time and some of the words go like this; “Don’t know body do me like Jesus.”  The implication is that the saint has already gone to Jesus and spoke to Him about the situation.  Jesus as is His character will speak with that blessed assurance that you will know that He is the one speaking and not some depraved human being that will use words and deeds against you.  I have never met a human being that I could fully trust above that of Christ.

(2)   Second; Living in the solo lane will provide more confidence for you in the future when you go through that next difficulty.  Each of us need to see that Jesus desires to really have control of our lives to the point that we will go to Him the next and then the next; and then the next time; do you get it yet?  Getting into the habit of going to the Lord requires a faith that He will see you through in those difficult times.

(3)   Third and lastly; living in the solo lane will cause others to hate you.  Oh yes; my friends, lets not get it twisted.  People usually wait for the opportunity to slam you real bad; especially when you are living up to the expectations that they could never live up to.  This is the way that it works; if they see you living only by eating the word out of the hand of the Lord; and they live by standards that others dictate; they will see the error of their ways and then try to discredit you.  Oh yes; I’m talking about Christians. 

Let me end up this little piece.  Do life on your own.  Never depend upon your wife; husband or parents.  You heard me right.  Allow that person to prove themselves to you.  The only way that they can really do that is to suffer greatly for living in the solo lane themselves.  Never trust in a persons words without knowing what the motives of their words are.  Ahhh; now some of you just got it.  Jesus’ words always have the right motives.  We never have to worry about Him switching up on us.  Do your Christianity in the solo lane my friends.  Keep that open bible right in front of you.  Christ is there on the pages of scripture waiting to speaking with you.  He will correct; admonish, and suggest things that will only work towards total victory in your life.  Now; doesn’t that feel good already?  Pastor John E. Coleman 2-14-06

“Coming To Terms With The Real Christ”

 It amazes me; these so called Bible Christians.  They read a verse of the text of the bible and make up some strange Jesus that never would agree with ninety five percent of the rubbish that  pours from the mouths of many of today’s pulpits and pews.  Today we professing Christians equate success in this materialistic society with the name of Jesus; which has absolutely nothing to do with God.  If we have things (material stuff); we attributed the gain of material wealth to a relationship with Christ.  If we are healthy in body and mind; we suppose that the Lord has showered us with some special favor.  At times we even feel deep within that if we have achieved super star status that the divine has touched us; we feel that Christ like favor has adorned our lives and we expect others to pay homage to our (icon) image; which is nothing less then flesh worship.  Yes; even in the church we find such behavior.

I thought I’d present the real Christ to you today as we take another look.  The Jesus of the bible would never display such an arrogant disposition as we can see in the book of Luke, chapter eleven and starting with verse fourteen.  Let me walk you through these passages to add clarification.  Jesus was very busy in ministry and a great part of His mission was to fight spiritual warfare.  He was casting out demons; V.14.  He now is approached by those that oppose him as they claim that we did these feats of magic tricks by the power of Satan; V.15In the next verse many of His observers were wanting a sign from Him in order that He might prove who He said He was; V.16. 

Jesus proceeds to give a massive discourse in order to explain what His intentions were as he denies that He has any connection with Satan; Luke 11:17-26The message was so powerful that one of the women who listened to Jesus’ words burst forth with words of praise for Jesus by lauding Mary (Jesus’ mother) for having such a child as this who speaks the truth of God.  See; V.27.  This was the custom during the time to display such words of praise when you believed in the persons discourse.  But let us look closely at Jesus’ reaction to such words of praise; See; Luke 11:28 

Our Lord did not allow the misrepresentation of the woman’s statement to go unanswered.  He stated; that true blessings arise from something better.  He; did not believe in situations of superficial satisfactions.  It was not Mary his mother who was to be praised for having Him; “On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God, and observe it.”  Jesus was saying that true blessings come to those followers of God who keep His blessed word; those who keep His commands, those who accept it as the rule of their lives.  In that His earthly Mother was a decent woman He does not degrade her; but at the same time he places the emphasis where it belongs; and it never belongs on the praise of people. 

As I continue to read in Luke 11:29a; the crowd started to grow in numbers. (Many preachers today might think that quite a good indication that the people were receptive of the message right?)  In Luke 11:29b; we see another message coming forth from our Lord.  He basically states that the large crows are “wicked” in that they like people today hang around for the fun and games.  If we follow closely Jesus words; we find the Christ slamming them for having the wrong kinds of appetites. See; V.29-32. 

Today’s Christian community has chased after the glitter and glamour of the popular persons.  We have our favorite singers, preachers, and ministries.  We drop names; give honor to famous named celebrities, we even dress like them as we emulate their every moves.  We love seeing our beautiful people on the television as we watch two to three hours of vile entertainment violence and anti Christ like behavior as we justify our love of pleasure.  Jesus says; “On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God, and observe it.”  Be careful this weekend as you plan your parties and events which reek of sinfulness.  Watch those moves you make for the sake of attempting to show others  how blessed you “think you are”.  “On the contrary!”  Pastor John E. Coleman 2-2-06

“Family Foes”

 Every parent expects all  their children to make them proud.  The actions of our babies when they grow up secures the rest of our lives as we look to the future.  Parents that have seen their children grow through difficult times; expects a good return on their investment as they approach the sunset of their lives.  It was not so for the late Cloretta Scoot King who passed away.  How sad to experience your own children behaving poorly when the legacy was intended to be that of pride and decency from the actions of a national husband who spearheaded and then championed the civil rights movement.  My intention is not to throw stones at Dr. King or his dear wife; but I must look at their children closely.  After all, our children carry on a future that we cannot be apart of; after death. 

The National Park Services is taking over the Martin Luther King Monument that the family could not appropriately manage without feuding and fussing among the “young Kings”.  Misappropriation of funds; sibling rivalry which became a national embarrassment is enough to shame us.  I realize that these kinds of actions are common place in families all over America; white black yellow and brown; but these are the children of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Would one be so daring to ask the question as to what would their parents might say to each of them if they could speak from eternity?  I realize that the time for grieving is at hand; but what of the historical boundaries (those decent moral expectations that we as a people (black people) require for the historical archives?)  

It is always sad to experience the death of a mother.  I have lived through that; and trust me there is no one like Mother after she has passed away.  We illuminate the memory of our parents as we align ourselves to their wishes; this is what is expected of us as children.  We listen and learn from their wisdom; we take to those stately examples so befitting of their memory.  I seriously doubt that there will be another man like Dr. Martin Luther King on the civil rights front for the remaining history of blacks in America.  My doubts are justified as I witness the wrangling tug-a-war which persist in that national family. 

There is a greater question that ensues from this “Family Foe” episode.  It is a simple one; one that demands an answer from my brothers and sisters that are genuinely concerned with “the struggle”.  As we live among our beloved black community; will it ever be said that we shall respect those things that have been proven to be decent; things like ideas of others who dreamed of a better place and time, situations that warrant smiles and tears of Joy; or shall our legacy be that which forever reeks of “Family Foes” confrontations that never seem to end.   

The press shall gather for this funeral.  The commentaries will ensue as others put their opinions out there for others to read and hear.  I will not disgrace Mrs. King’s life by sharing with you my opinions of her life; this is not the time for such.  I must look at her children.  It is in the children that we see the future of our offspring.  It is in the children that we see a continuation of our thoughts and dreams.  It is in the children that our expectations mount up with wings as eagles; our beloved children.  Let us offer prayers for the King children.  When the president of the country dies; we pray for that family just as if they are our own; as if we had some kind of affinity with them.  When a black national leader dies; or even the death of his widowed wife; many in our community have a “ho hum” attitude.  One man’s death marked the end of an era in this country.  His wife who paid a great price of loneliness is now departed.  Pray that we might never forget those days of struggle.  We take freedom for granted.  There is always a price to pay.  Tell the children to “get their act together”.  Mommy and  Daddy would expect that of you.   Pastor John E. Coleman  January 31, 2006

Let The 'Fun' Begin"

.   Has life become so difficult that we live for the weekend, for the thrill of the moment?  Can we say as Believers that this world is far more exciting then our individual Christian experience; come on now; has believing become boring?  Has not God given each of us a portion of His spirit that procures victory which leads to a successful attitude of worship and praise for all of His benefits; or have we become distraught?  I've said it time and time again; the words "Fun & Games" are not in the bible.  Massive crowds head for worship on Sunday mornings to be entertained by the latest episodes of live comedy and sexual incitements seen in the history of the protestant church.  (We check out what the other person is wearing; is her dress cut just right, is he driving that super sports car?)  Leaders; you have got to be kidding me, these guys no longer come up with gimmicks; they just allow the flavor of the congregation to direct their agenda's.

Today's church has discovered the secret of creating fun.  It's easy; just place a brand new plasma screen; super sports car or prize in front of them; create the atmosphere of worldly competition for the attainment of the prize and the masses will flood into the large room.  We no longer concern ourselves with the seriousness of biblical exposition; we attempt to catch the latest phrase and work it in our sermons then we look for the right response from the pleasure seeking crowd.  One can now in certain ministries win a house, or be made over in order to appear to be favored in the Lord

You would think that Sunday morning is the time for us to gather in order to hear a word from God; right?  The expectation of most people that attend "church" is far removed from listening to the ancient scripts which inform the masses of an angry God that will take vengeance on a people that forsakes His blessed word.  We gather in order to gain financial advantage in an economy that is about to self destruct.  We come to that place of human sacrifice to give our all in order to see if the media figures match our impressions of our made up gods.  You see; what we see on TV becomes the standard by which we judge what is right or wrong; true or false.  I will not give you a bible verse today.  If you love the Lord you have already taken time in His blessed word.  If you are seeking my sorry opinion of a failing church you have proved my point.  These words are only the reflections of an aging Christian Pastor who attempts to go back to the place where Christianity was 'golden'.  It's face is nothing but a mask, a disguise in black and white which seeks to generate a smile on Sunday mornings from congregations all around the country that have given themselves to the love of this age.

"Standing Against God"

Most people would never outright say that they stand in hard line defense against God.  They while pretending to be so righteous would say that they love God and honor all that God has said.  Lets take a closer look at many that profess but in reality do not possess the qualities that affirm their words, in reality they deny a Holy and righteous God.  The only link between our words and the reality of the meaning is to weigh them by God's standard the word which happens to be the bible.  If we derive our ideas of God from any other source; our interpretation of who He is and what he demands of us might be far different then what we stress by way of profession.  The bible is God's standard of what is right and wrong.  Today's world does not weigh in correctly.  They have recreated their world, a world that allows indifference in defiance against a Holy Divine standard from which all true believers gain their justification of human dependency. Let us stand firm as true believers and never wave a truce flag of compromise and change in our disposition for the want of the favor of this failing society; it matters not what people may say of feel about our love for God's word and will.  Ours has become a church of sway for the sake of an age that has taken a firm stand to speak against God in every way possible.  We now mock Him as we willingly forget all of His benefits unto us.  I stand paused awaiting His divine judgment against a nation, a people that have with conscience engaged detest His influence or intrusion.  Never say you believe in God and so outrageously come against that which He states as absolute truth; shame on you, shame on you! 

It is time for us as a church to know that we are to stand alone in the disseminating of the good news.  Oh how awkward that sounds today; to imply that we are to stand alone in Christ may place us in a state of crises!  This is what they are teaching many Christians today; that to be safe is the honorable way.  Trust me; I have been standing alone for so long; I am surprised to see that anyone else would like to stand next to me; rarely do I find this among us.  Could it be that we love our lives more then we really love the Savior?  I’ve been saying for years that the Church does not have a heart to believe in all that God says about His keeping us safe from harm.  As a matter of fact we are promised persecution if we follow hard after Christ.

 Lets come to understand; that many who profess ourselves to be the elect; do not necessarily see that suffering for the whole cause of Christ is a necessary attribute.  One’s Christianity has become nothing less then a social club to meet and express “the want of more stuff”.  If the central theme was to gain the teaching of the faith in order to produce a more affective saint; we would see the resultant actions of those of that community living out in their lives who the churches today.  I’m suggesting that we leave the un-churched right where they are; living in sin; we really do not have to join them.  If they will not hear a message preached from the word of God; why bother with them acting as the people of God in a seeker church atmosphere? 

We really need to come to grips with the mess that the church finds herself in today.  We have given ourselves over to the political absolutist of our day; only to find that we are yet lacking in those areas that Christ promises us total victory.  I do not believe that more harm will come on the church then it is experiencing, we have reached for the substance only to grab the shadow.  With the abdication of doctrine; and the assimilation of entertainment in our local places of so called worship; there is no need to look for fruit where it cannot be produced.  What might be the solution to this problem?  We must come back to the normative teaching of the word of God alone.  It must be practically applied to the entire Christian experience.  We must depend fully upon God for the fulfillment of all of His promises to us only if we are a part of a body of believers that live up to the teachings of the scriptures.  Without a heart felt commitment to the very cause of Jesus Christ in the life of every Saint; the Church will become as a reef blown by the sands of time into oblivion. 

The true church will never abdicate from the reality of what is taught in the word of God.  Our nature is that of an obedient people that live for the very praise of His glory; not counting our lives as important in that His life is lived out in us.  “Christ In Us Is The Hope Of Glory!”  The glory is an after event that is only understood as we wait upon Him in every area of our lives; and then act out what He has placed in us.  If this is not true in your life; you need to “Come To Grips With It”.  I have and am resolved to finish the course in a bold and positive way.  I stand for Jesus Christ alone; without a mixing in with this world view.


Is your Christian faith a stressed out confusing piece of Oh God It's Monday again?  Just another bunch of hours of confusion with a help me Jesus phrase now and then?  Can those who are not Christian really know that you are a believer?  Have they been invited by you to attend the big church events that promise them prosperity or a new bride that is fine as a brick house?  Have you become an advertisement of some crooked Bishop's enterprise which promotes the making of money?  Has your personal budget undergone change in that you and you spouse have purchased tickets to fly to the latest venue with circus events features of your most popular so called Christian singers?  (You know that you could not afford the tickets; but you have convinced yourself that you can't live until you see the "Bishop" for yourself)  Has you life come to this; this false sense of Christian security?  If these things address your life today, you are living in "Ambiguity".  I suggest that you simply open your bibles and allow the Lord to speak to you from His word.  Nothing in this world will ever satisfy that longing as the reading of scripture does.  You will find that there will arise in your heart a peace; more than a feeling of calmness; rather a satisfaction that will not cost you the price of a ticket.  You will come to experience Christ for the first time in your human experience.  Simply the bible; that is all that you need.  The New King James version is good for a start.  Begin in the book of John in the New testament.  You will not find "Ambiguity", no, you will find many of the answers to questions about your life.  Open the book tonight.  Turn off the game.  That is not important in the first place.  Are you going to do it?  No,  not really. . . I do understand; some people love living in a state of "Ambiguity".  While there they call on Jesus to assist them in the foolishness.  In most cases; the solution is right there in the word of God.  Waiting to be opened.

The Age Of Our Lifeless Longing

Why do I long for those things that the savior does not desire of me?  Have I fallen into the same trap of which I warn others to flee?  All is well in my life these days as I look deeply into the black church; a hole where sinners hide and confide within themselves seeking a false hope.  Strange these longings to be like others that seem to have it so easy.  Following a God that has become a friend or a partner.  Oh how I long to have such a friend as that; one that will hold nothing against me in the future; one that understands my weaknesses and constantly makes excuses for my sin.  He understands not in the bye and bye; rather in the here and now; my god of gods that causes me to admire his craftiness and means of convenience. Are you laughing with me? 

Then why do I feel so dead on the inside at times?  It appears that the stuff of the world does not satisfy in this tight relationship with a God that never chances in His attitude towards His creation.  So unlike the quaint attraction of those that say they know God; but flee from His divine temperament; I desire something more than what is seen with the eye.  I require punishment; banishment, in that I betray the Lord on a daily basis; my thoughts betray me everyday.  Oh the cry to decry myself in an ageless past that catches up with us at every turn of our corners.  Are you running away with me yet? 

Worthless endeavor is the life blinded by the stuff of the age.  In pride do I (we) attempt to escape from His loving hand; but why would any of us seek to vacate His correction?  Could it possibly be true that we fear Him, though not in reverence?  That He with all of His power does love us indeed?    So now I strive to have Him inflict me with conscience aflame unashamed of His divine vengeance.  I (we) welcome His grace that makes us straight again from the crookedness of our personal betrayal.  November 3, 2005  Pastor John Coleman

“A Heart Full Of Love”

 I have found that “loving” is what God saved me to do.  Of all of the attributes that I’ve learned to appreciate over the years of walking with him is my ability to keep on “loving others”.  If you have not come to that place; you are surely missing the greatest aspect of the Christian faith.  Loving is so fulfilling in my spirit.  (It makes a new man of me everyday)  “Loving Others” even in the face of their mis-understanding is a testimony without measure.  Why is it so important for us to love?

