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Basics Of The Faith Conferences

I was visiting Chicago with Lucy and my oldest daughter as I dropped by Marc Ramsey's Daddy's house.  I am ready to come and visit you also. 

You are the reason I do what I do.  You are the cause of my energy.  You are why I stay up thinking of just how to use the words that will cause you to see what the real issue is.  You are the ones that Live live for.  You are the ones that will make the difference in the life of the church in the near future.  As the Lord continues to give me the ability to tell the truth; you will here it right here on this site.  You my friends are the reason for my being what I am In Jesus name.  It is about Him alone and nothing else.  Pray for me as I put my traveling agenda together for 2007.  This Bishop will travel for the love purpose of presenting a bible (Basics Of The Faith) lesson of reforming what is left of our church.  I know that I'm not the only one that truly believes; but this preacher will come to your city and present PowerPoint lessons and seek to answer your questions as to how you might be able to bring holiness back to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Oh yes; you've got it; it starts with the right teachings of the scriptures.  Becoming equipped in the word is what God is demanding of His children; Do you want me to come to your city.  Here is how it works; if you get no less than "20" people that will come to the studies for two days, I'll come to your city.  (LOL)  That is all I require, just "twenty" in a city that are interested in listening to how the church can be electrified to live for Jesus Christ.  It is as if I just have a few more days to share from my heart this wonderful gift.  I'll scrape up the funds for my trip.  I travel light; Have Bible & PowerPoint Equipment; I'm ready to fly to your home town.  Now, all that you have to do is find just "20" people that are willing to rejoice in the benefits of receiving the truth of the scriptures from this Bishop.  Oh no, no special blessings coming from me to you, On no, no special amounts of money will come your way, as a matter of fact I may have to take a bus back to LA, But I shall be there for you.  How can I live if I do not love the people of God.  I have come to find that you are all over the country.     Pastor John E. Coleman 


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