First of all our Lord leads in the “loving life”; you see; He “loved” me first.  I am in a quandary as to how much He “loves” me.  As He gives me wisdom how to live this life; he also regulates my “love life”.  (A live that is “lived to love” others)  I am out of control; I can’t help myself.  Daily I try to live up to what He called me to.  It is difficult at times; trust me, people can be difficult at times.  Often I attempt to tell people that being a pastor is not cloaked in any way.  If you do not like; no, “love people”; you will not be successful in the pastoral ministry.  “Love” is the key that opens all doors. 

At times others will not allow you to “love them” in ways that are affective.  Affective “love” is the kind of “love” that seeks lasting results.  When one’s life is lived in such a way that an appreciation for Christ becomes the ultimate objective; “love” is actualized.  At times my “loving others” do not lead to this place of victory.  At times people “love” me instead of “loving Christ”.  I must as Paul and the other missionaries did on Malta; deny that place of authority.  I have found that “love” powerfully manifested and connected with Christ always works.  When the person sees that connection they can be changed forever.  The only thing that God does in us is to use us as the vessels of His “love”.  We become the conduits through which His divine “loving ability” flows into the lives of others. 

Come with me to this wonderful place of “loving” my friends.  I am fully aware that the pain that others can cause you at times can be over bearing; God will assist you in the “loving” processes.  Just keep on giving yourself for others.  God honors that.  Never look for anything back in return; it is not about getting a “refund” or “return” for the act of “loving”.  “Loving” in the ways that God intends at times brings sorrow and pain; Christ went through it; He will enable each of us to persevere.  Are you ready to “love” on that level?  Come on; I need to see others that have made up their minds to investigate the heart of our Savior.  Oh Praise God; For “A Heart Full Of Love!”

A Million Dollar Speech / Or did you get it? 

Please do not mis quote me or attempt to make me out some kind of turncoat to the Christian faith.  Reading Louis Farrakhan’s speech spoken on October 15, 2005 was a masterpiece to certain parts of my mind.  If you were listening to the “key aspect” of the discourse; (and you are a black person living in America) if honest you had to agree with some of his points.  I understand; even for conscience sake many of my readers would say nothing in regards to the speech rather then to appear on the side of a raciest Moslem who leads the Nation Of Islam; God forbid! 

Can we get real a quick minute?  Why was the main objective which was to pull together black peoples of this nation as a force to contend with so foul an idea?  or was it the fact that Minister Farrakhan headed the feat?  Nationalities from all cultures even in this country have done the same with success in terms of national pride.  Drive through little Italy, Japan, China Viet Nam, Korea, Mexico; and the list goes on.  What are black communities called when we drive through them; “come on; lets get real with it; they are called Ghettos, or the “Hood”.   

I recall one day during one of my live radio presentations I invited a Pastor from Torrance California (A nice little neighborhood near the ocean where middle to upper class white live) to come and have lunch with me in the “Crenshaw District” (Where I live which is known for it’s main boulevard as a “hang out for young black men” on the weekend) and his reply is that he would feel that his life would be threatened.  “What!; I ride by bike through that part of town and have never felt myself in personal danger.  The Minister was right.  Black people must come together to build a foundation of trust between ourselves as a people in this great nation.  I happen to be a Christian.  I not only love God, the truth of scriptures; all people including white black brown and yellow.  I do not look on others with distain.  I require Christ in me to bring about repentance and understanding when I am in the presence of another human being, even a Moslem.  I do not affirm the gay lifestyle; though I will fight for the right of any citizen in this country to live in peace with his neighbors. 

I do not and probably will ever agree with every Christian denomination about everything; in that they (some of the denominations) are just as twisted as other faiths are.  I have no political allegiances in that I am an ally of Christ alone.  I have a right to affirm the correct statements of any person; be they black, white or whatever, in that I think independently of anyone but my Lord God.  I am personally accountable to God for making the right and wrong choices by means of the words that I speak as well as the many people that I influence.  I must live in ways that validate my Christian faith; but I do not owe the Christian community my free mind to listen to what is right for me, and for me alone.

If I live as a believer in any other way; I am not being true to God or to myself.  Now let me say it again; Minister Louis Farrakhan made a few comments that I wholeheartedly agree with.  If any of my readers do not agree with me; I am not concerned.  My loyalty is to God first; and then to my conscience.  I live in a land where people lie to and hate each other.  If the Minister hates; God will not only judge him in a burning hell; (I might add for his rejection of Jesus as the Christ) for eternity.  At the same time; if he informs me of some things that are amiss in my community or culture and country; I respect his right to speak it.  I also will affirm him in those areas where honor is rightly due, just as I would on the behalf of any national leader.  One more thing, then I shall wrap this up.  Like it or not, Louis Farrakhan is a powerful leader of men in the black community.  I really cannot see any Christian black pastor bringing discipline in the lives of as many black men as the F.O.I. is at this time.  Christian brothers; prove me wrong, as James Brown once so eloquently begged; Please! Please! Please!

An Example Of Christianity  / October 2005

Pastor / Teacher / Apologist  John E. Coleman 

God has called all of His children to obey.  He doesn’t ask us to fully comprehend before we give compliance to His will; rather He demands of us a certain “unrestrictive obedience”.   We are to be ready to comply as a servant would to his master towards the goal being accomplished; what goal, simply obeying God.  This kind of behavior is called for in the lives of each believer.  We do not have the luxury to choose weather or not we shall comply to His divine absolutes; we simply do it without reservation. 

Christianity today has taken on some strange kind of awkward make up as we view the players on the current scene of the “so called faithful”.  Like it or not; this preacher says that unless there is a tearing away from this world; we will find ourselves more like the sinful company then unlike them.  How does this make us react or respond?  Is there really a difference in the ways that we live then of those that would say that they do not know God?  How easy it is for us who profess to believe to not fall into; rather dive into this worlds pleasures.  There are many Saints that have accustomed themselves into the fading world of flesh and desire far away from that place where the Lord would have them (us). 

You will note that I said “us”, these are words chosen with care and within the frame work of God’s desire for even his preacher.  The persons that require this admonition the most are His Pastors; are not “we” (the Pastors) to be those examples of Christianity more then others?  Would you not expect us; the so called leaders of the Christian community to echo a message that promises God retaliation in the lives of even those within the church to “stop look and listen?”  Would you not expect our lifestyles to exemplify those absolute strict qualities of those that have been greatly influenced by the word of God? 

Then why are statistics showing that many within the leadership capacity of the church are leading the way in sinful behavior?  You should not think it strange that Satan has targeted the Pastors of Christian churches to proclaim a message that does not convict or convince anyone of sin?  If we fully understand the tactics of the enemy Satan; we might also undertake the idea of an incapacitated clergy with women and homosexuals as leaders attempting to defend an ultimately honest and divine creator that does not make a mistake in logic, with such rebellious activity.  No; we would expect far more from those men of God that profess to be called by Him.   

The time has been far spent making excuses for today’s church.  Now is the time for us to fight, to take the lead and say with total confidence that right is right and wrong is wrong.  We need but say it one last time.  If the world does not hear us; (even those that profess to be believers in the organized church) we leave them to the burning hell that they rightly deserve.  This is now a time for the church to stand up and be counted; to venture into another place; her rightful place.  Satan has gained the advantage within the body of the church (the so called “called out ones”).  Many of our local congregations have open wide their arms and welcomed the chaos of this sinful world.  We have professed loyalty to those things that draw us away from Christ; and for that, evil reigns supreme in many of our congregations.   

“Take to the bible!” is my cry.  Study it’s meaningful words, it’s phrases which speak of righteousness and Holy living.  Come back to the place where allowing His Spirit to control our thinking patterns; as well as our behavior; as those factors which make for our vibrant faith.  It is only then; that we come back to that particular place in our spiritual conditions; this is when we gain the victory.  We have far too much of this worlds goods.  We have come to be too much like the world, that world that we are to detest. 

We like those lost people (of the world) desire more and more; and our appetites for this world has caused us to disregard God and all that He would require of us.  We must stop playing saints; come on now; tell it like it is, we love this messy world.  I am not writing to cause many of us to feel terrible; rather, I write speaking of myself as a participant in this foolishness.  I have need of nothing; yet my appetite for more of what I have no need of is ever before me.  It really takes the Spirit of God to do away with poison deep within our souls.  Paul writes and says that “we ought to be content with such as we have” in the scriptures; are we thus in that state?  The answer is no.  We American Christians desire more and more and we do not know what to do with what God has given us.  We waste more then we rightly do with; than all with what we have. 

Each of us need to come to the place of divine repentance.  We see all of the biblical events taking place right in front of us over the whole globe today.  We try to look away from these events and reflect upon a day far away when God will come and take us home.  How silly we’ve become; look at all of the signs and the times that we are living in.  The next world tragedy will only become something that we wink at; as if it were nothing.  Let me bring this to a close; REPENT CHURCH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!  Let Him find us so doing the Right Example Of Christianity upon His return.  October 11, 2005

On Sex With Him Or Her Without Considering God

If you would like to get a perspective on what is happening in our society today, please take a couple of hours and listen to Bob and I discuss the Homosexual Question from Last Saturday's live web cast.  Not only was it one of the better presentations presented on this site; it also speaks of the sexual temperament of our nation.  My part in the discussion speaks as a Pastor with concerns for people.  Those people that come and frequent local churches and is having sex outside of marriage on a regular basis.  I cannot reconcile the Christian factor as I attempt to regulate my life to the biblical pattern.  This web cast is full of scripture and will assist you as you attempt to rationalize sinful behavior.  Bob and I stated that this is not a slap in the face to homosexuals that practice same sex acts; rather a call to those that love God to obey His voice and question any person that would ask you to lie with them if they are not wedded as scriptures dictates.  Allow the Lord to bring the guilt that is necessary if there will be repentance that leads one to heaven. 

“God’s Will Must Be Mine Also”

 “On earth, just as it is in heaven.”   This one line in the Lord’s prayer; is how I function in my humanity.  I cannot truly be a believer and not embrace his will, or desire it fully.  All rational thought without the obedient factor is of none affect to that person that claims the name of Jesus Christ.  I adore Him so much that Jesus’ will has become the motivation of my next move.  As I contemplate His expectation of my loyalty; I am amazed at His love for me; thereby forced to love and comply to His divine standards.  Think about it my friend; God’s will; yours also.  There is nothing more for us as Christians then to live on that fast track.  This one lone idea takes up all of our time of reflection, everyday of our lives.  Do we allow these absolutes on a daily basis to flood our minds?  If the answer is yes; our lives take on a far different meaning; if no; there is no wonder confusion rules our day.  Come to the resolve Christian friend; “God’s Will Must Be Yours Also.”    August 4, 2005 7:38 AM

“Leaning On Jesus”

What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arm; What a blessedness, what a peace divine; leaning on the everlasting arm.”  I was young in Christ.  Almost every Sunday we would sing this verse of song in our local small Baptist church.  The words depict a trusting relationship in Christ.  No matter what the situation was; this song remained in the mind of this young Christian through every circumstance he experienced.  It was expected of each of us at one time in our Christian past to totally trust in Jesus alone for taking good care of us.  We had real fears; but Christ has always been there for us in times of trouble.  That time has past.  We now place more trust in finance companies that provide for us loans which save the day.  Our trust is in those insurance policies that provide a nest egg of security when loved ones die.  We lean upon that medical physician who can provide for us the latest pain killer that we might forgo the difficulties of suffering.  Jesus; He has become some cosmic influence that we turn to as a last cause; the lone caretaker of our lives; the sweet good luck charm that comes to mind when all hell breaks out.  When we have used up all of our resources; then old man Jesus will save the day; the ‘Might Man Of The House Of God”.  We are living tragedies as we pretend to know a savior that has the ability to really take care of all of our needs.  Some of us would say that we are leaning on Him; when in reality we have no need for His services unless there is an adequate interest rate attached to the deal.  I live in a house that is so high in equity that I could buy another one and rent this one out.  Is it all about that in this life?  No it is not, by no means is our lives a commodity market rate.  I’m still leaning on Jesus.  He is the one that cause me to arise this morning.  He is the one that started me on my way.  I worship Him for He alone loves me with a never changing love.  He feels me and I feel Him.  I love Him as I never have before.  He is so sweet to my soul; I gain acceptance by just “leaning on His everlasting arm.”  Are you really leaning on Him today?  August 3, 2005 7:27AM

“Caught Up”

Sin is the most devastating reality in the mind of a Christian.  It is the alien seed that poisons everything else that comes forth from our lives.  Un-confessed sin is even worse in that it breeds contempt towards the direction of God.  Not only is it “the lack of conformity to the revealed will of God and the refusal of the creature to be related to his creator by faith;” Saint Origin’s Definition of Sin it is the heart of Satan’s offensive line which attempts to break the defensive line of the church.  A church that is caught up in sin is bound to fail their Lord.  Has anything caused you to be caught up?  You know what I’m talking about; those habits that you say you just can’t break; you know that our Lord is not pleased with them.  The excuses that we make when things don’t go our way; oh the justification of being caught up when we are angry at God.  I am not going to quote scripture; you can go to many devotion pages this morning to read the bible.  I’d like to put it to you this way; “If Jesus were in the room with you; would you invite Him to participate?”  Caught up; aren’t you?  I fully understand.  You find it difficult to answer that one lone question.  If you paused as I fully believe many of you did; you are caught up, and that is sin; which proves the point that you are not conforming to the standards that our Lord has placed before all of us.  Yes; I must admit.  I too get caught up.  It is nothing less then contempt for God.  Now is the time for heart felt repentance.  If the church is going to be affective; it must not get caught up into the lure of this sinful world.  We all must fight with all of the ability our Lord has provided in order to win the day.  August 1, 2005

“When God Intervenes”

Have you ever really from the depths of your heart ask the Lord to do something about your rotten life?  Has He ever failed to intervene?  Well He has never failed to answer me.  That is one aspect that I love about Him. When ever I ask Him to do something in tears about my stupid life He love me enough to do it.  You see he is not just my Lord because of what He gives me; rather what He really does for me as I adhere to His Holy word.  We use to sing in the church years ago songs that depicted a Lord that not only heard our prayers; but a Lord that read our hearts.  How does He read your heart today my friend?  Has He seen the tears of repentance in your daily prayers?  Has He heard you testify to Him and to Him alone that you need to die flat out?  Do you fear Him enough to stop playing games with Him about your daily life?  Why not take a time out right now and seek His will in your life?  Look into the mirror of the word of God about any issue of your lives and see for yourself that He is ready to hear you cry out to Him and beg for His forgiveness.  Come to Him right now and beg for that loving correction that the church so badly requires today.  Stop allowing Satan input into the heart of a saint that has come to know better what is needed.  Oh the wonderful intervention of God as He is allowed to transform each of us into the creatures that He so desires; today, right now!    Pastor John 7-29-05 8:36am

Pushing The Envelope

I watched the news yesterday and one of the main articles on one major news station headlined the Howard Stern situation as he makes his move to do "Satellite Radio".  Most of us know what shock radio is.  If a radio personality can shock his listening audience by proposing the most outrageous behavior without censor, he or she has has hit the top of the charts.  Years ago when I was a teen; I would listen to the local radio personalities and make statements reflecting my ability to broadcast with clarity and finesse, I even smiled with glee as I understood that people would pay me to speak on a "Hot Mike".  Those days are long past.  The affect of radio has not lessoned the zeal in this man's heart.  While preparing myself for today's work in the office, I tuned into a local R&B FM station here in Los Angeles.  I have no idea what the subject matter was but I did overhear one of the persons on the air state that they were getting in the "nasty zone".  I kind of looked up into my bathroom mirror in shock only to hear all of the people in the studio laugh and make jokes about what ever the subject matter might have been.  It dawned upon me that we live in a day and age when pushing the envelope is not only common, but the expected norm in today's society.  Sin has affected every aspect of our culture.  Not only has our once sacred radio airwaves been high jacked by pirates who have no regard for the English language; "Ebonics Rules", our intellectual communicative culture has given way to utter downright ignorance over our inner city radio stations.  We have pushed the envelope to another level as we promote immorality during the morning commute drive hours.  As for me; I'm embarrassed.  I know; I have the power to just turn it off, that is what I did, I tuned out as any right thinking Christian would.  But our young people do not have the ability to discern between what good listening habits are as opposed to, the funnies on their way to school.  Radio teaches the lessons of culture, and if the waves that fill the air from 6-10 AM in our inner cities continue at the rate of this infectious mode; our moral drift will continue to be influenced by these "Morning Jocks" who have learned how to push the envelope to the outer limits.        

Sustaining Our Inner City Culture

 Los Angeles is riveted with killings; these insane shootings that now cut down Senior Citizens in the inner city, a woman was arbitrarily gunned down by a drive by shooter.  Our young men run wild in the streets playing ‘shoot em ups” with each other.  This mentality will continue as long as the men in our community father these young men and then abandoned them to mothers that can not control their behavior.  I will not rant and rave about what is happening in our schools; literally nothing is happening at all.  Baby sitting is what is going on there.  I’ve visited the middle schools in Los Angeles.  The female teachers attempt to speak to the young men as if they are mothers to these boys.  The young men look at them with distain; a kind of knowing that the instructor does not give a darn about his life. 

It is shameful that these killings continue in the inner city, my city.  When I think of young men being targeted by members of the Hispanic community simply because the young man was black; it boggles my mind.  To think that two groups of under-privileged youths attempting to eliminate each other; it is just too difficult for me to comprehend.  As I watch again on the news an African American mother crying stating to the press that it was more then just a black man being killed as she addresses the death of her son; she stated that a son as lost, a father would never come home, friends would never hear his laugh again.  His children were fatherless, and the beat goes on and on in Los Angeles.  I do not know if you have ever attended a funeral of someone that was shot down; I’ve performed many of them, too many to be exact.  It will never leave your brain, and pain and sorrow is over bearing at times.  People faint, scream, become angry, every human emotion is cut loose as they try to bring solace to their souls. 

Years ago saintly people would tell me that prayer changes things; no, I no longer believe that.  I believe that people have to find the will to change the way that their own lives are spent.  I am not saying that God is impotent; I am saying that He will not interfere with the mess that we have made of this society.  We have become the cause and affect of the madness that has taken over in our community.  The time has come and is now staring us in the face; we need to take control of those young people that live among us.   

We are to example that there is “life” after growing up in our inner cities.  We must view our communities as possibilities where talented young men can grow up and lead by good or righteous examples.  We understand that the road is rough; it has always been that way with black folk.  It is not going to ever be easy for us as a people, regardless of the political rhetoric that is so prevalent these days.  City Hall, Welfare, After School Programs and the rest cannot assist our community at this time.  The only hope for my community is the Lord Jesus.  Not some white faces blond guy walking on a mountain with other pale face characters; I am talking about the creator of all man kind.  A Savior that each of us can relate to.  The man Jesus that lives in the human heart, and soul, He is the one that can solve our conflict.  I’m not talking about some Jesus of this new age era where all of your needs are met in his name; not that freak show that only takes money from the masses of people promising them hope where there is none. 

When the love of Jesus Christ is demonstrated in the life of every true Believer; then and only can we rightly love these young men.  “Love them, Love them”.  Is that so hard to do these days?  Many people in the Christian church pride themselves in loving the “brothers and sisters”.  Do we love those outside of our churches?  Those that live in the “projects” those welfare county farms that breed despair, can we love them too?  Can we open our arms and take two hours a week with a child that has no father, that has never known the voice of a man to tell him not to do so poorly?  Just think of it; if we were not so selfish that we could set aside that time to assist the life of a young lad or a group of lads that need a loving father in their lives.  Just to sit down with them and ask a young Hispanic male in with them and show the young men how God made each of them to be the best of human beings. 

Education is what is necessary in our communities.  These young men only see Sports figures and Rappers as the role models for their lives.  Are you willing to begin to make the difference?  Do you really want to get involved in “community ministry”?  Try that one on for size if you will.  I must tell you the truth; you will run into obstacles as you pursue this task.  There are people in the city that desire the killings continue.  It makes for the appropriation of building more prisons in our inner cities.  It causes the Law Schools enrolment to increase.  It broadens the great divide between the haves and the have-nots.  There are those that live in other parts of the city that are not hindered by the dross of killings; they live in gated communities where a special police force protects them and their sons from the mess of the inner city.  (Don’t think me harsh; just honest) 

“But if God be on your side”; Oh my friend; that is another story all together.  (I am not copping out with the God routine I really mean to say that if God is behind what it is that we propose to do for the praise of His glory; things will happen)  Let me end up this piece by saying; This is just the beginning of another long a very hot summer in Los Angeles.  Where ever you reside problems persist; people are failing to do those things that are right.  I must admit myself; at times I fail to live up to what the Lord has called me to do.  What I love about Jesus; is that He is the God of a second chance.  Pray that He may lead you and me to do more than just complain; rather to act in order to save our inner cities.

Bending The Twig

I fully understand what we have now done in this country.  We have come closer to abandoning the mental state of acknowledgement of God as our father in Heaven.  I fully understand that everyone in this country does not ascribe to that particular belief.  What have I witnessed in my short life of sixty one years?  I have watched in horror the tearing down of personal traditions and the raising up of a new ungodly standard of human accomplishments. When I turn on the TV what do I witness?  There is literally nothing note worthy for our children but cartoons; which demands parental supervision.  If our young people are ambitious; it is to bounce a ball, or sing and dance across a stage in an arena full of depraved humans craving to worship them.  Now it is illegal to have the "Ten Commandments" as stated in the bible on some public grounds in that it is offensive to some human beings?  The commandments were stated as a guide to all humans.  Oh, I forgot; we are a humanistic society; I can't push my beliefs on others; right?

As difficult as this may sound to many of my readers; continue to pray for this depraved land.  God help us now.  Ramie Lynch has said it well in his writings in the past and now in the present; we have come to the post era of decent behavior in this country.  When one strips from it's mind a moral guideline; there is nothing left.  If the halls of justice in this country have not God as the objective of what is right and wrong; there is but one conclusion.  Do you really understand it yet?  The court ruling is saying that there is no right and wrong to be dictated by any supreme being.  Those men (and women) in the Supreme Court determine the ruling and are no longer dependant upon the very word of God; if they ever have been.

Mark my words today.  As I predicted my removal from local so called Christian radio; in time my site shall be like all others that proclaim the truth removed from the airwaves.  I do not think I am bending the twig too much; it is about over for our country.  When we forsake God in this way; there is nothing left but to face His divine judgment.                                           Pastor John E. Coleman 6-27-05

"On The Value Of A Good Man"

In a day and age when men never hardly ever speak to one another, the art of communication is most needed.  At times we have been taught that women do all of the talking.  I assure you that I have always spoken with men as well as listened to them.  If one were to ask me what motivates me to speak as I do concerning various issues; I would say to the questioner it is the exchange pattern with men who engage in conversation about God, the bible and righteousness.  Unlike those in ages long past in the cultures of men; today's men have been damaged by others who are just not interested in what we have to say, especially about God.  I am not suggesting that women's voices are not important; rather that when men speak; they allow you no choice to misinterpret their intent, be it right or wrong.  If the man is is in error, he is with a determination or tenacity which causes one either to back off in disbelief; or wager a challenge in a warlike manner to defeat his faulty premises.  Our Lord often spoke with men, and I find it interesting that in his exchange with them; He calmly disposed himself to state His case and then allow the man to ponder the argument.  Jesus never lost a valid logical argument.

You may ask, what is John talking about anyway?  My arguments are stated in such a way 'as to win'.  My defense for God's truth is not waged in a feminine mindset.  I do not argue for balance; there is no time for such persuasions in this day and age.  In 1st Corinthians 16:13 Paul says; "be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strongThis phrase appears no where else in scriptures.  "It means, to render one manly or brave; to show one's self a man; that is, not to be a coward, or timid, or alarmed at enemies, but to be bold and brave. We have a similar phrase in common use: "Be a man," or "Show yourself a man;" that is, be not mean, or be not cowardly".  You see, that is why I like talking to men about theology, and divine truth.  They seem to have a way of bringing out the best of my love for Jesus and this wonderful Christian faith.  One has said of these verses; "Alas! how many of the valiant sword-men of the world have showed themselves mere cowards, who have come out of the field with victory, and banners displayed; but after all lived and died slaves at home, slaves to their base lusts! It requires more prowess, more bravery and greatness of spirit, to conquer ourselves, than to command an army of men. Therefore quit ye like men, be strong."  Don't you just love to engage in conversation with men?  They have a way of speaking God's truth that causes you to realize that they left their mother's side and stand firm next to their Fathers

The Power Of The Preached Word

I've always said it; there is nothing like the powerfully proclaimed "word of God".  It will do one of two things.  It will either drive you from it; or draw you to it.  One of the greatest signs of a real preacher is "weather or not he is able to preach a strong word and stand the test of time".  In other words; why is he sharing the message, does he think it will produce anything?  Is he just there for the paycheck?  Is his concern a retirement package?  Does not it take more from the man of God that is under divine influence of God's blessed graceful words?  There is power in the "dissemination of God's blessed words".  We must believe that is true, prior to our teaching it.  If one does not believe that anything will happen in regards to what God has said; why preach in the first place?  Our schools of theology need to get back into the habit of training mighty men of God  to preach instead of training them in the production of carbon copies of managers of religious corporations.  There is great "Power In The Preached Word".  Young pastor in the inner cities; listen to pastor John today.  If you really desire to please our Lord; preach the word in His divine power.  I do not think that there will be much more time left for that purpose in this country.  Allow Him to use your voice and mind as you proclaim "His Majesty's Mandates".  Never fear men; they are passing away; but you know that His word will remain.  "Oh Jesus; give these young men and women the power that they require in order to sustain your divine justice.  Take away the fear that many of them experience as they look on the things that are coming on this earth.  Hold them tight in your hand dear Master; allow them to see as you have allowed me to; your glory and majestic power when preaching the powerful word of God; In Jesus' name A-man and A-man again!!!!!"  Pastor John E. Coleman

After a long day of ministering to a local congregation I found myself visiting a Christian friend and his wife.  They were so kind and offered me dinner and encouragement and challenged me to continue in the work that the Lord has given me to fulfill.  It was really one of the nicest evenings that I had experienced in a very long while.  I had taken up at least three hours of their time and the evening was wearing on; I was thinking about departure when my friend and I started to converse about the recent passing of Oscar Brown Jr.   

Some of the younger people that read this piece may say; Oscar who?  Oscar Brown Jr. was one of African America’s most talented singers and composers of the modern era.  He was known in particular for his unique ways of expressing musical pros in rhythm and rhyme in his bluesy style of down home country; big city swing themes that identified him as one of our greatest lyricists.   He had his unique way of stressing folklore concerning the black community.  My friend and I were privileged just a few months ago to go see him perform live at the “Jazz Bakery” in Los Angeles as he answered the call of the audience to take us to a place through means of his poetic voice.  There is nothing like sitting in a room with Oscar Brown Jr. watching him sing; “Hazel’s Hips”.

My friend and I were relishing in the artful tone of the late Mr. brown when he ask me if I had heard from one of our communities latest super stars, a duo  called “The Ying Yang Twins” who had recorded their latest most popular hit called; “Wait”?  I informed him that I had never heard of such a group.  I then enquired if the group were of Asian background in that I was aware of the symbols and how the terms were used.  My friend smiled and told me “no”.  Then he proceeded to let me listen to what so many of our young people are listening to these days.  I sat in horror as they 9The Ying Yang Twins) whispered phrases that are only uttered by men who have never regarded females for anything other then the filthiest whoredom practices.  After arriving in the studio proceeded to research this group of black men and this is what I found on a web site that features some of their music. 

I am speaking to you parents out there that have lost contact with your children and grand children.  Some of your Christians who are in the age bracket which know of whom I speak would affirm that this is some of the worse kind of material that is devastating for the young minds of our communities.  If you are bold enough to get a copy of the song; listen to it and then ask yourself what tactics would you use to safeguard your children, or grandchildren from this onslaught of deprivation of the arts called hip hop rap.

Here are a few of the comments from this group called “Ying And Yang”.  Lest you think that my friend collects this music to entertain himself; no, far from it.  He came out of this type of background and he like myself listen in order to keep abreast with the industry.  He was one of my researchers in the past in my ministry.  I commend him for allowing me to hear this music in that it keeps me on the cutting edge of commentary.  All comments in “italics” are from the web site mentioned below. 

“The Ying Yang Twins are putting finishing touches on their next release U.S.A. (United States of Atlanta) set to hit stores June 28th. Now, I'm sure you all heard or heard about that hot new track "Wait (The Whisper Song)" were the Twins whisper the entire track over some seductive beats like nobody's done.”  The song is now out and this is the one that you need to check up on your children these days.  They ain’t lying my friends, nobody’s ever done anything like this trash before. 

“As kings of the club circuit, the Ying Yang Twins have ridden their zany, cartoonish personas, witty lyrics and Grade-A production to the top of the charts. The Atlanta-based duo of Kaine and D-Roc released in 2003 its acclaimed third album, the platinum Me & My Brother, which spawned the hits "Salt Shaker," feat. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and "Whats Happnin!," feat. Trick Daddy.”  

The front page of their site goes on to say; "We aim to please everybody, explains Kaine of his group's infectious sound. "All we want to do is keep smiles on everybody's faces.  We make things with a catchy vibe, so that you'll be eager to want to get to know the song.  It's like if you want to holler at a female, you're going to step your mouthpiece up real good before you say what you're getting ready to say to her because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression."  http://universalurban.com/yingyangtwins/ 

You will not believe what I’m saying in this piece until you as Christian parents and responsible adults listen to this satanic number called “Wait”.  After listening to the lyrics of this piece; (you will have to adjust your speakers in order to pick up what they are placing in the minds of your children) you will come to know why we are living in terrible times.  After your young people here music like this; (which are far removed from Oscar Brown’s Hazels Hips) you will realize why we must take the MP3 players from our children; grand children or demand to hear what they are listening to these days.  If not, they too will fall captive to a lifestyle of degraded total depravity.  At the same time; join me in prayer as I pray for these young people who have come up with no idea of who God is and the severe consequences of their sin. Pastor John E. Coleman African American Apologetics / Into The Word Ministries  June 2005

Fair Exchange?

I could not sleep beyond 4AM this morning.  The thought that took my mind captive was a church that would love to listen to music as opposed to the word of God.  I really attempted to justify the use of pragmatic behavior for the fair exchange of the good news. There was nothing in my mind that came close to justifying such behavior.  I love good music also, sure I do, but would I exchange that for the truth of the word?  For me that just does not work.  The greater question is; are we to be entertained as opposed to edified in the blessed word of God?  The psalmist said; "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee". At the same time the Psalmist said; "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" We cannot escape the place of good music in our weekly worship; but at the same time we must never place it above the word of God.  If you know me; you know that I love a good fast song that gives place to the praise of God.  I also love the fact that I can bow my head and worship the Lord in spirit and truth.  I would rather fall under the conviction of God's truth then jump up to the praise of human effort in order to excite me.  To me; that is not a fair exchange.  What woke you up early this morning?  Pastor John E. Coleman

“The Difficult Moments” 

This is a recent picture of Pastor John and Daughter Delia in Chicago for a visit.  I have experienced many ‘Difficult Moments” in my days of sixty plus years.  I’d like to share just one with you.  Why is it important to do this?  I really can’t say at the time that I am writing the piece, I guess I’m just wanting to share with all of my friends.  Can you readily identify those things that make you tick, give you real meaning in life?  Those moments or places or even those people that assisted in making you the person that you have become in your professional career.  Well, it is time for me to fess up.  God did most of the work; but in the early years there was a special young man in my life.  He was there when no one else was available.  He was the other voice whispering in my ear bringing me into the proximity of reality.  Ministry has always been difficult for me, in that I have never been that secure about how things would turn out outside of what the word of God promised me.  Dealing with people had always been difficult, but with his help; I seemed to understand a little bit better. 

We would meet occasionally just to discuss the ministry.  I would ask him what his thoughts were concerning certain decisions that I made, or was about to make.  I was not always asking for my sake; you see I understood at least ninety percent of the things that I did would work.  The other ten percent was to train him in ministry because I had planed to turn everything over to him when it was my time to depart it all.  I recall the time when I was out of town doing ministry and I had him stand in for me to thank a Christian organization for a financial gift on my behalf as I finished up my graduate work.  I received the word that “my stand in” was the perfect match of intelligence articulation and professionalism.  I had chosen well, and was privileged that he had accepted to call to work with me in what was for both our home church.  

We attended conferences together from time to time.  He was as a son to me.  We had started to look the part.  I was loving the whole thing.  Two African American men college educated, families close to one another; just a match made in heaven; you would have had to see us operate together to know that the Lord was doing something in the life of the ministry that God had called us into. 

My difficult time came when I could no longer function with him at my side.  My whole ministry took a turn for the worse.  Crash after crash; choosing poor counterfeits replica’s of what he had become.  Rebuilding was very difficult.  I no longer trusted working with practically anybody.  I had turned sour for years to follow after those golden moments, those years of early ministry.  As I reflect upon the positive aspect of that relationship I would like to share with you some very important lessons.  Mind you, I did not do the things that I now admit.  Perhaps there is someone out there making the same mistakes I did in a young man’s life.  There are consequences for making the wrong choices.  I would pray that these five aspects in ministry will protect many of you from making the same mistakes I made back in the day.  In respect to your second in command; always. .  

(1)   Always attempt to retain a close honest relationship with your second in command by telling them how much you really appreciate their work with you.  It is difficult being the second men, and very talented.  (Keep in mind, I am a difficult person to follow)

(2)   Ask them for their suggestions and then implement them as you see that it may take a little more time; but realize that their suggestions can be very helpful if not immediately surely in the near future.  (All is not lost)

(3)   Leave town for a week or two and let him run things; trust in his ability to lead and don’t try to hold on to the whole operation.  (Really trust him on this one)

(4)   Never fear loving your second in command.  Entreat him as a dear son; for in doing so, you have developed a lasting friendship. (If he is number one let him know it all of the time, and never betray that place you have placed him in)

(5)   Ask him to forgive you for being so foolish, and then roll with the punch that he gives you in order to see him get better at what he does the best.  (Keeping in mind, that your first choice was the right choice in the first place

I know, doing ministry is a risky thing these days; but I’m speaking from experience.  I had read books while in graduate school that spoke of these things; but when ministry is teaching you day by day; you can become distracted.  My difficult moment is that I miss the guy a lot.  Our late night talks, the way that we laughed at the funniest things; watching his children grow up; fusing about things that both of us thought we knew was best for the church, for the ministry; boys will be boys!  Yea; the difficult moments have come and gone.  I’m the older guy today.  I am yet involved in ministry, and a darn great one at that.  I have people all around me, young and older alike,  another great young man that I respect a heck of a lot.   But my life is missing the personality that assisted me during those difficult years of early ministry. 

If any of you out there know who I’m talking about, you know I’m right about it.  God was building a team of two African American men that were able to lead and demonstrate how it worked in our community.  I do not believe that I will ever get another chance at it again exactly like that.  The earth has turned on its axis a few times and life has changed both of us.  Recently I’ve been praying for a few people from ministry in the past, and God has placed him on my heart.  It is a difficult moment for me, but one that I’m glad that I could share with you.  Thanks for letting me reflect aloud. 

Pastor John E. Coleman 9PM on a Thursday night 2005

“Been There, Done That”

Pain has become my teacher as I analyze my Christian experience.  I weigh my life by the amount of pain that I’ve experienced.  Does that seem a little strange to you?  Is it the normal thing for a Pastor to speak like this?  Well; allow me to share the benefit of experiencing pain.  I’ve come to know as a Christian how not to allow people to affect me anymore.  One quality that I would change if possible in times past in my life would be the ability to let it all go, never to give it (whatever it may be) another thought; to drop it right where it was.  Learning how to listen and then let it go has freed me from the pain of human attraction, even as a Christian.  I have discovered this through the grace and mercy of my living Lord; who has revealed to me that he alone is God; and that I do not have to deal with the pain of the human stain. 

We have been taught that we needed to listen to the other person and consider his plight.  Not true my friend, is the answer to that one; only listen to the blessed word of God; and to its recommendations which benefit your progressive standing with a Lord that cares for you.  (Keeping in mind that the relationship that you have may not necessarily be the same with the other person) Does this appear to be selfish; well it is; but you will live far longer then those fools that keep pretending to assist in others lives; when in reality God has fixed a time and place for everything.  It may be time for you to jump ship in order to save your own life.  (hear me out now before you jump to conclusions)  The Lord is the one that listens to others plights; not you or me.  Now as for me; if I counsel; I lead others in the direction of the word of God; I present line and verse; a smile now and then; but beyond that, nothing.  I have learned to leave the results to God alone.  (Now I have time to go to dinner or to a movie, I may even take a friend with me right?) 

I take Philippians 2:1-8 as a course to follow these days.  Lets analyze these few verses and see where it leads.  Verses 1-2 speaks of us being in the same mind.  Not minding the same things.  There’s a great difference between the two.  Paul is not suggesting that we eat the same foods; come to the same political decisions, mind the same sports gear; no, not at all; but what is he suggesting to us?  Here the text implies a common partnership in Christ; not in assisting others in seeing what you see about God.  Most of my ministerial life has been an attempt to get people to see things in the way that the Lord has revealed Himself to me.  Listen to me today my friends, how foolish I’ve been over these many years.  What an impossible task. 

How might one maintain the same love; as Paul speaks about if they have never experienced that love in their lives?  (or any love to that degree)  Impossible, unless God performs a miracle and places His love deep in their hearts.  If He has not done this; why would I persist in sharing this love to them?  An insane person would continue to attempt to teach a snake not to bite if he has poison in his sacks.  Paul continues in verse “2” and says; “united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”  Stop laughing friends; now do you get me.  Throughout my ministry; I’ve met people that say one thing; only to reveal that they are not united with me in too much of anything.  (Keeping in mind I love them forever) 

The Christian community is not honest about almost anything these days.  Look at Philippians 2:3a if you will; “Do nothing from selfish empty conceit.”   Now think with me, do you know people in the church that only live in order to place themselves at the head of committees, leadership positions and the like; and if they do not get there ways they attempt to devastate the other person whom they say that they love.  Today’s church is full of these kinds of people.  Continue to read the verse.  “But with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself.”   You know I really looked for these qualities in the church only to find that the human stain is throughout the whole of those that profess Christ.  I have opened my heart to brothers over the years; believing that the intent of ministry was to further the Lord Jesus Christ and His goals and agendas.  This has always been in the forefront of my mind when I do ministry.  I have come to the very rude awakening that most people in ministry are in it for the “kudos” that come their way.  Many have entered ministry for personal gain; selfish prideful acclimates.   There’s not a thought of our Lord in the whole of the upward mobility of many that enter into “ministry”.  The sole concern in most of what is called ministry is about how “big” I can get with my “stuff”.  (Can you believe that, and most of these people call themselves Christians?)  This is not just business; it is “Monkey Business”; and the “Apes” are running the zoo. 

Their buildings are in their own names.  They have safeguards in the ministry against the very people that are working with them in ministry; for they know what they are capable of doing if they (the owners) are crossed.  Many of these guys have their family members involved in the ministry with them, for in many cases they can only trust those that sleep in the same house with them.  (I’ve learned that you had better keep your eyes on those rascals also

Lets move on down to Philippians 2:4 “do not merely look out for your own personal interest, but also on the interest of others.”  I find it strange that most commentators will not address this verse in there notes.  First of all, let me establish that the bible is not speaking about doing business in the proper way.  Stop it silly guy; this was not the intention of the writ in the first century.  I would also ask you to keep in mind that the intent of the writ does not change in the two thousand years that it has survived.  Let me give you the rendering within its proper context. 

“If you ate this morning, and it was brought to your attention that your Christian brother had nothing to eat; you would make sure that he also had some breakfast.”  It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that we Christians are a loving people that cannot rest easy if we understand that a good brother or sister in the faith has special needs.  It was these kinds of ideas that made American society great in the past.  You see; these ideas prompted the social service system that has now become a mad house of the “Gimmies”.  Give me this for free, give me that for nothing, I’ve got a right to get it! 

Moving down to Philippians 2:5; we see a continuation of the thought of having the right kind of mind.  “have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.”  I have often thought within my mind; why is it that others do not think as I do?  I have always taken this verse within its literal meaning of the text.  I have forever ask my Lord to place within me His mental realm.  I’ve desired to think as He would think about things in this life.  I would think it plausible that all other Christians think the same as I do about life right?  Wrong again John?  “Oh Lord, not wrong again, please. . . are there none that believe as I believe? 

Philippians 2:6-8 speaks of Christ’ life as an example to all Christians.  You see; I was in the emptying of myself for others.  That is where I went astray.  Only Jesus can do that.  A mis-application on my behalf.  I have learned through pain never to tread that soil again.  If you read of me taking a weekend vacation alone; going into the mountains, watching the sunset from a hotel overlooking the Pacific; it is simply because I have the time and space to do it.  People will always have their problems.  God can solve them when the person with the problem cast all of their cares on Him.  I truly hope that He cares for them.  As for me, I care, but not to the extent of exasperation.  I’ve been there and done that.                                   Pastor John E. Coleman June 2, 2005

It's My Choice

Wanting that which God says we cannot have is what leads to sin in many Christian's lives.  When God places restrictions on our lives; He does it for the best of reasons, we may not see it right away, but in the long run they are best. For example; why would I desire a large church, fancy car, beautiful lady at my side and the best of all things if God has another plan for my life?  Would I become bitter, angry and then flat out disobedient?   If we are not content with all that God says is best for us we must attempt to give a better reason; for our next adventure into sinful practices.  You may argue and say that if you work hard enough for the stuff of this world, that you have a right to obtain a better status in order to live the good life.  To many in today's church that argument works.  The way to judge your appetite is to weigh it through the grid of contentment; Godly contenment.  Would you agree with me that God has the right to determine the destiny of each of His children?  There are many who claim to be called by the name of Christ who demand their independence from God's sovereign rule.  This world has an appeal that far outweighs the obedient factor.

We fall into this category at times by means of being introduced into lifestyles that are forbidden to God's children.  Recently I attended a summer party.  I was invited by a lady friend.  I thought that it would just be a gathering of professional people styling their stuff.  To my surprise I was in the company of a large group of people that were all about getting more.  As I sat to the side and watched the faces of many of the people that attended the event; I witnessed the other world.  The citizens of this world lived for the moment.  I began to ask myself if that is who I really was?  Oh come on now, the glitter and the fame and the desire to be accepted by the whole of the group was ever present; but in the heart of the Christian there is an innate desire to please Christ, to be as He would have me to be.  As I drove away long before the sun faded into the west; I asked myself the question; "What do you really desire John; God's biblical restrictive lifestyle, or the freedom to take life to the next level?"

Freedom carries with it tremendous responsibility.  The final analysis will find me choosing God and His restrictions.  Now, what about you?  Is it fair to state that each of us has these kinds of choices to make everyday of our lives?  Don't let the "Son" catch you crying.  Pastor John E. Coleman

“A Magnificent Miracle”

By John E. Coleman / Apologist 

Jesus comes to the living planet and demonstrates the how’s of ministry for three years in His ministerial life.  He dies.  Some say that His death was shameful, while others say it was orchestrated by God himself as He affirms the work of the messiah.  Would we dare question those ageless methods that our Savior manifested?  Are his methodologies outdated, antiquated and eventually eliminated from our frame of biblical reference as we strive for new pyridines for establishing and procuring church growth?  The question facing us today is a simple one.  Have we the right to choose, attempt to try, or investigate or contrive efforts that do not fully comply with the methods that Jesus has set forth in the gospels to bring about salvation? 

What does the bible say about the development of a group of disciples that are called by the name of Christ?  Are their direct instructions which cannot be inferred as subjective approaches to the numerical growth of a Christian Fellowship?  The bible states that Jesus said; “If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24  The first question that I am to ask as a pastor is a simple one.  Have I determined if those that come and place themselves under the direction of my leadership have given themselves to the requirement that Jesus has communicated?  Am I as a Pastor to I feed the flock those material needs without providing them with the spiritual needs as well?  Is our gathering for the purpose of happy times in the land of the free alone? 

The answer is no.  Even though there is a real need for the material, and a little fun now and then, Christianities primary objective is the spiritual nurture of those that claim they believe in the absolute authority of scripture.  The ultimate objective of every Believer is to come into contact with God on His terms, these terms are arrived at through the mediation of the sacred standard of the Holy Word of God.  I would propose that all of the evidence required to qualify this righteous life is seen in how each individual lives from day to day.  The question persist; it is very easy to live this life?  Firstly one has to believe it with all their heart and soul that the bible is authoritative.  We demonstrate this belief by how we live.  It is as simple as that.  Pastor John E. Coleman May 2005

“Opportunist Extreme”                  By Pastor John E. Coleman

There was a time in this great city Los Angeles; when most of the restaurants, hotels, cafes and eating establishments had black chefs cooking and serving tables.  There was a time when you could not travel across the country on our railroad services from coast to coast twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and could not find black men and women serving and cleaning, and shinning shoes of white, black and brown people.  There was a time in not only this city, but in this grand country when black people bought homes that were financed through the hard labor and toil of long work weeks as the citizens of my community worked around the clock cleaning buildings downtown, uptown, across town and out of town, to make their life work for their children, family and neighborhood. 

I understand that there was discrimination; racism, and hatred against my black brothers and sisters, but we prevailed, we proceeded to make headways in this great land of ours by taking an awful lot of mess from people simply because we had no other course to take.  I am fully aware that that time is over and done with.  Black people are just as and in some cases more educated then many whites in this country.  Just think about this one; I have three earned degrees from recognized institution, and the highest is a Masters Degree; and I’m no slave.  We as a people can be very proud of the fact that there are more African American Millionaires in our country then in anytime in history past.  We have achieved certain statuses that other minorities while under the same tensions have folded in their efforts to survive.  African American people have always been a resourceful community offering advantages in practically every field of endeavor through out the history of this great nation.   

But lets really deal in reality as we address Mexico’s President Fox’s statement concerning the African Americans refusal to work at certain occupations as opposed to our Hispanic neighbors who shows a willingness to do so.  I just think that some body needs to set the record straight.  In a speech Friday, Fox praised the dedication of Mexicans working in the United States, “saying they're willing to take jobs that "even blacks" won't do.” 

Answer the question for me in light of what I have stated.  Do you find many African Americans working in those positions mentioned above?  If you do not see many of my African American brothers and sisters in those job categories; why not?  We cannot deny history; there was a time when Black people did most of “that kind of work”, why not at this present time, why won’t many of my people take these kind of jobs?  Are they (the jobs) demeaning or something?  Is it that we are not being hired to do this kind of work?  If I needed a job; would I take one of cleaning up hotel room; cleaning toilets, frying fries for somebody’s lunch, washing cars at a car wash?  Would you as an African American take on some of this kinds of jobs, and if not, why not? 

I really don’t get it.  What did President Fox say that was out of line.  The facts speak for themselves.  We do not find many African Americans in these types of employment, at least not in this city of Los Angeles where I live and do life day to day.  The shift is even taking place in the fast food shops all across the city.  Hispanics run most of the burger places and their employees are mainly Hispanic.  And let me say this; when some of the shops in the inner city was run by African American’s the places were; well let me be as nice as I can. 

If the so called Reverends Jackson and Sharpton don’t have anything needful to do; they should at least find something reputable to speak about as opposed to demeaning a group of people that are trying to survive by doing what most American’s feel beneath themselves to do.  May the Lord continue to bless any person that cares for the needs of others, be they Hispanic or African American.  You would expect the black preacher to affirm hard work, done in a decent fashion, as opposed to two trouble makers that claim to speak for a majority of people that see them for what they really are; a laughing stock who operate as OPPORTUNIST EXTREME.


The Changing Of Our Church

 What happed to the common kind of faith?  As we focus on the changing world that we live in, we must ask the question as to why the church as we know it today is in a state of constant change?  Aren’t you annoyed that at every turn of the compass, we seem to change the way that the church defines itself?  Is there an answer for these sudden drastic changes?  Do we see this as only some simple cultural shift or is there a searching heart in each of us as we seek to give a definition of this change?  This article will attempt to qualify that there has to be another answer other than the trite solutions that many in our culture has arrived at in the fast few years.  As I attempt to give some of the reasons, I would ask that you the reader use a discerning mind as you attempt to determine for yourself the validity of these dangerous changes.  This article will also cause many of you to re-think your analysis of our current church situation which has become a financial institutions, smart marketing management schemes that seeks spread its influence throughout the majority of our African American churches. 

The First Question: What’s wrong with change?  First of all nothing is.  Change is good if there is a real necessity for it.  I was taught as a young man that one ought not change the system if it could care for itself.  We have given ourselves over to a change agent mentality.  This kind of thinking comes from the heart of a philosophical system from the pen of “Hegel”.  Born 1770 and died in 1831 he postulated an idea that has taken root in most African American churches today.  His teachings involve a particular philosophical  dialectic.  He would propose that if one communicates to a certain degree their ideas, that those that oppose will eventually come to be forced to agree with the direction of the compromising aspect of the subject matter being discussed.   Allow me to provide an example of how these ideas appear in reality.

Come up with a particular problem that you may be faced with.  Lets say that that problem is a lack of finance for a certain project that you have before you.  You have a large group of people at your disposal, you need these individuals to get on board  with your idea, in order to alleviate your problem.  For the past few weeks they have not been able to get the picture.  You have reached your wits end, what can you do.  Then it comes to you in a flash; an idea that is just too good to pass up.  You get a few friends that agree with your situation of needing the finances, you might even promise them a place on the board of your fantastic idea.  You them meet and work out a plan that will force the others into conformity.  This idea of yours is established on the premise that “God” told you to place this plan into motion. (Keeping in mind that African American people are prone to follow something if God’s name is attached to it.)  This is phase one of the process; keep in mind, that the masses must be brought into this “process” without their knowing what you are doing to them. 

The leaders of your group promises to work with you in this process,(these individuals become your facilitators constantly moving your ideas upon the group through any means necessary) keep  in mind that they have a vested interest in this project.  The spiritual basis for the establishment of the association has nothing to do with the whole idea.  The bottom line is for the “process” to take place in the massive body of people that they alone will become the caretakers for the prosperity of this new venture.  Keeping in mind, that the whole elementary factor is to get the “money”.  The “money is what promotes the project, so the “process now is important.  Another major key is that the common people, the people that will fund the project should never suspect what is being put over on them. 

The Problem:  You have a person like me that is thinking about everything.  I listen to every word that is being stated.  I not only listen, I also ask questions concerning what every statement implies.  If I am not clear on a subject, I pose it in such a way that I ask others to think along with me on this idea that the leaders are asking  us to invest in.  I have been this way my whole life.  I know that the Lord made me this way.  It will be very difficult for these people to change my mind in terms of my thinking process.  What do you suppose these men have to do with me now? 

Their Solution:  It comes in the form of silencing my objections.  The leaders has to turn the people away from the thought processes that I may be raising as I suggest further investigation into this money scene, or is it a scheme?  (You see, in a strange way, I picked up that most of the work is done by us poor folks that are asked to constantly add to the pool that never seems to fill up.  These leaders must now silence me in that I have become a threat to their survival.  (Got to add something here, keep in mind that this process took place in communist China, Russia and most other dictatorshipsHegel would say that the “state is the reality of the mind’s process.”  Just as these leaders would have to regulate what the masses think, or even intend to do as they attempt to control the masses intellect.  In this case; the money for the church leaders madness. 

My Reaction To Their Intimidation:  In that I am aware of what they are attempting to do, I hold my ground.  In a free society, I am called a trouble maker.  I’m seen as a lone ranger, one that does not follow the herd instinct.  In a little bit, others around me begin to think in the same pattern of thought.  Now the leaders has to do something to get rid of me.  I have become dangerous to their survival.  I must be cast aside as insane.  My mind has to come to the state of being re-programmed, others are convinced that I’m not to be listened to at all.  In good time I am thrown out of the group all together.  Those leaders have accomplished, I have been scandalized, ill spoken of and basically make an outcast.   

I have just defined for you my friend the Hegelian Dialectic.  It’s passion is sought in the dismantling of common ideas for the sake of the general masses working towards the slavery of the people who blindly and without thought work hand in hand in this new and dangerous process.  Christian apologetics must now fight to disarm this terror that has taken over the church.  Either we come to know that this process is attempting to bring destruction to the whole church by manipulating them into a user friendly mentality, or we must become engaged in the fight of the century for the life of the very Christ that Christ came to die for. 

Will you stand with me as I speak loudly and proclaim that the process is evil.  We must take courage and confidence and put forth a constant diligent effort to speak against these evils when they come into our inner city churches.  If you have seen this process at work in your local church; it is time for you to exit the property.  By listening to sermons and sound advice on this web site you will come to know that any system that denies one of their free right to think beyond the false deceitful schemes that men invent has to be anti Christ. 

Pastor John E. Coleman May 2005

Reflections Of A Concerned African American Pastor  May 2005

I am satisfied with my calling.  At times I fret heavily concerning my private life, my fate so to say.  The lack of Pastor friends that I once had and much more.  The loneliness of doing ministry in the solo lane.  Not being able to find a real friend at times to share my sorrows with, and on and on and on.  Ministry can become draining to me at times.  I do want to quit flat out and never be heard from again.  And then it happens, the Lord speaks to my heart through a message, sound clip or thought that He would give me.  I find myself placing it up on the site and the next thing I know, someone is being blessed tremendously by it.  This is what ministry is to me.  I am sharing the fact that if God had not called me to do these things, I would find myself in a very different field of work. 

As you come to the site, I would ask you to seek a deeper look into my heart.  Seek to hear what I am attempting to say to many out there that will never listen to a strong sermon, one that calls it's listeners to repent, change their behavior, and to trust in the God of the Bible.  You will find that that I will not get on the band wagon with many other Christian organizations as they fight against the homosexual construct.  I do not believe that sinners hear the voice of God in the first place.  This does not mean that I do not dis-agree with them; it simply states that their involvement in my life implies nothing.  The same would be true of those political organizations that are positioning themselves to lead people that have no thought of doing anything for God.  As an African American male, I feel deeply that my community is on the verge of destruction.  There are forces in and outside working against the black community in ways that we would never imagine.  Let me provide just one example of what I'm saying.

There are hundreds of black men in this country that would love to gain a theological education from an accredited institution, or one that will take the time and train these men of God to take back their inner city churches.  I read from some of the men of faith in other communities that they have made tremendous inroads in Eastern Europe by setting up churches; educating men from the other side of the world, and hailing this as some great feat of God.  To shame I say.  Right in our own back yards; there are men of color that have no idea what the bible says. 

They will not listen to me; simply because I'm black.  This stigma has been taught for generations in my community.  If I know it; others know it.  The greater question is; do my white Christian brothers see what I see?  Are they concerned enough to respond by way of scholarships for those men that really cannot afford to pay for themselves?  It strikes me kind of funny that many of my white brothers will send literally hundreds of thousands of dollars around the world; or to sponsor South American Missions and never think outside of a few home grown blacks; that African American men require assistance in gaining a fifty thousand dollar education.  You know what I'm talking about people.  Lets stop playing these games.  I'm not angry or anything like that; I was just thinking about these things.  There appears to be somewhat of a contradiction; that is to me. Pastor John E. Coleman 

    “Nominal; At Best”

I’m telling you it never fails in my community.  One can murder his brother; castrate his booking agent, rape his girlfriend, escape from jail, rag on righteousness for the sake of a good laugh from the comedy club crowd and still get into God’s good Heaven.  I have seen it time and time again.  Black people who sling dope; slaughter all hope and drag “em” down the street with the KKK’s rope and hope for God’s Heaven at the end of a retched life? 

I’ve seen them on the tube; heard them on the ear phones through our young people’s headsets on the way to schools; I’ve heard them on the news spouting all of their foul views, slamming and bamming, cursing and at worse flirting with another man’s wife or another woman’s man; and I swear in the very next phrase praising God for His connection with their foul lives?  Celebrity Christianity has taken off in Hollywood, Oh tensile town; Los Angeles, the place where you can say anything, do almost anything and still make your way into God’s Heaven?  We see it in the lives of “black star” figures all of the time.  These people are known for their pistol toting; sex stroking morally broken up lives smeared all over magazines and television screens, and then with a scream demand to be placed into the Christian’s eternal place called Heaven when they die?   

When then they sling there mud; speak their crud; bank their loot, hang out with the beautiful people; not giving a hoot simply because they have made a name for themselves, live on the top of the hill and come to be successful by dealing in the Devil’s deals, these rambunctiously successful people have the audacity to call on a preacher to determine if they shall be escorted into the Christian’s Heaven?  “I got shoes, you got shoes, all of God’s children got shoes . . . When we get to heaven, gonna put on our shoes and walk all over God’s Heaven, Heaven; Heaven Lord, everybody talking bout heaven ain’t going there, heaven . . .” 

I cannot ever be the final judge as to where a man or woman will spend eternity.  No man can claim that place.  Yet; there is one thing that I do know.  The bible says that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.  His greatest case was lead by his dream team.  His hatred for a man named Mark was noted by camera world wide.  He used the sloppy work of the LAPD to pronounce as innocent a man that is known for being the father of the “Freeway Chase Syndrome” which had never taken place in the country until OJ ran.  No one has ever determined who murdered the mother of two children.  He hung out with the rich and famous; defended the most notorious rich black personalities in the news and sports world against a discriminatory Police Department.  He had his own famous Television show, where he mockingly alluded to the law and how it works.  And to conclude his illustrious life; The good Reverend  Epps will eulogize his soul to the Christian’s Heaven?  My grand Mother coined this term and it shall ever remain in my mind; “Lord Have Mercy!”

The Right Or Privilege To Judge

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the simplicity of Christian explanation offered by others of the many false teachers that have taken over in this purpose driven movement.  I attempt to resolve in my mind what identifies one as a Christian as I listen to the various discourses offered by evangelical leaders.  Years ago it was not difficult to detect who was saved or not saved.  It appears that many in the evangelical camp desires to retain friendships with the world over the place of the authority of God’s blessed word which clearly states what qualifies a person as being saved.  For the bible says plainly in 1st Corinthians 12:3 “Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit.”  In this maze of contradiction and uncertainty I thought that I would again go to the scriptures and allow them to speak for me.   

The bible also says in 1st John 2:23 “Whosoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.”  I think it strange that the so called leaders of Christianity in America refuse to manifest a stern and steady voice in one accord that those who do not name the name of Christ in biblical form are not saved.  Leaders such as Dr. John MacAurhur Jr., Chuck Swindal, Dr. D James Kennedy, R.C. Sprol, Dr. John Piper, Dr. Adrain Rodgers just to name a few are among these that need to state as Paul did in Romans 10:10 “For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”.  Not to mention the great biblical seminaries all around this country that attempt to train young pastors to speak the truth to the people of God as they take over leadership positions in this new purpose driven society. 

I do not expect many of our Black Pastors to jump into the controversy, many of my dear brothers are too busy attempting to retain the pastorate from being hijacked by their wives.  The condition of today’s church is more than serious; it is far less then Christ intended for those that are truly called by His name.  Let me place the question on the table for everyone to weigh for themselves.  Is it possible for a person that calls themselves a Pastor to set aside the bible and resurrect another gospel; while in the “process” deceiving hundreds of thousands of true believers, lessoning the biblical content to the degree that their has been a re-making, re-thinking or re-inventing if you will of the message that once qualified one as saved?  Is it possible for persons such as this to enter into God’s Holy Heaven?  This is the question that I set forth in this paper. 

I do not believe that it takes a rocket scientist to answer this question.  Let me make it easier for those of you that may feel that a new theological treaties must be concocted in order to arrive at your answer.  The question without ambiguity sounds like this; “Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, books, mentality and programs, are they of God?  If they are not of God, and he calls himself a Pastor sent of God, can it be inferred that Rick is a Christian and going to heaven when he dies?  The question is deserving of a simple Yes or No. 

If you really want to hear something stupid; read or listen to the leading evangelicals answer on their radio and ministry presentations.  You would think that they are all drinking out of the same cistern.  Just a simple yes or no is all that I need to hear from these leaders of the American Christian Church.  Why have I presented this question, at this time?  Good question, here is my answer.  Of a certainty I know that the Lord is in my heart. I know it.  I do not chance at some new discovery in light of some “new beginning”, I love Him so much that I could never teach such blasphemous doctrinal foolishness as Hybels, Warren, and Robert Schuller, see; I called and named names.  I would proceed and say that the whole system of “Purpose” is devilish, hellish and full of human accomplishments.  The teachers that further these teachings are headed for hell.   

The men mentioned above; whom I use to frequent their radio ministries with respect will not say what I’ve said.  I need to know why, why won’t they state the case as it is, to prove themselves as none compromisers?   I’ve been taught in their seminaries and most of what I was taught is truth.  Why would they continue to sell and barter for the Christian dollar without making an allegiance with a Pastor like myself and come against these monsters in drag called “Christian Leaders”?  Sure I have heard some of the responses of men like Dr. MacArthur, but no condemnation of the leaders of these “Purpose” and compromising movements.  It is as if they are holding their breath to see what will be the outcome of this new phenomena called ‘Purpose Driven Church’. 

It is one thing to tell the people that you pastor that the teaching lacks biblical clarity and that it might be what one calls ‘light Christianity’; there is a far more important issue facing us today.  The ambiguity of meaning when one is confronted with a true definition of what a Christian really is.  Would or could a true Christian teach false doctrine in the light of the Holy Scriptures, rightly defined through exegetical expositional expressions?  The answer is simply no, one could not be qualified as a believer. 

When I state that one is speaking with ambiguity my premise is that they are saying that “there is more then one correct meaning of a thing”.  It is not a simple mistake of ‘accent’, meaning that the statement because of a particular tone of language that might be uncertain has been employed.  Let me put it to you this way; “I know what I just heard you say, and you did not say anything”.  There is no uncertain stress on the words that I speak; though I do not appreciate the so called leaders of evangelicals who suppose to speak for the masses of Christians that speak process equivocation to a person like myself that fully realize the meaning of the term “saved”.  It is insulting to one’s intelligence, it is insulting to me. 

It is not my purpose to levy ‘ad hominem’ attacks on anyone.  You know my style; I just desire clarification.  Why is it so difficult for any of us as Christians to say what God has said?  Why are we so frightened to say that someone or even ourselves might be in danger of a burning hell?  Everyone that says they are going to heaven are not headed in that direction.  See; Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven.”  I am cautioned in my own faulty human estimate.  There is a very good possibility that my thoughts about a certain thing can disqualify me from my Lord; See; Psalm 5:6 “You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.” 

As far as the scriptures are concerned, I shall allow them to speak for themselves; Ephesians 5:6 “let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.”  Who are these sons that Paul speaks so boldly about?  Paul gives a complete description of some of the deeds in the verses above.  In verse ‘4’ Paul speaks of “foolish talking”.  If you have read these false teachers books (Purpose Driven); you note right away that it is foolish; these are a few indications that these teachers are not going to heaven.  If we are going to boast about our preaching the bible; preach all of it about all of the people.  It appears that we are at times attempting to protect an office.  The office of Pastor needs no protection; the people of God need protection from those that preach a selective message with the pretense of compassionate concern.  I’m compassionate when I bring a message to the Church that we all need to think rightly in that we have become dull of hearing; that my friend is real compassion. 

We ought not raise a question as to our ability to change these false teachers; they are receiving their reward; 2nd Timothy 4:14 “Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works”.  In this verse we see that Paul understood what the result of the false teacher is all about.  Paul himself never sought to change someone from their evil; only to warn God’s people about their games. 

We must get back into the habit of stating the case as it is.  As difficult as it may appear; hell is not a bad idea.  It keeps me on a straight and narrow path for sure.  I’d hate having to go there for not telling you what I’ve been commissioned to disclose.  Let us never fear calling it like it is.  Lean not to men who are attempting to protect their “stuff”.  Trust me, if one is so attached to keeping what he has acquired; and if God has not co-signed for him to retain it, his reward will be lessoned in glory.  Our Lord will not reward us for our keeping in the neutral zone; rather we receive a great reward for the great affection that we find when choosing to do the difficult in a world that will never see the right and the privilege to judge correctly.   Pastor John E. Coleman BA, MA  

“The Failure To Authenticate”

The question facing the Black community is not weather it will survive the threats of devastation that has attacked it on every front; the issues that confront the black community today is one of human integrity and decency.  What are those qualities that guarantee the continuance of cultural and ethnic identity?  The answer is a simple one; “The Black Family”.  The construct of family is the stable in any decent society.  That nuclear unit of father mother and child not withstanding those other significant relatives that assist in the maturation processes of the young for the strengthening of the core unit which carries the DNA of each family unit in our community; those vital building blocks that establish and maintain community stability.

“Do You Remember”  

The Johnson Family live on the corner  , the house with the brown dog that barks all night long.  That family with the tall son that plays basketball all day long in the park during the summer months; and he seemed to never miss a shot.  The Coleman clan, with that high moral father; the preacher that has the two daughters that never got into trouble; and the mother that used to smile all of the time when we waved at her.  The Grigbys who never had children but had the largest Christmas celebration each year as their family which consisted of neighbors on the block packed out their front room on Christmas and New Year.  Oh and do you remember Sally Ann; she ran away from home for some reason that we never could figure out because her family never spoke to anyone about their private situations.  Remember when she just came home and met miss Sue at the supermarket and helped her with her bags of groceries without mentioning a word that she was back home to stay?

 How about Old lady Miss Grace who always had apple pies for the graduating seniors every year.  Oh my, those pies were the best.  She passed away and the whole block attended the funeral, and everybody had only good words to say; there wasn’t a dry eye in Pastor Coleman’s small church which sat on the corner of Tenth and Laden Place.  I must say; we were all proud when Jeffery Taylor our own little book worm on the block went on to college and returned only to continue as a councilman in our very own small community.  You remember him don’t you?  He married that girl that no one ever thought would land a husband.  Every eligible young lady in the neighborhood went to the wedding and fell on their faces as the new Mrs. Taylor threw the flowers in the pond in the park where they married.  Yes, I remember those events as if they happened just yesterday.  And look at my community today.  I am proud to say . . . .

 Back To Reality:

Oh no, I cannot continue with the account.  I am not too proud of what I see in my community today.  My community is in disarray.  There are no longer men at the head of most of our families.  There is a great difference between a man and a male that spews sperm; makes babies without being responsible for their lives.  Mothers with single children; totally frustrated.  Children without proper roll models male or female.  Some of the ladies have attempted to take on the role of men; only to fail with our young men.  You see; a young man cannot gain those helpful insights from ladies about how to be the “Right kind of man”.  Women hating men and men treating women as some estranged sex object.  Our children now have ambition to be the most disgusting example of young adulthood.  The African American Culture that I write about is all but gone in the Black community.  We have produced a generation of totally depraved young people that have no idea what decency consist of.  Our children are having sex just for the sake of filling in time.  Most of them have never seen their fathers love his wives; or mothers that have respect for her dear husbands.  The young people have no idea what love is simply because they have never experienced it in their environment.  Now they go to comedy clubs to hear black men and women berate each other as animals; the result is to laugh at the tragedy of what has become of our community.  This is most disgusting.   

The minds of our young people like that of their parents before them has been filled with the lie that having more stuff is what brings meaning to their existence.  They have listened to their parents fight; argue and “cuss each out” by using language that a drunk sailor would not use in public; then to part company simply because neither had enough love for each other to go through difficult times and know that things would naturally get better if they just hung in the relationship and trusted in a God who would survive them through the temporary setbacks.  These kids have grown up in a world where they do not hear their parents pray and say; tomorrow things will be better. 

They had never seen Mommy and Daddy hug each other and weep together when things got tight as they tugged for the children to invite them into the warm fresh feelings of love and compassion.  Their little minds were filled with BET, Rap artist, the latest fad, the thug brother and sister who beat each other down; and flash a gun in the face of another little brother to claim spanning rights as wild animals in the middle of a jungle.  The young people’s music echoes their frustration as they now see relationships as nothing but wild sex, drinking parties; without regard for God, morality or decency. 

Oh Lord!  What have we done?  How did we let this situation get so far out of hand?  Is there any hope of our community re-gaining their rightful place in the American mainstream?  We cannot say that our problem is a lack of money or food.  We are the richest black people on God’s planet today.  We drive the latest cars, dress in the most fashionable clothes, we head large companies; mega churches and have the largest amount of millionaires in the history of the African American population.  We win Oscars; star in our own TV shows.  We lead in the field of sports in almost every field.  We have overcome the most difficult trial of racism called slavery that has ever been placed on a people.  Yet; it appears that we have not advanced in our small infrastructure called “The Hood”; the place where most of us live from day to day.  Having all of the stuff that affords successful progression we have failed to authenticate ourselves as a people worthy of recognition. 

No Premium On Ignorance

One cannot avoid the need of a complete biblical education.  Today, many men of God claim that they do not have to study in order to know what the bible teaches.  I have an answer for that; 'Tommyrot".  I am not saying that one cannot preach or teach without gaining a higher education, but I am supporting the fact that people like to know that their Pastor / Teacher has put forth an effort to gain a theological education if he stands before them speaking about the wonderful things of God.  The day that I received my Masters was a day that was full of joy.  I had finally finished years of day and night school while working full time for the City of Los Angeles, as well as being pastor of a good sized church.  The church did not pay for my degree; Lucy and I paid for it.  The benefits of my education is that now many of you will be able to glean from the conservative biblical insights that I obtained from Godly men that would never compromise the scriptures.  That is the way it was when I graduated.  Today; well that is song that has a far different tune.  I would advise the student of the word to investigate so called theological institutions that have strayed from the course.  Beware of those schools that speak of third wave ideas and charismatic involvement.  Dr. James Roscup was my professor when I took a class in the study of Genesis.  As a matter of fact; that was my first Seminary class.  It was there where I gleaned the wonderful truths of Old Testament.  He now teaches at the Master's Seminary under the leadership of Dr. John MacArthur.  Seek out these kinds of institutions.  Those that hold steady to the course of biblical authenticity.  For you that cannot afford a good theological education; keep on preaching.  Read those good text that will assist you in the language and grammar as you transliterate the text properly.  For in doing so; you gain the clear meaning of a meaty text; NOW FEED THE FLOCK OF GOD of which you have been made overseer!

Connect with countless others who have come to this site in order to search out the truth concerning a mass of false teaching that has taken over in today's church.  Just tap the above pictures.

                                           “The Calling”

    A Christmas Prayer / December 23, 2004 /   It was 1967 when he called me.  I was a silly young man of twenty three young years.  But God in His grace had placed within me a certain ability to hear His voice.  Years after His initial involvement in my humanity He yet calls me to affirm my love for Him.  I no longer think it strange when I find myself forsaking the things of this world.  The louder the call, the stronger my will to affirm Him.  There is nothing that I might do to merit His love for me, or the many demands that He has on my life.  I am fully aware of His dominance in spite of my ignorance.  I love Him so much, I would only wish that He would reveal Himself to every young black man in this land called America.  You see; I do not bow before Him as only a slave; for that I am; I am also a willing servant complying on the inside towards a higher drive that only finds meaning in the fulfilling of “doing” His divine will. 

Often I hear my brothers (in the hood) speak of freedom, oh merciful God; they have no idea what freedom is.  To be free to worship Him in Spirit and truth.  To have Him hold you and carry through the difficult times of your life.  This knowing of Jesus in this unique way is one of the many results of the “calling” itself.  He called me to freedom.  As I read the scriptures I read words that tell me to cast all of my care on Him.  Oh, this is so sweet my brothers; you see, if you really don’t know what I’m talking about you have only heard religious words.  “Lay all of my concerns at the feet of another man that created the world.”  What a challenge He has given me.  Lay all of them at His feet, and walk away in freedom.

 He tells me that when I think I need sex; lay all of that at His feet.  Bow before him and ask Him to hold you as well as touch you in the deep part of your being.  He is not ashamed to touch you my brothers; he made you.  He knows us intimately and shall always be that kind of savior.  His touch is more gentle then a mothers as she cleans you after you have spoiled yourself.  If he calls me, He also knows when I need His touch.  He knows when I feel like my crying will not be heard.  When I release to Him; He satisfies my inner man, outer circumstances and delivers me to a far higher plain then the misery that this life has wrought for me.  Living at the moment becomes worth it, though nothing seems to change, all because of this man. 

Have you seen anger in a young brothers eyes?  Look out over the crowds of African American Brothers in prisons on this Christmas Day.  Can you feel their anger; good!  Now, do you have any answers for them; do you think they require a gift from you, some toy to toy with?  Look again in those dark eyes, this time accept their pain, would you want to take time and be where they are on the holidays?  As for me, I’m praying that the Lord will call a multitude of African American young men to His Kingdom.  No, not to some of our churches; not to the Jakes, Dollars or Price’s of this world; but to you my dear free brothers. 

When Jesus calls, he always send those that He has called to the hearts that have been fully touched by His eternal love.  The caller is not intentionally concerning with business ventures or success; his Kingdom is not cluttered with earthly thoughts.  In other words; if you have no intention of loving in a way that will affect others; why would the Lord send them to you or I?  it does not cost you anything to love the brothers that God has placed in front of you.  “What’s that you are muttering; you do not know these neggas”.  My savior does, he knows them very well.  (I’m just keeping it real)  He knows that he would never send these specimens of new creatures to depraved men like you.  The calling is of the type that the called are responsible for hearing.  You see my friends; if you hesitate; it is a sure sign that you have never heard His call yourself.  If His voice in my heart was so sweet and satisfying; why would it not be the same for my other brothers in need of my Savior. 

This Christmas is a special one for me.  My lady is in heaven with Jesus, my daughters are safe and happy with family and friends.  I sat in this office and the thought came into my mind of the many African American Males that have no Daddies.  These young men confused and abandoned by women who never had a chance in the first place in raising them.  Society seems to be threatened by these human beings.  We rant and rave about their “Gangsta Stance”.  No they do not frighten me.  When out among them; I glance at them and ask myself questions.  “What would they be like if they had a dad like me?”  “What if they saw me pray everyday and in every situation?”  “Have they ever seen a man live with a woman without striking her once in the face and calling her bitches and whores?” 

“Call them to you care dear Lord, call them before it is too late for us”.  They are the future; like it or not, they are my future.  Our sins (collectively) have done this.  Can it be said that our righteousness can win the day?  “Will you call another number Lord?”  I dedicate myself to be that example that they really need to see and hear.  “Will you call them Lord, today?”  I shall pray; starting this new year everyday for a new lot of Saints called by your name, “will you call them Lord, I need to hear from you today.”  I am reading the papers, watching the television, attending the funerals. 

Our politicians are on the take, they really do not care; as a matter of fact all of them need to be saved.  All that we have is you Oh good Lord.  “Call them, Please call them my Dear God, call them; then send them to me.”  I cannot live and see the constant destruction of an entire generation before my eyes.  Please Lord; call them and allow us the supreme joy of seeing the transformation take place before our very eyes, all for the praise of your Glory!   Pastor John E. Coleman / Ram Radio Web Cast Live Into The Word Apologetics /BA Philosophy MA Theology Intotheword1@comcast.net

“Success With A Twist”

What does it mean when a person says that ‘I want to be successful?”  Is the implication simply that they desire to have an awful lot of money, power or control over financial commodities?  To many in our culture today those three accommodations are the ones that really matter.  Please allow me to come to the point very quickly.  There are only two types of success in this world.  One is the kind that makes of human accomplishments; those award giving situations where other men can weigh certain realities and actions and say; “damn, I wish I had thought of that”.  The kind of success that is financially rewarding to the degree that one’s life is now based upon how much they are worth to other people in the culture in which they live.  The other kind of success that which I propose is the opposite of human accomplishment; is the success that comes from any human being living up to God’s righteous standard, by way of following the precepts of the bible, which is the very word of God. 

When we think of people that has changed the world for the good, often we tend to relegate to the rich and famous, those popular human with names that everybody knows.  If they wear the clothes, design the cars, squeeze into the dresses, run in the shoes, eat certain foods, listen to music that’s most popular; these are the ones that count in this worlds culture.  These are the ones that are successful, the popularity polls are put together to communicate those facts to us, and for some strange reason, we ascribe to the reports.  Just speak with a group of young people from anywhere in America and you will find the influence of ‘The Beautiful People’ all around you. 

I would like to propose to you that there are others who are quite successful, though with a twist, these successful people are the ones on which foundational cultures will be remembered in the ages to come.  These are the individuals that will place moral truth above the pragmatic change of a culture in chaos.  These individuals will not get involved in the compromise of an shameful age that now places a high regard on vulgarity and in your face; draped in a polluted discourse clocked as art and rhyme in the prime time.  These individuals will not relegate themselves to the crowd, they realize that wisdom denotes a small following, in that most people on the planet are not capable of understanding what true success is. 

They do not weigh their success by the scale of how much they are worth; rather by how often they might influence others to causes that lift humanity to a higher moral level. Those that add to societies intelligence as opposed to dragging the culture in the streets shamefully.  These are the ones that have thought through the rubble of trashy language, filthy sexual appetites and immoral debauchery of many of their fellow citizens; these have been ostracized, criticized; and relegated to obscurity in a world that currently no longer defends decency by demeaning it’s cultural values.  The new world order is the wave of the future and these individuals have made the choice to come out on the short end of the stick.  These, no longer try to justify engagement with a culture that is bent on flesh as the weight to judge by.  They stand up and boldly speak against sin as an insult to God.  These know that there is a “right” as well as a “wrong”, and these defend the right with passion.  They come from a background of right and wrong thinkers, and take the offensive when pressured into the corner of the blending of opinions. 

When I think of all of the money that some people earn, and the occupations that secure the kind of paycheck they procure, I have no other choice but to weigh what success really is these days.  I must weigh it in the scale of what God says about real success.  Each of us make choices everyday of our lives.  It really does not take much ingenuity to come up with an idea in order to make a lot of money in this society.  One way to secure the pay check is to come up with the dirtiest foulest human act, relegate it as common practice; get enough people to back you with the idea; pay day galore. If you sell your soul to Satan for the rewards that He promises; and for sure, you will become that successful person in this world.  The twist is; one day each of us is going to die.  We will no longer hear the cheers of millions of deceived people applauding our personal debauchery.  We shall hear but one voice saying; “depart from me, I never knew you.”  The time will come to an end when the accomplishments by way of receiving of millions of dollars of compensation for the foul mouthing of God and His holy standards will not ease the mental anguish and physical pain and remorse being personally suffered.  Then, all will be fully understood.  When that day comes, only sorrow anguish and a detest for what made that person successful in the worlds eyes will be fully known.  The kind of retribution coming from God to all mankind will erase the glamour of a fading success.  That my dear reader is; “Success With A Twist”. 

Lest we get caught up in this world, each of us need to come to the place in our lives when we must ask ourselves; “how will I tally up in the final analysis of what I attempted to accomplish?  My question to you is; who are your heroes?  How have they influenced you?  Would God the Father of all earthly creation be pleased with your alliance with these kinds of people?  Shortly after Joshua and the children of Israel departed Egypt, after the death of their greatest Prophet; Moses, Joshua gave a challenge to the national people.  He asked them to choose this day whom they would serve.  One would have to read the entire Hebrew scriptures only to see how many times God brought judgment on His own people.  They did answer Joshua’s question with their choices.  We can see clearly that human kind has not learned the simple lessons of righteousness.  How about us Christians?  What is the name that you so love to mention as a successful person?  Who are the people that you love to see strutting on BET, CNN, TBN, those who are living in SIN?

Pastor John E. Coleman November 2004   

Why Black Christians should Not Celebrate Kwanzaa

By La Shawn Barber

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines." - Hebrews 13:8-9

America - the greatest country in the world - was founded on the concept of religious freedom. In America, you can be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist or pagan without fear of persecution. While government cannot endorse one religion over the other, individuals can.

For decades, the media have shoved "black leaders" in the faces of black Americans. Now they're doing the same with a pagan ritual called Kwanzaa, a so-called African-American holiday. A made-up, anti-Christian observance, Kwanzaa is celebrated by blacks who profess Christ. In our politically-correct climate, even President George W. Bush, a believer in Christ, feels obligated to praise this ritual.

Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by Dr. Maulana "Ron" Karenga, a former black militant, a Marxist and a convicted felon. Claiming to have the unity of black people in mind, Karenga committed most of his crimes against blacks. Just five years after his invention of Kwanzaa, he was convicted of torturing two black women by stripping them naked, beating them with electrical cords, placing a hot iron into the mouth of one and mangling the toe of the other in a vice. During the ordeal, he forced them to drink detergent.

Observed from December 26 to January 1, this "alternative" to Christmas is based on a mixture of East African harvest rituals called first fruits - according to Karenga - and 1960s radicalism. This, by the way, is despite the fact that most ancestors of black Americans were from West Africa. Participants acknowledge their African roots and promote seven harmless-sounding principles: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. While they sound commendable, the guiding principle behind Kwanzaa is based on race, not on faith in the one true living God and Savior - Jesus Christ.

Paganism is a "religion of nature." Those who practice it and other New Age fallacies see the divine in the created - humans, sun, moon, stars, trees - instead of the Creator. Christians who worship created beings are acting like pagans. It's that simple. Karenga and his followers worship the created - their African ancestors - in a "libation" ceremony, and believe these dead ancestors to be spiritual intercessors between humans and God. But Christians know (or should know) that only Christ is the intercessor between man and God.

Attention Christians: Kwanzaa is a made-up creed cobbled together by a man hostile to the very God you claim to worship! According to Karenga, Christianity is a myth. He does not believe in the God of the Bible. He says this about Christianity: "Belief in spooks who threaten us if we don't worship them and demand we turn over our destiny and daily lives must be categorized as spookism and condemned." He believes that the death, burial and resurrection of Christ - the whole rationale behind Christianity - is a myth.

Over the years, Karenga has altered his pagan intentions to attract more black Christians into the fold. He now claims that Kwanzaa is a time of giving "reverence to the Creator." Just what creator he refers to is unclear. Red flags should jump out at any Bible-believing Christian when someone reveres a "Creator" but denies the deity of Christ.

Christians must understand that Karenga intends Kwanzaa to be an alternative to Christmas so that blacks can celebrate themselves rather than the birth of Christ. Kwanzaa is not an innocuous celebration of black history. It attempts to spiritualize that history, replacing Christ-centered theology with pagan principles. For Christians, the only principles by which to live are found in God's word, The Holy Bible.

Pagans have argued that Christ was not born on December 25. Insignificant. While no one knows exactly when Christ was born, the fact remains that He was born. Christmas is a time for Christians to celebrate this joyous fact. Christ became a man to save men, not to lift up one race or culture in worship. As with any man-made religion, Kwanzaa is just another attempt to make gods of men. All Christians must be discerning when faced with these false doctrines.

The Fall of Man was the direct result of our determination to become gods. The pagan ritual of Kwanzaa is merely the old Lie wearing a new disguise.

“A World Full Of Woes”

One cannot help but weep as one surveys the worlds pain and untold pressure.  The human experience of the loss of a child has to be the most horrible pain imagined.  The very thought of what one human being can do to another is totally unbearable.  Thoughts of revenge flood our minds as we contemplate the “payback” in situations which confront us daily through the avenue of the media.  How does the Christian respond to all of the pain and devastation of our fallen societies? 

Jesus said in Matthew 24:8; “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”  As we contextually appropriate this verse to the time in which we live, we too must understand the severity from which our savior speaks.  We as believers must look at all of the death, hatred, and cruelty among the nations as a normal consequence of sin.  These events in Russia, Iraq, and other parts of the world where even nature seems to lash out it’s fury against human kind are but symptoms of man’s total depravity becoming more definable. 

My heart goes out for the parents of this students as well as the family relatives and friends that the terrorist blew up.  I am saddened as I browse CNN.COM’s news clips.  Yet it is all natural to me.  Jesus said that brother would hate brother with such a passion that it would shock literally millions of unsuspecting people.  Thus we cannot reconcile this sinful behavior with that of our Christian experience, yet we must fully understand and share with others the fall-out that this current generation must face.  Our world I so full of woe; buy why, how, when will al of this end? 

Man’s innate nature is corrupt.  It is totally fallen.  There is no good that any of us could do without God instructing our very move.  Men and women without God, are capable of anything under the heavens.  Humans commit the most detestable crimes for the purpose of defending the doctrine of depravity.  I realize that these words seem or appear to be harsh, my dear brothers and sisters; I am simply attempting to prepare you for the more that is headed our way.  There is no way that we can escape the fall out of this humanity as we live to bring glory to the Savior.   

We have an obligation to the hearts of God’s blessed children.  We must continue to share with them that the Lord knows that these things are taking place, and that He will not interfere for the sake of the lost.  In the case of the elect, He will provide protection to some degree.  All in all, our lives interweaves with those around us.  We as Christians will also be touched with the harsh reality that we are living on a fallen planet.   

What will our reaction be in the face total depravity?  Will we desire to kill and self destruct as I have seen and heard about too often?   Can it said that we might compose ourselves in order to help others?  Will we live a life that offers hope to others that live in this world of woe?  The test of our faith is seen in how we define ourselves in the face of known danger and devastation.  We must think about these things today.  The day of remembrance is upon us again.  9-11 is quickly approaching us.  Depraved individuals are not finished with their madness.  Lets give this up to the Lord in an awful lot of prayer.  We must also ask the Lord for a certain conviction that we might be able to stand during very difficult times.  Pastor John E. Coleman 9-8-04

“A Word On Righteousness”

 What does it mean when I say that I am living a righteous life?  Is the implication that I never sin?  Do I imply by those words that I am better then others by virtue of all that I know to be true in the word of God?  Is the righteous life attainable in a day and age when men cry out for more pleasure?  How does one really know if they are a part of God’s “Righteous Seed”, those chosen elect destined for the kingdom of God?

 The subject matter before us is a serious one.  I happen to be a western taught Christian.  I live in the United States Of America during the beginning of the twenty first century.  Some two thousand years have transpired since my Savior died by means of cruel crucifixion.  What did it mean back in the day when one said that they were seeking God’s righteous lifestyle?  How might one know, are we to understand that a certain list of do’s and don’ts determined our Christian righteousness?  Are we to listen to men of other cultures foreign to ours and then determine if we are living a God righteous life?  I first entered in relationship with Christ in the year of 1967, August to be exact.  I recall the moment that He spoke to my heart.  There has never been any doubt of His love for me, yet in the few years that I have lived on his planet, I have doubted if I have ever lived up to His divine standard.

 There is no confusion as to if I am saved.  (A term used by Christians of my day to discern one’s relational aspect with Jesus Christ as Lord)  I know that He chose me on that Thursday night.  I cannot help but get emotional as I think of my weeping in his presence, feeling that fresh glow of life as He revealed Himself to this young twenty one year old African American man who resided in the inner city of Los Angeles.  Oh, how he loved me on that first night of our long but difficult journey.  I long for that moment when He told me that He loved me.  You see, I had never been loved before.

 I did not know what love was without him.  He moved into my heart.  He took over.  All others had become transfixed in time as I thought of His wonderful embrace.  You see, I speak of Him as my lover.  He is yet that.  I am a part of His bridal party waiting to happen.  At that moment, I became a righteous person, at that moment, I of all persons had welcomed Him to enter a place deep inside where no one had ever entered before.  I did not have to ask Him in, He came in of His own volition.  He ravished me with a love that I had never experienced.  I long for that moment again.  Being a Christian has removed me from the innocence of His sweeping me off of my literal feet.

 At that moment, I was made righteous.  Yet, I had to begin to arrive at the point in my life where I had to study the scriptures.  This was also a time when I started to listen to the radio for those serious men of God that also spoke of this event of Christianity.  They spoke highly of suffering for Christ because of the righteous life that He implanted in those whom he loved above all else.  This was a wonderful time for me.  I spoke to others about His love for me as if I was speaking in the first person.  It was just as if I were there thousands of years ago when he walked the streets of Jerusalem.

 I did not feel righteous, rather, there as a real contentment as I shared my faith with others.  This was a time when I could express His beneficial substance to all that would respond to His call.  Those were the days my friends, those were the days.  What happened John, you might ask?  Where is the zeal that you once had in sharing?  Why do you sound so sarcastic these days?  Where is the instant love that use to be your hallmark?  Have you fallen from grace John, could it be that you do not believe your own dribble?   

 I love Jesus just as much as I did the day that He called me.  When I take the time to meet Him in prayer, He is always there to comfort as well as correct me.  Nothing has changed between he and I.  My difficulty is never Him.  He has always beat me up in my mind, when I sin against Him.  I recall specifically one night he ask me in the middle of my sinning these words; “How could you shame me so John”. . . there was no denying Him even during my weakest moments in human life.  I did not need to open the bible, I know what His words says.  I did not require some Elder board to stand in front of me to condemn me, He had already done it, and I could not deny Him.

 There has been times when I wanted to deny Him, but there is a connection deep within me will not allow me to do that.  His love for me is better than any other.  When he holds me in His arms, when I can talk to Him and speak the words without stammering, there is where I know that I have met with my Master.  My righteousness is not based upon some other’s suggestion of my missing the mark; I am fully aware as all of His true children are that they have indeed fallen short of His glory. 

 In all of the years that I have followed Jesus, He has constantly demonstrated that righteousness is not based upon what one does; rather it is based on who that person knows; and then who that person really is in his or her own heart.  Am I a righteous person?  I cannot tell at any given time that I am conscience.  I believe that it is only when I am asleep that one can fully be cognizant if they are righteous.  Allow me to share this idea with you.

 In the book of Isaiah, we read these words; “For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all of our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment, And all of us wither like a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away.”  I cannot help but find myself in total agreement with the aged Prophet.  When ever I think of my humanity, I ponder this one lone verse.  There is nothing that I can boast in.  I am a filthy man, inside and out.  I do not require an Angel from heaven to come and have an audience with me.  I know that He (The Lord) should kill me in an instant.  That would be mercy from a Holy God towards a child that does not deserve so much of His love.  I am filthy through and through.  The very thought of my fallen nature is disturbing to me; especially when I think of how short of a distance I have made in striving to meet His Divine objectives.

 When I sleep, I am vulnerable.  He could take me then.  I would have no excuse.  In that He knows my heart, if it is not worthy of heaven, He would be so good to take me in the middle of a sinful dream and rush me into a burning hell.  It would be there that I would think of all of the times that I sinned against Him and relish in the fact that He gives better payback then the worst of Satan’s sinful creatures.  Now my friend, could you wish the same for yourself?  When you retire tonight, could you say to Christ; “If you have found me unworthy, send me to hell as I slumber tonight?”  You see my friend, only the truly righteous would utter these words as his last prayer.  Each of us are not worthy of heaven.  But because of His grace, we shall enter heaven’s gate into the great city “Four Square”. 

 I would like to conclude this short essay by stating a simple truth.  No unregenerate person can utter the words above.  Try to justify such an idea, mouth it to others and see if they mark you for human insanity.  You see my friend; it is as I said before.  It is not what you do in this life, rather who are really are and who it is that you really know.  As for me, I am surely convinced that I know Him and that I am His child forever.  Even during days when the church has forgotten their first love, as well as a love for a word on righteousness.  By Pastor John E. Coleman

I am in constant communication with my daughter Delia.  She like her father has a lot to say about many things.  She and I were speaking about the plights of many males in the culture.  While I have a tendency to take up for the guys out there, Delia seeks to place her daddy on the right track by informing him of the "facts".  here is her response to my comments that men are treated poorly.  Keep in mind this is just one of her notes to her daddy.  She gave me permission to post it on the site.  Enjoy. 

Hello Daddy!

Pay? Employment? - Men still make 25% more on every dollar than a woman.  Men are promoted more and faster. And, with new maternity and parental leave laws that women fought for and won, men can enjoy flexible work hours just like women do.  Like women, if they want to spend time with their kids and take some time off for work/life balance, men can.  In employment, let's take the financial industry for instance.  White men are accepted into more grad programs and win more MBAs than women; their attrition/drop out rate in the work force, once they reach executive level is less than women's, 35% of those with MBAs quit after the first 7-9 years to stay home and raise their families or go into business for themselves.   More than 80% of the nation's wealth is controlled by a man.  Generally, then, men enjoy an advantage over women economically.

Politics? -  Women have learned that public office does not treat them well, so we go into advocacy - but, still, the political arena is controlled by men and a masculine agenda.  For instance - Viagra is covered by my insurance, but if I want birth control pills, my health insurance may not cover it.  Or, it's the only form of birth control available for coverage while other, safer, more women-friendly methods aren't.  What's up with that?  That's the product of a male-centered public health policy.  But these are structural channels for traditional male power.  Women have never thrived in those networks because they are too entrenched with masculine tradition and interests.

On a more fluid, flexible ground, women thrive - and so do the men they help.  Men's issues, especially men at risk (black, hispanic men, ex-cons, poor and illiterate, etc.) are helped by women's advocacy groups, or those modeled around them - these groups know that what's good for women (equal pay, more equitable health insurance, less poverty, more access to education and jobs) are good for these at-risk populations as well.  (it's no coincidence that the civil rights movement and the feminist movement developed along very similar lines.)

The problem with these programs is that they are mostly funded and run by progressive organizations and are hugely under funded and targeted by mainstream conservative politics.  Conservatives look at prison and education reform, which are largely there to help at risk men reenter society, as giveaways. So.  Do any of these men want to put their money where their mouth is and help be an activist for any of these woefully understaffed and under funded groups - these groups that form after school programs and mentorships for inner city boys and young men, literacy programs, legal aid programs?

Nahh.  I didn't think so.  Do you think any of those men who read this site know of the charter school in DC created by two black and indian guys?  They went to business school together and thought about opening a prep school in the inner city to help boys get to college.  THIS is the way we change men and imbue responsibility.  Use what you know and DO something.  But the men who read this site would look at those two men and call them fags or something because they have progressive politics (which look at equality for everyone) and probably know how to treat women with respect and dignity.

I'm not saying that he doesn't bring up valid problems  - he's talking about mental health, fairer laws, and making the quality of life for men better - but he's also talking about a crisis in our culture - a crisis that was brought on by masculine traditional values - competition, violence, non-cooperation, dominance.  I totally get that.  And because of all that crap that you guys created, I see how stressed out you guys get - in corporate America men have more heart attacks, get depressed more and die earlier.  It's not that women don't experience the same thing; we do, but we cope better. 

Over centuries of abuse by men (let's face it, dad, a man is more violent than a woman) women have developed better coping skills - we have better social networks, we have better problem solving skills, we have better long range planning and we're a lot more pragmatic than you give us credit for.  We tend not to think linnearly, which helps us make non-traditional decisions to solve complex situations.  We adapt quicker to change and men don't.  We're more willing to go against the status quo; men aren't because they ARE the status quo.  But as our culture speeds up and changes from less of an agrarian society to a more knowledge-based one (less force, more brain), women will be the gender to handle this better.

I work in a mostly all women firm.  Our CEO is a woman and our president is a man.  There are 3 other men (all married, older and not not gay) in the firm.  The rest is all women.  Our benefits kick ass, there's a remarkable lack of conflict, we're highly successful and we are consistently at the top of our industry.  There's no gossip, no in-fighting, no chest-thumping, no sexual harassment.  The benefits the women enjoy (flex time, generous vacation time, high pay, retirement benefits) the men enjoy and take advantage of.  What's not to like about this?

My other job, the one that laid me off when you were visiting, was very definitely an all guy firm.  In that one year and a half, I was one of two women, and there were six firings, depleted numbers, yelling matches in the conference room, fudged numbers on the books, conflict, cheating, drugs, sex, drinking, gambling and a general descent into chaos.  These were all alpha-male types - loud, controlling, not communicative, slightly dumb, and totally thought they were right all the time.  The 1 woman they hired 6 months before I left was the only salesperson to bring in accounts consistently.  Why?  The clients weren't disgusted by her - she worked hard, she was intelligent, she listened and she worked with them, not against them.

It's not oppression of the man, it's ... survival of the fittest.  As the environment changes, those with the skills to navigate the environment move ahead and those who don't...fall off.  For centuries men have thrived on this law of survival - they were bigger, more populous, and stronger.  But now the environment of our culture has shifted.  Within the past 100 years (think of it - just one century after thousands of centuries marked by masculine dominance) women have developed skills that will carry them further than men, for now.  Oh, this isn't to say that men won't survive; in fact, men will most certainly survive, but it's going to be a different kind of man.  Men who know how to network, think outside the box and think progressively, think multi-laterally, rather than retroactively and unilaterally, these are the men who will most likely survive this environmental and cultural shift.

And come one...after thousands of years of supremacy, don't you think women can enjoy just one or two?  You guys owe us.  The pendulum always swings, dad.  Forever, the pendulum swung and stayed in the testosterone corner; but now it's swinging in the other direction. 

Did you know that all my doctors are women?  I never choose men doctors anymore - who knows my body better than another woman?  Would a male dentist know that the timing of my period affects when I should make an appointment?  He should, but he probably doesn't.  Would a male doctor know that it's ok for a young woman under 35 to have an IUD and she's never had kids before?  A young male doctor would, but ask an older doctor and suddenly he wants to give you a mental health test and make you wait until you're married or have kids.

If this makes men unhappy, they have two options:  change the culture to what it was (men in the world, women at home) but that's what got them in this predicament in the first place - and women will never go back - going backward is the opposite of human development.  We go forward, not regress.  Or, they can look around, see how the game has changed and adapt.  From Delia To Her Daddy 5/04

Living In A War Zone

Yes, South Central Los Angeles is a war zone.  let me share an experience I had the other day.  I was resting in my living room late one night  when I heard a young woman screaming for a group of young men to STOP doing something!  it sounded as if there was a fist fight going on.  What ever they were doing was somewhat dangerous, you could just hear it in her voice.  After a little while I heard one lone gun shot.  I did what I always do, got up and went to a rear room.  You see; that is the way that young people work out there differences in the inner city of Los Angeles, South Central, where I reside.  Is there a solution to this problem?  No I do not think so.  Bill Cosby attempted to address the situation a few days ago, and many in the black community scorned him, and claimed that "he is not a part of the community".  Can you believe that?  Well I live here, and I agree with him.  There is a parent void in the community.  What have these adults done in the past '20" years in the lives of their children?  There is so much hatred between parents these days; men and women hating all of the time, and please do not forget the violence that many of our young people see taking place between their own parents.  The fist fights, hatred, language and just plain dis-respect!  Yes, we are living in a war zone, and everybody knows it, though no one wants to admit it at times.  What can be done about it?  Nothing!  Oh wait a minute, you know that I am not giving up on the hood, as much as I love living where I live.  I just don't have any hope in the parents of most of our children these days.  You see, those old fashioned ideas of corporal punishment in the schools, those ideas that we work out our differences through talking with one another in stead of at each other have faded away.  Listen to those ladies that run our schools these days.  Look at the political games and the strange language that proceeds from men that have rejected manly behavior for a far more feminine objective.  When we turn over our homes to the social system that is only there for the dollar, what is left?  Those people do not care for the children of another human being, it is a money thing.  Our Police Chief, Mayor, City Council persons and all of city government can do nothing for the inner city community.  The Church?  Help Me Jesus!  Please do not send the children there, the Bishops are only concerned about themselves and their popularity.  'Send that money, ask God for more, then your luck will change!"  So what is it that I am going to do?  I plan to attend the local high school and speak with the leader of the system and ask if if I may present a solid solution to some of the students that will listen to sanity.  What do you think, will they listen to me?  We are living in a day and age when there seems to be no future for our children.  Do we care?  I don't think so.  Do I care, I know that I do. Is there time for another discussion group?  Hell No! I am tired of talking when our city is going to waste.  Is my language too angry for many of you that read me?  When you are you going to get angry about the situation?  Got another solution, yea, the playoffs are starting in a few. . . ?  If you read this and have a solution please present that to me.  I am waiting for a good answer to the war zone problem.  John E. Coleman 6-3-04

  Ouch!  This Fish Hurts . . .

The truth is, it is not difficult to live this Christian life.  We do not desire difficulty. At times we make excuses as to why it is not beneficial to live the obedient life, we rationalize ourselves into pain.   When the Christian does not live right, his (her) life will experience a different kind of pain, one that the sinner does not experience.  I call it surreal pain.  It is a strange kind of pain, one that is subjected on the person by their own choosing.  The kind of pain that needs no explanation, simply because we know why it is happening to us.  This pain is the kind that is not appreciated; yet it brings a special  discipline to the person experiencing it.  I'm praying for a few people that I know right now, simply because they are experiencing this strange kind of pain.  The pain can be elevated or alleviated.  Repentance usually does away with this pain, then again, if the sinning Saint continues in his or her sin, the pain is elevated.  At times the Saint tries to discover ways change the situation to no avail.  They begin to say; 'Man, it's difficult being a Christian."  These begin to convince themselves that they cannot live this life in totality.  Oh how silly Satan is, to believe that he could deceive as it were the very elect, but is he?  It appears that he is winning the war in the hearts of many Christians.  I pray that you and I would not pass on this pain as something other then what it is.  Look at your life as I look at mine.  Make adjustments on a daily basis.  Take less time with others, and more with Christ as you tell Him all about yourself  and the pain you have caused in your own life.  Get real with Him.  He will listen and then after you repent; lift the burden as well as the pain off of you, all to the praise of His glory.  Are you that sinning saint that says Ouch? 

Clinical Evidence On The Death Of Christ

Introduction: Many people love to approach the death of Christ during this time of the year from a theological point of view.  That is good but we shall do something other.

      We shall look at his death from the standpoint of investigating the physical point of view.

      What were the circumstances surrounding the crucifixion?

Is there a medical point of view that we can go to in order to fully understand the human suffering that the Savior experienced in order to provide salvation to the lost world?

Some Important facts:

(1)   Jesus died approximately 30 A.D.

(2)   We need to know certain things in order to fully understand the condition of our salvation or we might just view the salvation act as some trite account without historical evidence.

(3)   It is important to touch upon these events that lead to His death.

The Journey Of Jesus On The Road That Leads To Dying:

      He leaves the upper room after having taken the Passover and the institution of the Lord's Supper; Luke 22:20 Likewise also the cup after supper saying This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.  &  John 13:2 And supper being ended the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, to betray him;

      After this they, He and His disciples walked to the Mount of Olives which is N.E. of the city to the Garden of Gethsemane. See; Luke 22:39  "And he came out, and went, as was his custom, to the Mount of Olives; and the disciples followed him."

      It was in that Garden that the Lord suffered His greatest mental anguish until sweat became like great drops of blood.

Definition from the medical standpoint:

      Bloody sweat, a rare phenomenon called Hem-a-ti-dro-sis or hemo-hi-drosis.  This occurs in people in highly emotional states or with bleeding disorders.

(1)   While blood loss is minimal, Hemorrhage into the sweat glands makes the skin fragile and tender.

(2)   So even something as simple as being in the cool night air probably caused uncontrollable chills.

      During this time Jesus was arrested; See; John 18:12 "So the band of soldiers and their captain and the officers of the Jews seized Jesus and bound him."

      This was also a time when Jesus spent a sleepless night being forced to walk more than 2.5 miles to and from sites in various mock trials.  See; Acts 4:27 "For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the people of Israel, were gathered together."

      Jesus was charged with blasphemy by the political and religious Sanhedran, a crime which was punishable by death. See; Luke 23:2 (t/t)

      We understand that the permission for execution came from the Roman government, and since blasphemy wasn't cause for death in the Roman law or world view, he was charged as a self appointed King who would undermine Roman authority.

      Pontious Pilot, the procurator of Judea, ordered Jesus to be flogged and then crucified.


A Look At The Scourging Or Flogging Of That Day:

(1)   This type of beating was legally used as a preliminary to all Roman executions.

(2)   Only Women, Roman Senators, and Roman Soldiers (Except Deserters) were exempt.

The Tool Used To Inflict The Pain & Punishment:  Go to the overhead

      It was a short whip called a "Flagrem".

      It was made up of several single braided thongs of different lengths.

      On each of the thongs were small iron balls and sharp pieces of pottery and sheep bones tied at different intervals.

      In preparation for scourging a man was stripped of his clothes.

      Unless prohibited by law, his hands were tied to an upright post.

      His back, buttocks, and legs were then flogged by two soldiers or by one that alternated positions.

      The severity of the flogging depended on the disposition of the soldier, and the purpose was to weaken the victim just short of collapse or death.

      As his back was struck with full force, the iron balls caused deep contusions,

      And the bits of pottery and sheep bone on the thongs cut into the skin and sub-cutaneous tissue. (Tissue that lay under the first layer of skin muscle etc.)

      Eventually the Lacerations would even tear into the underlying skeletal muscles.

The Result Of This Kind Of Brutal Punishment:

      Scourging resulted in circulatory shock from the pain and blood loss.

      And the extent of the blood loss determined how long a victim lived on the cross.

POINT:  The Hema-ti-drosis   that Jesus experienced heightened his pain in scourging and although Jewish law suggested "39" lashes, Jesus may have received more.

POINT: When his backside became too marred to lash anymore, he was then flogged in his front side, until he was reduced to human rubble; See; John 19:1-4 & Luke 23:22

Dr. C. Truman Davis is quick to assert that:

Every attempt imaginable has been used by modern scholars to explain away the phenomenon of bloody sweat, apparently under the mistaken impression that it simply does not occur. A great deal of effort could be saved by consulting the medical literature. (Par. 5)

"Although it is quite rare, "the phenomenon of hematidrosis, or bloody sweat, is well documented. Under great emotional stress, tiny capillaries in the sweat glands can break, thus mixing blood with sweat" (Davis Par. 5). Dr. Gerald H. Bradley, M.D. asserts that it involves "causing great weakness" (26), while Dr. Davis adds that it may produce "possible shock" (Par. 5). During this process, "as a result of hemorrhage into the sweat glands, the skin becomes fragile and tender" (Edwards, Gable, Hosmer Par. 8). As for the extent of damage, "Jesus' actual blood loss probably was minimal. However, in the cold night air, it may have produced chills" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 8). Under careful observation, Christ's condition of Hematidrosis can be shown as valid, given the sweat was actually blood."  See; Isaiah 52:14 (t/t)

      The pain and blood loss resulted not only in circulatory shock but orthostatic hypotension and hypovolemic shock as well.

      Next in a mocking fashion, the soldiers placed a robe on Jesus and a crown of thorns on his head, and gave him a wooden staff as a scepter.

      They begin to hit his face, pull his beard out, and spit on him while he stand there blindfolded.  See; Isaiah 50:6

      Once the blood was allowed to dry his robe was torn off, which opened again his wounds.

      Due to the adverse hemodynamic affects of scourging, along with the extreme emotional trauma, Jesus was in serious if not critical condition before the actual crucifixion.

The Medical Analysis
The preparation for the scourging was intense. Davis reports the process:

The Roman legionnaire stepped forward with the flagrum, or flagellum, in his hand. This was a short whip consisting of several heavy, leather thongs with two small balls of lead attached near the ends of each. (Par. 8)

Edwards, Gabel, and Hosmer report on the scourging's extremities:

As the flogging continued, the lacerations would tear into the underlying skeletal muscles and produce quivering ribbons of bleeding flesh. Pain and blood loss generally set the stage for circulatory shock. (Par. 13)

During the scourging, there is "first an oozing of blood from the capillaries and veins...finally spurting arterial bleeding from vessels in the underlying muscles" (Davis Par. 8). As for Jesus' specific case, he probably had one of the most severe that was possible by Jewish law. As for the crown of thorns that he bore, it was not simply a few briars. The mocking crown of thorns "had thorns up to six inches long" (Chick 28). Likewise, after the scourging, "when the soldiers tore the robe from Jesus' back, they probably reopened the scourging wounds" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 14). It is highly likely that the factors of hematidrosis and a lack of nourishment, sleep, or water contribute to His already weak at this state. Thus, "even before the actual crucifixion, Jesus' physical condition was at least serious and possibly critical" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 15).

 EN ROUTE TO THE VIA DELAROSA--"The Path of Suffering"

Biblical Reference

The Via Delarosa, the way to Christ's place of Crucifixion, provided the perfect outlet for people to mock Him as he walked by. This is quite possibly one the longest routes Jesus ever travel, symbolically speaking. Luke 23:26,27,32 has the most comprehensive story of the route to Calvary, or Mount Golgotha. It is recorded:

"Now as they led Him away, they laid hold of a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, who was coming from the country, and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus. And a great multitude of the people followed Him, and women who also mourned and lamented Him...[t]here were also two others, criminals, led with Him to be put to death."  Here we catch a glimpse of the agony of the King of the Jews.

The Medical Analysis

The Via Delarosa is by no means characterized by having a man carry a little board of wood as used on a building. It is reported that the "weight of the entire cross was probably well over 300 lb. (136 kg), only the crossbar was carried" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer). Also, "the processional to the sight...was led by a complete Roman military guard, headed by a centurion" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 18). Davis reveals that:

In spite of Jesus' efforts to walk erect, the weight of the heavy wooden beam, together with the shock produced by copious loss of blood, was too much. He stumbled and fell. The rough wood of the beam gouged into the lacerate skin and muscles of the shoulders. He tried to rise, but human muscles had been pushed beyond their endurance. (Par. 12)
After that point of Jesus falling, Simon of Cyrene had to carry the heavy cross the rest of 650 yards to Golgotha.

The Crucifixion:

      Crucifixion began with the Persians, and was later learned by the Romans who proceeded to perfect crucifixion as a form of torture and capital punishment.  It was designed to produce a slow death with maximum pain and suffering.

      It was one of the most disgraceful, cruel methods of execution known.  Because of this only the vilest of criminals were usually placed on the cross.

      In the earliest form in Persia, the victims were tied to a tree.  Only later was a true cross used.  It was characterized by an upright post called a "Stipes" and a horizontal crossbar called a "patibulum"

      A "sedile" or a horizontal wooden block was placed halfway down the stipes to serve as a crude seat, which prolonged the crucifixion process.

      It was customary that a condemned man carry his own cross to the execution site.

      The entire cross weighed about 300 pounds, only the crossbar weighed about 75 to 125 pounds. 

      The Patibulum was placed across the nape of the victims neck, balanced on his shoulders, while his arms were tied to the bar itself. 

      Due to Jesus weakened condition he was unable to carry his own cross to Golgathe, so a man named Simon of Cyrene carried it for him.

      The procession was led by a complete Roman military, and one soldier carried a sign called a "titulus" that addressed the name of the victim and the crime which was committed which was to be placed above the cross.  See; Luke 23:38


Biblical Reference

The Crucifixion, with the Bible alone, is shown to be one of the most gruesome events ever imaginable. The events of the Cross can be split into two different topics--the first three hours and the last three hours of His death. We find that in the first three hours, he is basically crucified and mocked the whole time. The Roman soldiers then divided His garments--fulfilling the prophecies of long ago. He was undeservingly crucified along with criminals. It is in the last three hours that darkness covered the land. The temple veil was rent, and Jesus was heard saying, "Father, 'into Your hands I commit My Spirit'" (Luke 23:45). This was the Crucifixion of Christ, but the horror can barely be seen without looking at the medical evidence.

The Medical Analysis

After reading of the account in the Gospels, the medical evidence sheds a large ray of light on the true terror and inhumane treatment of Jesus Christ. Dr. Bradley terms crucifixion "the most agonizing death man could face." Furthermore, Edwards, Gabel, and Hosmer support this thesis in saying that, "no one was intended to survive the crucifixion" (Par. 25). He mentions:

He had to support Himself in order to breathe...the flaming pain caused by the spikes hitting the median nerve in the wrists explodes up His arms, into His brain and down His spine. (29)

Davis describes the nails:

The nails in the wrists were putting pressure on the median nerve, large nerve trunks which traverse the mid-wrist and hand. As He pushed Himself upward to avoid this stretching torment, He placed His full weight on the nail through His feet. Again there was searing agony as the nail tore through the nerves between the metatarsal bones of this feet. (Par. 16)

It is important to note that, "the major pathophysiologic effect of crucifixion, beyond the excruciating pain, was a marked interference with normal respiration, particularly exhalation" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 30). Even the very effort to breathe was intensely painful. It is written that "each respiratory effort would become agonizing and tiring and lead eventually to asphyxia" (Edwards, Gabel, Hosmer Par. 31). The further effects of lack of air show, for Bradley says, "Air is sucked in, but cannot be exhaled until the buildup of carbon dioxide in the lungs and the blood stream stimulates breathing to relieve the cramps" (29). In reference to Christ's heart, Bradley writes that it is the very struggle of his heart to "pump the thick blood as each of His billions of cells die one at a time" (29). Although it was very hard to speak, Christ still uttered those infamous phrases showing His love and forgiveness and lack of bitterness toward his persecutors.

I have been asked to place this up for the many readers that have no idea what happened.  I believe that this is one of the sources that Mr. Gibson referred to in his interview with ABC.  Please feel free to copy this in that it is  public domain.  Pastor John E. Coleman

Studying Our World

February 20, 2004

It is with great pleasure that I share these few words with you my intellectual audience.  I would like to start off by asking why is it important for us as Christians to study the world?  Why is it important for us to know the latest basketball scores and not know the truth of the teaching of the scriptures?  Has the study of our world become the latest past time for Christians.  The Academy Awards are going to air soon.  I must share with you that I have not watched that event for the past "30" years.  I have never been carried away by the study of so called famous people.

Why are we at times intrigued by those of our world?  Will somebody please tell me what it is, am I missing something or what?  Allow me to lay it out before you.  You are with me working out in the gym, you know, toning up this old body of ours.  Denzel Washington walks into the gym.  Would you break your exercise program just to speak to him?  If you were on the treadmill burning off all of that fat that you took in last night in a popular eatery in Beverly Hills California, and Denzel came and jumped on the treadmill next to you, would you pull off your headset to speak to him?  (Keeping in mind you would never do the same for any other person working out next to you).

Let this thought capture your imagination today, don't follow worldly patterns of popularity.  Fixate your devotions solely on those areas that God would be pleased with.  Never become like those that attend the West Angelus Church Of God In Christ (Crisis) that cater to the rich and famous that attend on a regular Sunday morning.  Lets take our focus off of the world and place it on Christ.  Just a thought for this Friday.  God bless you and stay in the word.   Pastor John E. Coleman

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